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    Something that annoys me is that people have ridiculous ideas on what makes a game "easy" or "hard". Do you really think having to explore an extra hour to find some saddles makes the game more difficult, and therefore fulfilling? I can practically do this on hardcore mode with a blindfold on. Most gameplay decisions by Jeb et al. regarding making the game "challenging" really just make it more tedious. Some examples include:

    1. Pointlessly increasing the growth time of crops (can be overcome by standing in a well-lit area and tabbing out of the game -> tedious, not hard)
    2. Making it impossible to farm certain dyes like black (can be overcome by standing next to an ocean and smacking octopuses -> tedious, not hard)
    3. Removing launcher pistons when adding pistons, making elevators much more difficult to create (can be overcome by walking on stairs or doing even more insane glitchier things like the minecart teleport -> tedious, not hard)
    4. Removing the crafting recipe for saddles even though the Minecraft guy can make jukeboxes and diamond swords practically with his bare hands (can be overcome by spawning a million villagers -> tedious, not hard)
    5. Enchantments are random except for level (can be overcome by making a skeleton farm and enchanting a million books or just repeatedly enchanting things and mixing them in the anvil -> tedious, not hard)
    6. Animals can die forever but they don't automatically breed (can be overcome by manually breeding them, usually by experiencing "difficulty" #1 -> tedious, not hard)

    Practically every "difficult" thing about this game is only "difficult" because it's an utter waste of time. Is this the kind of challenge you guys like? Having to monotonously perform the same action over and over? In that case knitting is harder than this game. At least if you could craft saddles, the game would be more enjoyable than knitting. Here are some games that are actually difficult, and not for lame reasons:

    1. Rainbow Six
    2. Hotline Miami
    3. Quake 3
    4. Ikaruga
    5. Civilization series

    When you hear these names, do you think of smacking identical walls for 30 minutes with a diamond pickaxe? Of course you don't, you think of tension and alertness, fast reflexes and carefully timed movements, or you think of skill or strategy. None of these things are required in Minecraft, just patience. Well sorry, if I wanted to be patient to acquire electronic assets I'd play a game with better netcode like an MMO or something. If I'm not mistaken, the game is supposed to be about mining and crafting, and no, running endlessly over a slowly generating landscape is not mining or crafting.

    If Mojang wanted to make the game difficult, here are some ideas of what they could do that make the game legitimately difficult rather than just annoying. One, they could reinstate the possibility of monsters waking you up when you sleep. Being able to sleep in the game basically removes any threat in the overworld as long as you're paying the slightest attention to what's going on around you. Two, they could actually work on the AI more than just making them smart enough to avoid jumping to their death or running into walls. The AI is still pretty much brainless and easily herded to its death. Three, they could make enchantments more expensive but not random.

    It's not hard.
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    Why was this change necessary? Why? Do I really have to travel 5 miles with the messed up animal spawning to find cows, bring 2 of them 5 miles back, breed them extensively, and slaughter 75+ of them just to max out my enchantment table for random enchantments that I may or may not want? Did they actually sit down and think about how this would be played or did they just write down a bunch of arbitrary rules on a sheet of paper, tear it up, and draw at random? What does this change have to do with the rest of the update? Is it "not in the spirit of Minecraft" to have books that can be made without leather? Does Jeb even lift?
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    posted a message on Found something interesting on the wiki
    Notch is too busy working on his pay-to-play multiplayer game that he's making without knowing how to make multiplayer work
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    posted a message on why hunger games?
    Probably because Minecraft and Hunger Games are similar in that they are both consumed by teenie boppers
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    posted a message on Disappointed in Post 1.0
    Quote from RuffleBump

    I normally wouldn't respond, but there seems to be a new thread like this everyday. In a nutshell, it is not the game, it is you.

    Yes, of course, it's not the game, it's the people who post threads "like this everyday". I feel that you are on to something big here. I need some time to fully meditate on your point. Incredible... Just... Magical.

    Quote from DaBiggman

    An informed consumer would never touch another Mojang project knowing now how horrible at development they are. An imbocile consumer will lap up whatever scraps notch throws them.

    An informed consumer would never touch another Mojang project knowing now how horrible at development they are. An imbocile consumer will lap up whatever scraps notch throws them.

    Yes, I must admit that I might even consider buying another Mojang game if it looked good, but everything they have lined up appears to be **** upon ****, and there's no chance in hell I'm going to "fund" anymore "alphas".
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    Quote from oOoTAYoOo

    Alright I was on the forums today and realized how much anger and hate there is. People are always complaining about this or that, oh the biome code sucks, why does TNT still lag in Multiplayer, why can't I make mods in seconds. Well you know what, Mojang tries to listen to the community, and do what you guys say, but the second they do something all you do is complain about it. How about you either don't update, or you stop playing Minecraft. I personally enjoy the ideas of what to add in MC but all you guys do is complain. Maybe you should just have ideas, and instead of complaining get over it and Realize Jeb is trying for MOD API and they are trying to fix the so called "Stupid ****" that people complain about. Give them sometime make some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, for Mojang, and stop being little Bitches. The end. Troll all you want, I enjoy seeing fail trolls failing. Plus most of you are 12 years old new fags.

    How about you mind your own business?
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    posted a message on Potions are Confusing!!!
    Quote from KyoShinda

    After looking at the wiki for 5min I figured out it's common sense. Sorry if you don't see it that way. You only have to know a couple things and you're set.

