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    Who is willing to participate in a Minecraft Medical Drama Series, message me on Discord : Miti _#1717

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    -- Charlotte's Chemistry is a Minecraft Medical Drama Series. The fictional series focuses on the lives of several surgical interns, residents, and attending doctors
    as they develop into seasoned doctors while balancing their personal life and relationships.

    -- We are looking for serious people who want to play the roles of these characters : Shelby Carson , Alex Johnson , Charlotte Young ( The Series' main character )

    -- If you want to join this project, feel free to message us on the following Discord accounts : Miti _#1717 , vlafi_ #0989 .

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    ( Link to the map :https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-experiments-4480793/ )

    You decide to explore the abandoned house that everyone in the street is talking about. But are you going to come back home, safe and sound ?

    -- Made By : Khronos0, Vladi and LeMatzzz.

    -- Resource pack is included ! ( The resource pack is made by Dudelcraft, and was tweaked for the map ).

    -- This map was not created to have a very precise and fluid storyline, but it was designed to give a horror that has not been seen on Minecraft for a long time.

    -- The map is made for 1.15.2 !

    -- Settings for the map :

    Render distance : 8 or lower.

    Music : OFF.

    GUI scale : 2.

    -- Thanks for our family and friends for helping us finish this project. It's our first project together and we had a lot of ups and downs while making this.

    -- We will really appreciate if you would check it out ! Thanks !

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