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    Work on turning the re-fitted Guardian farm has bee going well especially up to which has had it's ring walls built up, paths and grass (Dirt) laid with a few cherry trees. Leaving that image for my main thread.

    Before I did the top work I did remove all the old bone blocks I used long before I started using the Alacrity resource pack. Also with the guardian base and

    it's tanks re-fitted I had to re-do the circles of the base floor around them as they were now off-centre. I have also tried to light it up a bit more.

    I have still yet to come up with a design for the inside however and did consider Warped Nylium for a floor instead but again, i've yet to decide. I have also began texturizing the lower of the grey stone walls at the top with andesite and here and there using red sandstone as "Rusty bits/spots" even though it is a bit more orange than I would like.

    With the walls I'm adding andesite to the stone and will gradient down into tuff (Gonna need a tonne of that) and that into a deeper darker colour the more to the bottom I get maybe basalt and even blackstone at the very bottom. Gradienting down though instead of the temporary sand which still stands.

    Also added another small little farm the old one is a mix of bread, carrots potatoes and melon, the new one is just potatoes to even it out on that side. Normal trees are being grown topside as well for as long as I need to keep adding barrel storage to the to inside layer, especially for all the fish I'm getting!

    As I have enough prismirine brick for now I do want to top up the amounts for regular prismirine and dark prismirine as well when I cann, I also have more sea lanterns than I know what to do with now.

    On my copy of my world, I have also begone designing the second ever church where I will not be restricted by size or land space like the original church, so I will see what I can achieve in a modern day given how my building work has changed over the years. At the moment, I'm doing it opposite the ice boat station at the end of the Chunk Plaza Boulevard, whether it will be in that spot in the survival world is as yet, undecided.

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    2024 Plans

    So after a quiet January, I am grabbing firmly at my world with both hands from this month. I have a few build ideas for this year and plans to expand the world.

    My first idea, again drawing from real life is possibly having a pier somewhere, might be fun to build and add to the world. I know the USA has some but I would say it's more common here in the UK for coasta/seaside towns.

    Another idea, only formed in the last 48hours is - if I can find a nice place, to possible build another vhurch somewhere that is completetly different to my one I have. I'm not religous though, but here's why:

    In the beginning it started out as a cobble hut across the ocean (Just went over there to see what was there) and nothing happenned for several months. It remained an empty hut before being converted into a little cobble church. By 2014 I "white-washed" it so to speak, replacinjg cobble with birch planks. Essentially going for a US style small time white wooden pannelled small town church. When it came to the next rebuild I was restricted by the space, so much so the church as it stands today (Minus the 2019 roof improvement) had it's back wall litterally build in the back lot/garden of the original church. Using the front as the new front with the original church still in the middle until it was demolished:

    So here's the thing, I think I might want to try building a church in a more open space with a compeletly different palette and no restrictions in space - just to see what I could achieve.. My building style has changed and improved in the last several years so it might be a challenge, I would just need to find a good spot.

    The final idea (Which was actually was the second idea) was to build a sea fort, but this iudea has expanded since.

    In the UK or rather off the coast of the UK are some coastal forts some of which have been turned into private residences:

    At this time I was also planning to redesign the guardian farm base since I started it before I started using the alacrity resource pack.

    The plan was to build it closer to home, I already had picked a spot as the crow flies from the castle and SMP territory that houses copies of my houses on old SMPs I used to be on during the old days. It was a fair distance from them, yet not too far away and not to close, easy travelable to.

    Since I am redesigning the guardian farm base, and I was trying to come up with ideas on my world copy, I thought why not combine the ideas? The original fort would've been a good size albeit a lot smaller than the size of the guardian farm. So why not keep the guardian base inside (In whatever new form it takes) and have the new outside as the sea fort.

    On my world copy here is an idea, don't click if you don't want the idea spoiled:

    On the top right is the original solo build on my creative copy, main pic is the idea:

    After recently setting up a small swamp village to put meding on a final few spare tools since over a year ago or the year before last (When building the ice boat station) I lost a blue shulker. Although everything was replaced, there were still a couple of things that needed meding still and One that still needs netheriting.