    Your post makes no sense. You looked it up (therefore probably required an explanation) so it's common sense? It's basically impossible to know these "couple things" unless they are explicitly presented to you, and they are not in the game.

    And the reason the potions are confusing is because there's no way to intuit what the ingredients do, or even that alchemy exists without someone telling you beforehand. I guess you could say nether wort imbues things with magical properties and is therefore a base reagent, but then what about glow stone? What about ender pearls? What makes nether wort special? It is never explained. Then, you use other reagents with no intuitive meaning to produce the various spell effects. Why blaze powder for strength? An apparently flammable substance making you physically stronger? How is this supposed to make sense? Why not say, a bone? Bones contain calcium which is an essential element in skeletal muscle contraction. THAT would make sense. There's no way to know blaze powder could produce such an effect without a long trial period or meta-gaming.

    This is why the OP is confused: the system has so little foundation in reality that it cannot be intuited.
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    posted a message on Cant blame notch.
    Quote from Revalationist

    He adds pistons, which you all loved and wanted, then you complain and say how they suck,
    He adds NPCs, which you wanted, complain, complain, complain.

    Oh look, another unimaginative idiot that gets inferior products and is thankful for them because he thinks it makes him look mature


    People wanted those features because notch was too inept to implement a mod API, then he (Jeb, not notch) implemented them in an inferior fashion (voiding the point). By the way, there are still no NPCs, unless your definition of "character" is so broad as to include squid and flowers.

    In conclusion notch did nothing that you said he did and then took time off after it for all the hard work he contributed. Tada!!

    Good argument
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    posted a message on To everyone complaining that this game isn't a "full release..."
    Quote from MVanKleeckx23

    I honestly don't understand the logic of some of you people sometimes.

    Probably because you don't think logically. How about you find more than one or two people that demonstrably behave in the way you are talking about (annoyed at the state of the final release, yet would be annoyed if Mojang took the time to polish the project) and provide evidence that they think this way? Oh yeah, because you can't. Face it, Minecraft 1.0.0 is a final product, and that entitles consumers to criticize it to the highest degree. The fact of the matter is, addictive gameplay or not, it's buggy, amateurish, and many features are left incomplete. This is a reflection of the nonsensical development cycle it followed, and manifests itself in the justified (in my opinion) user score of 7.3 on Metacritic.

    While we're venting our illogical generalizations of certain target groups, here's mine: frankly I find it disgusting that idiots who repeatedly defended the game with "BETA" before this month when presented with Notch's stupid plans are now defending the final, official release of the game by saying "oh, well it'll be fixed later! All the features will be added in!" That means the game is still in alpha, not worthy of whatever bloated price is affixed to it these days, and certainly not worthy of the 10/10 reviews it's getting. Most developers get eaten alive for releasing games in this state.
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    posted a message on A honest Minecraft review
    Quote from robizzle

    That is not my point this is too one-sided and it was not honest at-all just your opinion of the game. In my eyes a review should show the gameplay and leave personal objective comments to themselves. It should not persuade or deter the game in any way.

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    And a review is supposed to be a critical evaluation, not an unabridged exhibit of the game's entire content. Where do you think Ebert or Shalit would be if they just showed entire movies instead of commenting on their craftsmanship? The whole point of a review is to bring up poignant observations about the piece, including comparing qualities of its parts to other products in the market, assess its artistic merit, and place a value on the thing as a whole. The critic, usually an expert or long-time patron of whatever area, gives his insights into the piece so you can find out his SUBJECTIVE (what you mean by "objective") opinion of the subject is, since he probably has more interesting things to say about it than you do. I don't know how old you are, but yes, naturally as people experience more of something they become more cynical. It makes sense for a critic that knows as much about video games as "ROCKCOCK64" does to be relentlessly harsh on this game, because he can much more easily recognize the inherent failures in its design.

    Let us also not forget the reason he actually did this review - it was because his ****-take comedy sketch of the first Minecraft review he did (which you undoubtedly would have fallen for) was noticed by the hordes of unimaginative Minecraft fans, who told him to be more objective and serious, so he did just that, producing perhaps one of the only serious reviews he's done for TBG. Are you really surprised that he brought up solid points - points that you will probably rationalize away, nonetheless - in this review?

    It was no more one-sided than the hundreds of reviews by the mindless drones out there who rate this game among the best ever. The fact of the matter is that these people are not interested at looking at or discussing faults in the game. They are afraid of something they enjoy being perceived as less than perfect, because they believe that their judgment is perfect. They will rationalize and argue indignantly for an eternity just because someone pointed out a handful of flaws in something they like. That is why reviews like these exist: to say what others (such as yourself) dare not.

    Quote from BC_Programming

    I also like the label "pro gamer" on the title. The oxymoron in that statement never fails to amuse me.

    A "game" does not necessarily describe a leisure activity, and there are probably professional gamers that make more money than you do, statistically speaking. Very ironic that you should choose to define these words so rigidly after your dissertation on how one can't assign numerical values to things based on their preference.

    Quote from robizzle

    No i am implying he is bias if you can read.

    Edit: I wont be rude, and I am done here.

    I can read, and guess what? You are the one that is being arrogant. Your stupid child mind can't even commit to the contextually appropriate definition of "objective", and you expect us to read your mind and take you seriously? What you mean to say is that he is being subjective. The only reason the other guy agreed with you was because you disparaged ROCKCOCK64, and not surprisingly he was also not intellectually fit enough to notice your failure to communicate in a logical fashion.

    But yes, you are done here, as are the other guys who got so butthurt at this video.
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