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Proud members of the original The Experiments.

One of the first games to ever feature the true horror that wasn't experienced in a long time in a Minecraft map. It debuted on the 28th of January, 2020, and as of right now (4th September, 2022) has over 11.000 views and 2016 downloads. It saw massive commercial success and got people excited for the next vMad project which was The Experiments 2. Although it was a shorter game, it saw another wave of commercial success. Two years after the first game, we released the final Experiments project, The Experiments 3. As of right now, it has the lowest amount of views and downloads, but was praised for its new style and lore. Our latest project is SHLOBCISM: OPERATION ASSAULT.

Other unreleased content that was planned to release was:

1. CODENAME MOON - An open world game where your task is to solve the mystery of your lost friend in 7 days.

2. BUMPED ON TOUR - Was a finished project but did not meet the quality standards, so it was remade into Bumped on Ice.

The team that made you all these great maps is composed of:

Khronos0, alphariada and LeMatzz - The Experiments.

LeMatzz, alphariada and David™ - The Experiments 2.

LeMatzz, flankmekid, alphariada, Khronos0, David™ - The Experiments 3.

LeMatzz, flankmekid, alphariada - Bumped on Ice.

LeMatzz, flankmekid, alphariada - SHLOBCISM: OPERATION ASSAULT.

Testers: Alexey, Hexis, OnlyMihai



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