    In the last 48 hours, I tried to make the delivery to the drop shoot at the guardian farm better for better rates but ended up making it worse I think. I tried reverting it but it wasn't the same and it was an old design. So even though I thought I wasn't going to I am changing the farm as well as well as dismantling the old base.

    keep your eye on the middle!:

    And in actuallity:

    I also dismantled my old slime farm since nothing has spawned there in a couple of years, used to be a good source but was an old outdated version. As a result I got som much redstone/redtone blocks, rails both normal and powered and magma blocks back. That section is officially closed off now. (Just off the main mob grinder at the base of the mountain)

    Once I have the guardian farm back up and running, I guess I will start pushing on the outer walls of the base where the real change will happen. In my world copy, I still have to find a design I like for the base around the farm underneath the concealed top.

    These are my ambitious ideas.

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    Quote from SirDaddicus»

    I don't mind the extra challenge. But they went too far. WAY too far. Having mending ONLY available via swamp villager (which do not naturally generate in the base game) is just wrong.

    I don't mind having to promote to the top to get it, but I shouldn't have to create a swamp villager and ONLY a swamp villager to do so.

    Compared to moving the villagers, especially if it's a good long distance; building a few small huts - plenty of wood, plenty of cobble, take some beds and make some lecterns etc; is actually the easiest bit and part of that challenge. You just want the easy option.

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    I've been taking a little break from my main world and updating another old world made in pre-1.9.5 just before release:

    (Picture from November 2023)

    Exterior wise, not a great deal has changed since, but I have put a roof over that jutting out window nearer the water line, which is where the wheat and carrot farm are currently situated. This world is not nearly advanced as my main due to lack ofr playtime over the years, so I spent yesterday utlizing a skeleton spawner cave nearby into a farm. At least now I can get my XP up a little quicker and it never hurts to have infinite supply of bones and arrows. Unfortunetly whilst mining lost all but one of my diamond tools on the way back up home, but most of them were very worn anyway.

    I have since got 6/7 diamonds and replaced the missing items and am using the skeleton farm to get my enchantments up. Armor however is limited taking whatever scraps I get off the skeletons I can get.

    I also re-installed an archway back into the kitchen area entrance like the old days , and today after a drop from a zombie finally found a use for this old area that I never knew quite what to do with:

    (Old pic)

    Now it is a long potato room! On my main I don't bother with golden carrots, I use baked potatoes, carrots and melons. Now I have two of those. Currently bread is taking the place of the Melons.


    *Better Tools & armor.

    *Finish brick work on walls in bedroom upstairs

    *Continue making banners for window curtains

    *Brick the exterior of the bathroom

    *Re-add roof dorma

    *Melon Farm

    *Come up with a design for the bridge to the nether portal.

    One of my next steps will be this:

    Time to go exploring. I'm hoping to the right of that potential cherry blossom village will be an easy ocean to get to the villagers to the swamp, you get where this is going. I don't know if I'll go for the updgrade templates for netherite eventually, I don't think it was needed and was fine as it was tbh.

    LONG-TERM GOALS are of course to get fully kitted out out and go to the end and get shulkers and elytras. Will have to beat the dragon again (By again I mean in having done it in my main world) let alone find a stronghold in the first place.

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    Okay time to get part #2 out because I really want to post my plans for 2024. So there are the other

    [b]12 things not in my world any longer[/b]

    [b]14.. The Abandoned Lot - Chunk Plaza Boulevard[/b]

    Before the corner shop became the "boat Shed" shop with it's refurnish, next door to it on the left I had a corner of the chunk left over. For years it stood as a mix of the stone and dirt until this mid point where I put in a couple of windows and a cloth canopy, just for show. Eventually I would make upstairs window holes and lose the canopy, filling the window holes and door way with oak planks so it just looked like an old abandoned building from decades ago. In time of course I would just expand the shop (before becoming the Boat Shed shop) over more to the left and try to incorporate it it all into one bigger place, this is before I had the renovation plans.

