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    Potion of Penetration:

    -Tier: 1-4

    -Ingredients: Nether Wart, Iron Ingot, (Optional) GoldX4 (Means you can put up to four gold)

    -Objective: Has the ability to weaken armor

    -Tier List: 1 Gold yields 15% decrease

    2 Gold yields 20% decrease

    3 Gold yields 30% decrease

    4 Gold yields 45% decrease

    -Time: (Default) 30 seconds, Increase by 15 seconds for every redstone added (Up to 2)

    -Use: See someone with a lot of diamond armor? Or perhaps a mob with full diamond armor? Taking you a while to kill it? Use a Penetration Potion to weaken its defense so you can get right to the hit-points.

    This is my addition to Potions.
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    I thought this post would die peacefully. It's a little bit old.
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    Added a note to Villager Behaviors.
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    Quote from Troybuckeye

    Just a tad confused....

    This is just overall:

    I want humans to be implemented into the game, but with fully customized data. So you edit sound effects, behaviors, exp. drop points, etc.
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    Quote from whiterino16

    maybe intend them haeing a little menu that pops up instead

    I didn't mean that. It's just that a bunch of cool stuff can happen with MCEdit, and humans do not serve a specified purpose in Minecraft. By having no specified purpose in Minecraft, they should not even be in Survival Mode, you'll never see them, or in Adventure Map. But by saying this should be implemented into Minecraft (all of the features of what I just said), then MCEdit's features might as well be implemented into Minecraft as well. If MCEdit somehow combines with the vanilla minecraft, then that's a totally different story.
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    Quote from DragonRush


    I can see why you would want this as a mod. But what about those other custom spawners, and colored command block text? Should those become a mod of their own too? MCEdit is like one big package of additional stuff that's free, and Humans are just another addition to MCEdit. But saying you want this in a mod, I have the right to assume you want everything else in MCEdit to become a mod as well.

    And what's the reasoning behind your responses? I don't understand why you stated against my post.
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    Quote from RaGeMoDe

    I don't want to have to use a 3rd party program to use a feature of the game. No support

    Well, if you don't want to use external editors, then that's your doing. To some people, this could help people a lot.

    Only with a lazy reason to back up your lack of support, I do not see any reason to say anything about this. If you have a good reason for your lack of support, I'm all for it. But laziness is not one of them. If you don't want to use External Editors, not my problem, but is considered a tool to many.
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    Erm... This is a post way back...
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    I'm afraid that's not the point of Minecraft Humans. Although I did add in Villager Behavior as a sort of template AI for Humans, I did not plan on actually giving them a clear purpose, meaning a specified purpose in Minecraft, but allow people to make up a purpose.
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    Quote from 0_Zippy

    At first I thought this was gonna one of those half-baked "let's add more humans in the game!!!!!" threads. Glad to see it wasn't that. Though I do like the idea and can see the infinite amount of possibilities in it, I'm not exactly sure it's vanilla worthy. I haven't used MCEdit much, but can't you do kind of the same with thing with zombies and zombie pigmen?

    Of course you can! It's just the fact that Hypixel had to use invisibility potions and texture packs to hide the skin, which sprouted the idea of more humans (Well to me I guess), leaving the Archangel armless. At first I just thought of the Aesthetic Idea, but after, I sprouted the idea that humans could be fully customized, their actions, their behavior, everything. In fact, I just added a few more behaviors.

    Edit: So the bottom line is, humans can have abilities other mobs can do, or even combined into one single mob, so that you don't need to spawn a couple, switch to peaceful to despawn them, and give another one with a different type of AI. It's like one big package.
    Quote from flaminghawk83

    I think this would be a good mod. But it doesn't really have a point in minecraft.

    By saying this, I kind of have the thought that you don't really need MCEdit. It's true you don't need MCEdit to make a good map, but it gives a whole bunch of new possibilities that can be investigated and have time invested in, allowing more incredible things to happen rather than be only limited to what the game itself can offer you.
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    Quote from flaminghawk83

    Some people can't use those editors. I don't support.

    Wait, what?
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    Here's the reason why they don't do anything after they spawned:

    They stand still for when you can edit, they're right there on the spot.

    But, if you mean just default hostile, but doesn't move, then I'm changing it.
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    Wow... Forums get updated fast don't they? I added custom Infliction Status Effects.
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    Way back, Humans were the last mobs to be removed from Minecraft. But think of it this way:

    In Herobrine's Return, I noticed how zombies acted out as Herobrine, or as the Archangel. However,What if the humans could replace this, with entirely customize-able features such as their skin? Or their behavior? This would bring an entire new level of map-making skills to map makers!


    This means, you will not find them in Vanilla Minecraft. HOWEVER.

    You are given a spawn egg of Humans, and when you put it down, it will stand there and do nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    Until you hop onto an external editor such as NBT Editor or MCEdit (My favorite).

    I will just go with MCEdit for now.

