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    so, im working on this mod called "about dragons"
    i have some future plans for it, but for now, im working on an end game enchantment that you get after you beat the ender dragon

    the enchantment has 3 levels and is called Flapping (Flapping I, Flapping II, Flapping III)

    it basicaly flap the elytra when you press V and gives you a little boost, nothing too op

    i already figured a way to give the player, when flying, a boost but i don't know how to link this to my enchantment, and "nerf" it to the levels.
    i want one flap per level, so when you have flapping III you can flap your wings 3 times in a flight before landing (then it resets and you are able to fly/flap again)

    how can i create this "charges" and how pressing "v" consume one "charge" after flapping?

    how can i set one "charge" per level? so the lvl 3 enchant have 3 charges?

    Thanks everyone.

    im modding on 1.12.2

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