    A small section of this area was taken when I moved the outer wall of the neighbouring small apartment block out a few blocks.

    [b]15. The old Smelting area.[/b]

    Situated down stairs just off storage and underneath to the left side, what is now the Wool Imporium. This is where the first smelter area situated, using sinple a water flow sytem into a hopper furnace. Later this area would be cleared and I would have and iron vault down here with a big iron golem face facade wall for storing riches behind before eventually becoming the Wool Emporium.

    `[b]16. Roof Top Terrace.[/b]

    (from a 2017 copy of the world):

    For years I struggled with what to do at the top of the mountain home, in Alpha there was a portal on top, In beta there wasn't and there was just fencing around the area. For years there was a wooden structure on the highest point (On top of the rear lounge, now a big on-suite bathroom area) that led down some stairs from the top top back inside the mountain. At one point I almost gave up and just had cobble walls but it looked like an airport hangar on top.

    Thus entered this era with the low brick walls, railings and leave "bushes" behind them, a quite little garden top area with a little shed. The shed solely being to hide redstone for the working shower in the then bathroom below. In recent years it was quite a decision to take the levels down a couple and build big walls up, esetially becoming the big attic space it is to day with the roofs it has.

    [b]17. The chunk spike nr. Chunk Plaza Boulevard[/b]

    Quick one this but whilst working on the Chunk Plaza Boulevard all thos years there was this chunk spike across the water that was so annoying to keep seeing - so I took it down. By hand.

    [b]18. Pumpkin Hut/Coca Bean farm[/b]

    You may have seen this in the . Old Tree Farm Staircase[/b], But here from the earliest days I had an ugly log building with pumpkins growing inside it, after it was redeveloped, I didn't really know what to do with it. So for a few years stood a small coca bean farm. I believe today this is where my only custom tree rstill stands.

    [b]19. The stairs to Storage[/b]

    from the landing:

    Landing #2 (Secret rabbit pen entrance)

    Final stairs:

    Even back in Alpha when I had cobble walls, I had an initial staircase down then had to go through another door & cobble wall surround down past a lava incinerator and quad of furnaces down a few more steps before going through another door and down stairs again to storage. As I modernized, things did,'t change much, same amount of stirs, less in-between walls and different decor with furnaces and lava incinerators moving elsewhere.

    here you can see, although I modernized the decor, I still had about three flights of stairs to go down to storage. Thanks heavens for when water coulmns were introduced!

    [b]20. Ocean Level Monorail?[/b]

    Back in the day, before I dug a tunnel directly beneath the cobble bridge shown here (Oh what fun that was..) I had this simple line across the ocean. Not very consdusive in the end for boats trying to get in and out though.

    [b]21. Drinking Establishment[/b]

    Where the monument is today there was originally a little drinking establishment by the mountain that became the poolside. Not much to look at but it was one of the earlliest long standing buildings outside the home and even had a little garden area outside. It was always very special despite being quite simple.

    [b]22. The Cobble Catwalk[/b]

    Although the creeper face made in the mountain side was always there, for a long while I had a cobble catwalk connecting to it. Not really sure why. Guess it was just one of those Alpha/Beta things.

    [b]23. The Water-Window Room[/b]

    Originally just a square little room oin Alpha with the bare stone walls it existed because of the waterfall outside. It was oly a single block wide, but my first idea was to widen it and make a window hole with a room behind it. By this time it was decked out a little more and a little bigger. Today it stands as a back hallway lobby to the rear exit of the home-in-a-mountain,

    [b]24. Apartment Block.[/b]

    Before the oriental style garden and it's front gatehouse, I build a tower block here with one level sand, the next snow blocks and son on upward. Later on it had log trim along the sides and between floor levels with an extension out the back. I still have the world copy screenshot plans of later years and plans to renovate it, but ultimatley it had to come down, and what a pain that was.