    Humans should be entirely customizable, meaning:

    -Custom Behavior
    -Custom Armor
    -Custom Names
    -Colored Names
    -Custom Sounds
    -Custom Potion Effects
    -Custom Properties
    -Custom Exp. Drops
    -Custom Death Drops
    -Custom Skins
    -Custom Infliction Status Effects
    -Custom Movements (Thinking about it)

    Note: Some people have thought about implementing this feature into the Vanilla game, mostly due to the younger users. I mean, I totally understand it, and I'm not that old. If it's just the fact that they just can't, I'm sorry. If it's just the matter of understanding logic, then that is not my fault. They can certainly learn how to do this sort of thing through tutorials. It's not my fault if just some don't understand the logic behind external editors. External Editors are only for people who want to improve on a map, make it look incredible, but go farther than redstone logic. It's not for everybody; not everyone's going to use External Editors. Either way, people can still create awesome maps without External Editors.

    Another Note: The Spawner, for example, has the ability to contain custom data, meaning you can put any mob in it. Also, you can customize it through Spawn Radius, amount spawned, etc. However, this needs the use of an external editor. The same applies with this suggestion. If you all were okay with Custom Spawner Data, then why are some of you saying that we can't add this because of external editors?


    Human Behavior will be able to toggle from:


    (By choosing this, humans will have the ability to shoot you with arrows if they have a bow equipped)


    (By choosing this, humans can attack like zombies with their arms in the air like a zombie)


    (By Choosing this, humans can throw potions just like a witch can. Players have the ability to toggle what potions can be thrown, as well as the frequency and the probability of which ones being thrown).


    (By choosing this, humans will now sprint away from any mobs. Players have the option to toggle on/off the ability to run away from Players, as well as the detection range of Players.)

    -Iron Golem

    (By choosing this, humans will attack any mob that would usually threaten Villagers. Player can toggle whether they want this type of behavior to attack Players).


    (By choosing this, humans will have the capability of teleporting. Players will have the ability to toggle the teleportation, like how far away he can teleport, or how frequently. He/She may also have the ability to toggle whether they will be affected by water.


    (By choosing this, humans have the ability to shoot fireballs. However, these fireballs can be toggled to have an explosive effect, and will release more options, such as the explosive range. Fireballs themselves can be toggled for a different velocity, more fireballs, or the delay in which the fireballs spawn).


    (By Choosing this, humans have the ability of a Villager, which can open doors, run away from only zombies, and have the ability to trade. Their trade items can be customized, or left on default.)

    Note: This Villager Behavior does not take away the purpose of Villagers, because they do not spawn naturally, so you won't see them around. Second, they are just for the aesthetic features and the trading customization features.

    -Combination of 2+ Behaviors

    (By choosing this option, Humans can have the capability of, for example, and ocelot and skeleton; meaning the human will back away from Players, but with a bow, will shoot the player. If he/she clicked Blaze and Witch, the human will throw splash potions and cast fireballs at the Player. But as you click more behaviors, it will cancel out some, because some will not be compatible with each other, like Ocelot and zombie, because one is running away, one is trying to chase the player).

    Custom Armor:

    -This sort of thing happens with Sethbling's Filters. You want to equip your human with glowing diamond armor as a boss, so it won't be so easy? Be my guest.

    Custom/Colored Names:

    -Want your human to have a red name, signaling that he's the boss? Or do you want a green name over a human that will help you in times of need? Humans can have colored and custom names over their heads if edited from an external editor.

    Custom Sounds:

    -If you want a bandit to fight you, but all the player hears as he hits him is a zombie noise, and you don't want that, that's where custom sounds can be placed in. You should be able to substitute a zombie's sound voice for a man getting sliced up (I don't know, be creative!). So when he punch that bandit in dat face, he will sound like a guy being beat up! Humans will allow you access to all its sound effects.

    Custom Potion Effects:

    -Can already happen with Sethbling's Filters. You want to give it potion effects? By all means, go ahead!

    Custom Properties

    -Can already happen with Sethbling's Filters. Want to make it a real boss and give the boss 100 hearts? Sure thing!

    -Custom Stacking

    -Want a Spider Jockey, but don't want a skeleton on top of a Spider? Perhaps you can substitute that skeleton for a human, just for the aesthetic feature, and in the upcoming update, Horses will come in, and will be begging for you to just put a human on its back!

    Custom Exp. Drops

    -Don't want a boss just dropping 5 points of Exp.? It could just so happen that when a mob dies and drops a key, you can just drop it into a hopper and get the Exp., but this is a much more formal way of giving you Exp. Points. Want to make it so that you gain 20 levels of Exp. Points? Be my guest.

    Custom Death Drops

    -It is possible to substitute an armor slot for a key in Sethbling's Filter (CreateArmoredMobs), but again, this is a more formal way, so you don't have to substitute an armor slot. You can perhaps add in a sacred potion that could be used later, or whatever. Totally up to you.

    Custom Skins

    -You could always just cover up the face with a Customized Player Skull, but you're substituting another armor slot! And those arms will show zombie arms! Don't want it? Go to the file of the skin, and it should render as someone else. That way, you can put a Diamond Helmet on the human, as well as not worry about creating a texture pack to cover up the zombie arms.

    Custom Infliction Status Effects

    -If you're wondering what this exactly does, then I'll give you an example:

    : A Cave Spider giving you a poison effect.

    :A Wither Skeleton giving you the Wither Effect.

    Get my point? You can make it so that a human can give you a poison effect from an arrow he shot at you. They will also be able to have a chance of infliction, so they don't always give you the effect if you get hit.
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