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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Server!
    IGN: Legorobot93

    Age: 17

    Contributes: Very social, and fun to be around.

    It seems we ALL want a 1.7.3 server, and you have one. Thanks loads, and I hope you accept!
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    posted a message on need partner
    Age: 14
    Skype Name: legorobot92
    What i bring:
    Charismatic, Great talker, people person, can build ANYTHING.
    I specialize in building and decorations.
    I'd love to help you get your major! I may not be in college...yet... but still! Willing to help anyone who asks!
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    posted a message on WorldOneCraft 24/7 | 1.6.2 | Raiding server with Custom Terrain!
    Minecraft In-Game Name: legorobot93

    Skype (Optional): I prefer not to list it

    What would you do to someone if you are unsure hes hacking?: I would confirm it with an admin such as zag or kemni

    Age: 14

    Hours Available: 7AM central - 8 PM central

    Why do you want to be mod?: I want to improve on what all the other mods and admins have built AKA the stong community of players which when i last checked was 54k. I do not abuse powers such as /kick or /mute because i always ask myself one good reason to preform any action before doing anything. I am expirinced as an admin on 2 different servers (Mycraft SMP and my friends server) I hope you take my post into consideration.

    -lego :)
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