    [b]25. The Original Cobble fort walls.[/b]

    Perimeter walls for many years continuing from the existing stone mountain walls outside. Protection needed at the time, now just nicer low walls with views across the ocean oif the church and castle.

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    25 things not in my world any more PART #1

    As we go into 2024, I was looking around an older copy of my world from back up, but not alpha or the beta years but from just 2017. Six years ago now, and even in that short time I thought "can I find 25 things in this world that aren't there now?" For this I will not be including any builds in the last year like the town hall, the new beta spawn bell tower + bridge etc, as that would be too easy.

    So here they are, some images will have blocks missing - mainly in pathways.

    1. The old Melon/pumkin farm

    I don't do much trading these days so there is a lot lesser need for both Melons and pumpkins, thus this area has been greatly reduced to a very small hut to reduce the turnover that still trickles in. In earlier days there was a staircase wheat farm here that used water released via piston to wash down the wheat into hoppers, replacing the flat farmland area before even that one.

    2. Old Tree Farm Staircase

    I can't remember why I got rid of it now, I think I just wanted one singular way up which is now as it has been for years , the stairs going into the mountain also like here; replacing a long back of steps down the front of the mountain for years.

    3. Old Notice Board

    Stood by the boardwalk for years. Back in the Alpha days I would also blog my adventures on a well used blogging site back in 2010, just covering stuff that I did in various world not just this one. Much Like now on this message board. So on this notice board on each sign is a name, 1o signs marking the first 10 followers of the blog!

    4. The Oriental style house

    It sat at the back of the oriental garden but unltimatley I felt it wasn't working for me, which is why it had to go. Before this style garden an apartment block stood here in earlier days.

    5. Actual Chicken Farm (Not just a pen like now)

    Back in the day it was even more convoluted that this simple chicken in a glass box. Before this I had a back wall with a target and dispensers that would throw the eggs at it, occasionally getting even more chickens! Due to mass egg produce (Still in the underground storage there today) it was simplified to this but was eventually completelty halted and then dismantled. Today this is a nice little seating area.

    6. The... Water room?....

    I can't even remember why I had this or the Magma cubes in the floor. Maybe I was just bored and couldn't think what to fill this room with? It sits behind the back wall of the very blue underwater minecart tunnel reception, which itself originally was going to be an Aquarium area. I can't even think of any practical uses, which is why it was probably hidden away behind a wall in 2017. This watery area is now the art gallery museum.

    7. Villager Trading hall V1

    It comes with no suprises that with various updates came various nerfs of the traders, which is why they got moved to the 16x16 chunk in the tunnel to the station before once certain update. Ironically this busy area in #1 is now just an entrance for #2 which became a quiet study room leading on to the library area. The "Art gallery" aspect would be moved downstairs into that earlier shown "Water room".

    8.Cross-Over bridge

    Even back in alpha, because I had the back waterfall, I dug a ditch so the water could continue flowing back into the ocean. Back then it began with a little wooden footbridge over the trench, the glass walker was merely just a later modernization.

    9. The V2 Bridge

    When the alpha cobble bridge was finally removed for something more modern I began this version in 2014. It wasn't until 2015 when later details were added and it became more decrotive, until disaster struck. It lasted at least a good 5 years, but one night I ws working on the new underground area before my next entrry when I came up and took a boat out to look at it from a distance to judge. As I did for some reason half of it had been destroyed and was on fire. Despite valorant efforts to renconcile it. the dame was done by a storm I guess and lihtening? In the end it was too much damage to rebuilf half of it again so I decided to scrap it entirely for something new. It that hadn't happened it might have still been there now without the storm or the damage.

    10. Wrap-Around Glass Walkway

    Even though th beach area here now is extended out, It wasn't always that way. This is the first iteration of the glass walkway, although it got a re-design; when certain shaders made light shine through it or the light hit the glass in the reight way (Especially after the re-design) it was fantastic. This early version of the walkway however is less than fantastic and the redesign lasted a number of years until it was deemed not longer neccasary & needed, at all. I was literally keeping V2 because of the shaders and the light I mentioned, so it had to go.

    11. The Old Station House

    Original strange Alpha generation:

    The old station house was a strange land formation in Alpha that was turned into a station house. Noit only that but there was a huge chunk of land/hill behind attatched to it that didn't even out naturally terrain wise, but to an ugly chunk wall. One that went all the way down to the Halfway House, itself situation in a 16x16 gap in a chunk wall. Eventually the main railway line became a walking tunnel/one for horses and donkeys that were predominantly used then, as a new parallell and wider tunnel was made. The little extension on the left side. It lasted from the earliest years all the way to 2017 here but unltimatley would meet it's demise. Before the town hall in the last picture I would always have to clamber over this lumpy land nearby to get to the tunnel.

    Knowing I couldn't just lop the front off, the original wierd formation because of the mass land connected behind it petering out into a chunk wall, the only open was to redevelop it - all of it. Land mass and all. The two station platform as it stands today came of it, and of course to the right the future new town hall.

    12. The Hole

    I was hesitant to add this but for years, way before the town hall area precedding the station house above was this hole. Of course it was evened out and for some reason I had a stone smelting operation down there for a long time. It was there for years however and had to be filled in when the town hall would eventually be built.

    13. The pation Bunker

    For years outside the dinning room there was a bunker like acess-way both from the outside of the rear bedroom down, and out to the pool. At this time I would be using my own texture pack normally so this red sandstone would have been actually a steely blue (I have pics). This glass topped patio to let the sunshine in and the long steps down from the bedroom exterior were a staple of the back here for many, many years before being redeveloped. and opened right up.

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    Quote from Zeno410»

    It's a masterclass in building improvement. I have some things to consider in a non-public world... (not sure I have room).

    Thank-you, and not just for that; but the continued support. It doesn't go unnoticed!

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    Last Minute Changes

    As we draw nearer Christmas, Im slowly starting to takle a break from the various prjects until the new year, like the new sea search & rescue centre, and and last fdetails and the recent castle extensions. There was one thing I did however and that was look at the roof over the kitchen of the Halfway House.

    It realised it had been 10 years + 1 month since I first expanded the Halfway house into the two chunk wall sides, either side of the facade in November 2013.

    I wasn't sure if I knew immediatly what I would do with the left side, but by expanding into the right side it meant I could have a huge kitchen diner. I would of course have to do a lot of dogging out inside but after taking down a small mountain in beta for the pool, I was no stranger to hard work and grind.

    After 2013 and into 2014, the shape was still pretty flat, just replacing stone with wood and adding windows:

    The main work went on digging out inside making rooms but at least I had some nice over-hanging roofs by mid 2014!:

    You can also see that come Jul 2014 I had expanded by making the other joining chunk ewrror to the left a tunnel, specifically a minecart tunnel.

    By the end of 2014 however things were changing, my building style was changing. Ideas to make the front more rounded (I had probably started the round corner towers at the castle by this point!) and make further extensions - upwards!

    A little new bay window here:

    A new peak roof above it there:

    And above the left side a small storage extension up top too:

    I have memories of moving having to move the storage room so this must be why I created the storage extension. I suspected (With failing memory!0 that in that other left side extension was ehere I housed storage originally, and of course it was:

    Extending out the front:

    The outside (Minus the future neighbouring monorail) was now starting to look a lot more familar to today:

    Inside by the end of n2014 we now had a kitchen diner.

    In 2015 I added an extenstion of the back passage that led up to the new storage, this was to accomodate a downstairs bathroom. After this, aside from the neighbouring monorail, not much changed for a few years with the Halfway House for a few year. It would not be the very last of the final changes however.

    The only real changes were changing the flat black glass roof of the bedroom in 2021 to a globe. The kitchen itself, on the outside; still was very chunk well esq with the simple roof hangover (Left of the candy cane sugar reed):

    Whilst the rest outside had evolved, grown and extended, this side had stayed the same more or less. I felt the roof just needed a bit of a "lift". This side needed to develop a bit too, finally. So after designing a roof on my world copy, I went to work:

    I've still got some work to do inside the kitchen, but at least it looks less like the corner of a chunk wall on the outside now.

    I thought, that was it before Christmas, however; more work inside is commencing.

    Following the forward rail station extention next door, when I filled in the middle there in front of that chunk gap some other things happened in response. The 2015 bathroom extansion was knocked through and became more of a throroughfare back entrance from the line, making a nice large lobby area out the back. The intent was to relocate the bathroom downstairs elsewhere. Although there was a bit of a start of a cave behind the back walls, a small space was made but nothing ever came of it.

    Seeing as the behind the back wall only led down to a cave, I figured I could really expand this back wall further; instead of just behind the stairs leading up to storage. I could actually have a pretty nice bathroom!

    There was just, one problem...

    The storage room floor was visible further back leaving only a 3 high wall height, something I detest. This wasn't a medieval build after all. I wrestled for 15 minutes with wether to take the floor out or not, as it would mean consequences for storage above. Consequences like, if I removed the floor and thereby raised the ceiling height I would possibly have to extend storage upstairs by one - two blocks higher to compensate.

    Some of these chests on the floor level upstairs were empty or had little in them and could be moved up higher on the wall, only some log/plank and cobble chests might be a pain but I figured I had to do this or it would always bug me.

    Subsequently, this smooth stone floor I was on would also have to come up.

    Bathroom entrance straight ahead, small closet storage on the left:


    Almost exactly as it was, and I didn't have to extend up! You wouldn't know! OKay the windows go to the ground now; but small price...

    The floor is yet to be re-laid out back:

    I also had to slightly reposition the stairs going up to storage but at least it means no more awkward turn on the way up now.

    Genral back view, it just goes a little further back past the stairs now:

    That's probably it now until after Christmas, unless I feel like doing more tonight, but I have wrapping to do and other things.

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    1) Which is youre preffred method of getting them down, manual chopping (From around you), Manual (farm) or one of those high-powered TNT tree destroyers (Don't know if that's still a thing?) Or other?

    2) Favourite and least favourite Trees?

    3) Is getting larger trees down a pain?


    1) I actually prefer chopping down trees manually, I find it very relaxing. I do have planted farms for each and granted a timber datapack; which makes it all the more satifying. but nevertheless manual chooping for me.

    2) Spruce and Dark oak naturally, logs and planks. Least Is probablly jungle trees either getting them doen and using the logs/planks.

    3) For me, anyone that complains too hard is down to player laziness. Even before the datapack I scaled jungle and large spruces, also dark oaks; in a rotation method. Cutting the 2nd log up, jumping on that and cutting the next one and scaling my way up and then back down. Even with large Oaks, you've got dirt all around you to scale up, there really is no reason to whine and complain!

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    I don't really have a favourite, but after years and years of using ender chests before finally bothering to go to the End and get shulkers; they were a God-send for building when I eventually swapped over. Now I can't imagine going back to not using them, but still use ender chests to carry them all.

    I'm trying to think if there's one thing I continue to hoard away in my chests for no good apparrent reason, that my constitute a favourite, But no; I don't think there is..

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    In all of my time playing this game... I've never built a castle. And now I want to, but at the same time it would be such a big task and I have too many other tasks at hand.

    The first one looks like way more than I was expecting. There's a whole fountain there now!?

    It's more of a suggestion that maybe there was a fountain there once, long ago.. Now overgrown and decaying.

    I think personally everyone should try and have a go of at least one castle :P

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    Oh, I thought the third picture was part of a courtyard being replaced too. That picture out of all of them made me sad it might be changed.

    It might sound obvious to ask, but I presume you considered a hybrid approach of a walkway where areas would be traveled and worn a lot, with grass remaining along the edges? If so, what was the reason you didn't want to go with that?

    I think I would have wanted to leave some Green and foliage in there since I think it accents the natural Greys and Browns from the stone and wood so well and makes it less dull and much more lively looking. It's hard to say what I'd do here since I'm not familiar with what your resource pack is like, but if the idea is that you want a neater or more "developed" look and that's why you're doing it uniformly one way or the other only, then I would have maybe considered doing some sort of stone type of edges (some stone type that doesn't exactly match the rest of the stone in the walls) separating the path and the grass along the sides, or maybe even just having leaves serve as bushes on top of either bricks or dirt with trapdoors on the side along the wall. Still looks neat and uniform, but retains some Green.

    As I said there will be plenty of foilage and greenery to break up the grey blocks and still have some greenry around. I was going to show you "Work so far", but then in the last couple of days I did more than planned and really took off with it so here's what there is so far:

    That other 3rd picture round the other side with the newly built up wall now looks like this so far:

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    I think the grass looks nice, but I admit that just means I don't think it looks bad, and I don't have an alternative to compare it to. What you think matters more anyway.

    You seem to be one of what is fewer people using the older semi-higher definition, medieval/rustic style for a resource pack. It goes well with a castle, needless to say.

    I like the look of the little diagonal supports under the wall walkways.


    At least the grass removal will just ber that small long stretch in #1 all the grass out the front in #3 will still be retained. Alacrity does a nice thing by making upside down stairs look like that and gernerally looks nice and not too far removed from default that is drastically different, yet still works for the medieval/rustic castle.

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    Quote from Vmisvrav»

    Awesome job! Such detail and kudos on keeping the world for so long!


    I'm going to be making some changes to the rear castle courtyard soon as I've never been happy with it:

    Opposite side of the first picture:

    It's goodbye grass and back to the original stone floor, albeit a bit more textured. There'll be added potted plants (Clay plots + foilage), overgrown foilage, a small little guard box and an extension upwards above the arch in picture #1 and the trapdoor door in picture #3 as they're both sides of one area. All remaining walls and any new extension upwards will of course have more texture.

    The back courtyard will be a bit more "Run down" looking as an aesthetic because of the foilage but in general making the area a bit more Immersive.

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    Sea Dearch & Rescue Centre

    It's been a couple of months, and my play time in November was a bit more sporadic; but it did give me time to think. Time to think on how to continue to expand the world and add to the lore, and one of those ideas came after crafting my first raft for the first time - just to see what it looked like in game. It gave me the idea however to make a sea search & rescue centre, over here we call it the RNLI. The question was where?

    My first thought was here:

    The yellow dome on the coast is the bee dome so it's past that, the lighthouse and the second alpha tower along that coast line that still stands to this day. Although it's near, I did also feel it was a little way back too far.

    Second choice was along side the bridge of the main railway station:

    Ultimatley I decided I'd have to alter the land around it too much and have it side on to the bridge. This was however after I had lowered some of the land and cut all the trees down! So I had to use this screenshot as a guide to build up the land, or some of it and plant trees again to make it look natural like it was; more or less.

    In the end I settled for the hilly mountain behind it:

    Following the little footbridge I had made before hand I had to create a little pathway connecting it bhind one side of the station (Opposite to the town hall side). So I had to cut a small section out of the side of the bridge, realigned the stairs so it flowed better and made a pathway along to a flight lof stairs leading to a small pass and said wooden footbridge:

    A msll extension was in the original plans but even workers need a little gallery "kitchen" for slow days:

    There is also a nice slipway into the water currently as it stands, for the rafts to launch:


    Today I turned off the alacrity resource pack to switch to the winter pack by futureazoo as I have done in the past. Also fixing up small little details: a lamppost with no base on the beach front towards the bee dome, missing brick block & wall in the chicken coup pen damaged by a creeper many many many months ago, missing loh on one of the well posts etc.

    I also made s dedicated spot this year for the snnual Christmas tree:

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