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    Not me either.

    My first ever. was more of an elongated hut (With cobble floor), windows and a roof. (Admitedly in 2010 had a dirt roof with occasional glass blocks added later on for skylights.) Even in 1.17. I'll dig into the ground/side of a mountain/live in a village for a while or such. Currently in my latest world it's temporarily embedded under a small hill until I get the border of my base campment set up just above ground.

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    Currently 4.61GB given it's a 10 year+ singleplayer surival world and I have traveled at least 20 - 30k in every direction for new chunks, at least.

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    Quote from Brixie»

    Woah, a ten year old survival world that's serious dedication how do you keep motivated? I play on an smp and we plan to do a world reset every year or so.

    At this point it's more about ideas and finding things to build, especially as I tend to build useful or purposeful things. Rather than build things for the sake of things - I.E. I can't just build something for it to sit there and look pretty if I'm just going to not then ever visit it/interact with it again. Otherwise it'd be your typical world - full of rollercoasters and 3d/2d pixel art. I try and expand areas and tell a story of that area or world build like building a path across the shallow hills behind the cemetary that connect as a short-cut to the castle. That kind of thing.

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    For my main world of 10 years I play on 1.16.4 as it's not worth me updating to .5 yet. That's nothing against the update, what I mean is it's just not enough that it's worthwile for me. I do have a hardcore world in 1.16.5 however and a modded game (Better Minecraft) also in that same version. Only a few of my other older worlds are left in 1.14.2, but not many.

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    You must not take a lot of damage.

    I'm just sensible. I don't so servers - so no pvp, only pve. I use my shield and have started to use my axe more latetly rather than the shield. I've a good, bow, crossbor and trident if I run out of arrows, full nethertite gear. I block with a shield and am sensible with my food intake. If I have to do something at night I will rather than sleep.

    from my main world:


    Netherite Helmet
    Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Blast Protection III, Protection III, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite Chest Plate
    Projectille Protection II, Protection III, Blast Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite leggings Protection III, Blast Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite boots Feather Falling IV, Protection III, Depth Strider I (:()


    Power V, Flame, Punch I :(, Unbreaking III, Mending
    Netherite Sword
    Unvbreaking III, Sharpness IV, Looting III,Mending.
    Netherite Pick Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending.
    Netherite Axe Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Sharpness III, Mending.
    Netherite Shovel Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Mending.

    Quick Charge II, Piercing IV, Mending.
    Impaling IV, loyalty III, Channeling, Mending.
    Spare Diaomond Pick
    Efficiency III, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Mending


    Diamond Sword
    Looting III, Unbreaking III, Smite V, Meding.
    Riptide III, mending.
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Mending.
    Fishing Rod
    Unbreaking III, Luck Of The Sea III, Lure II, Mending.

    General stuff:
    Spare sticks, iron blocks, spare totem gold/gold nuggets, gold helmet & booots, soul speed II iron boots, warped fungus on a stick, spare sticks, spare scaffolding, led, fence, flint n steel, blast furnace, stone cutter.

    Now on my recent new 1.16.5 HARDCORE worlds, it's usually something stupid that kills me, if only I'd take a second to think..

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    I would strongly recommend having a food, potion, or totem of undying in your hotbar at all times.

    Don't need potions, would only have a totem there if doing a raid (Hate those vexes), food is fine where it is. Contrary to what some might think, I tend not to die frequently.

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    Always the same:

    1) bow

    2) sword

    3) Netherite pick

    4) Netherite Axe

    5) Netherite Shovel

    6) Torches

    7 - 9) FREE

    Arrows above bow, trident/crossbow above sword, alt pick above netherite one, Coal above torches. Totem/furnace/crafting table to the very far right three slots, left of them food. Wood/iron/enderchest top 3 on the left. sticks and water bucket below. All of this stuff I keep in my general inventory to avoid clutter in my hotbar.

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    Quote from leangreen76

    ++ UPDATE ++

    After finishing the bee dome I clipped of some of the front of a mountain at the top (By the viewing platorm where I take my main two overview screenshots) that blocks of the view of the left side of the beach to the left of the lighthouse. So now there's a clearer view of both the oriental gatehouse and the new bee dome:

    Another thing that had to change was the old tunnel to the trading hall, designed when my andesite was retextured. Therefore when I reverted it to default as I did with quite a few texture changes in 2020 it had to change.


    I am now going for a more natural cave mineshaft look which, after salvaging as many of the original materials as possible; I then took care of with almost 2 stacks of TNT to give it that natural rugged cave look.


    I will be adding variant grey bocks (Andesite, stonebrick , mossy stonebrick) and other variants to the walls eventually, andesite walls as staglamites, maybe vines and more vegatation. Old tracks now speedy ice boat link.

    Lastly I've not been happy with the science lab. After it was moved and made bigger, I then cut it in half as it was too big but still it had just old glowstone lighting embedded in the ceiling and a lot of space in the middle of the floor. I really wanted to implement better lighting so on my world copy I designed some hanging lights. This would mean raising the ceiling height and walls by four blocks, but it's the right thing to do.

    So this is as it was from the back:

    This is it after my work so far:

    Next up is the potions storage to the right as you enter the lab, this has not been updated in years and is very drab:

    I have big plans here! One problem is in the immediate de-contamination area is literally just flowing water - so fish spawn in the stream them flop out of it onto the pressure plate leaving corpses and bonemeal. Whilst a fun little unintentional quirk, it is annoying. So The door will move to the middle, the stream will be from the ceiling via a dispenser and resdstone as well as surrounding you with stairs from pistons below to stop the water flowing everywhere, all by one switch.

    The furnaces I have never used I think and I will rip them out and take that wall right back level to the back wall of the actual potion storage with this room I will create a new storage. It won't be anything fancy, but there will still be room to the back of the wall where the "Days since accident sign/infinite water storage is located. So with the rest of the room I will have a small admin office with a glass wall separting it from potions storage. (As the "administrator" wouldn't have to get wet through de-contamination just to get to their office.) So a new door will have to be put in the neighbouring room for them, next to the white-board.

    There should be a slither of the old potions room left, to one side the office so this will be come toilets! Three cubicles and three sinks with a back door and back corridor (behind the new potions storage) for lab employers that leads back into the lab. So they don't have to go through the admin office or de-contamination just to use the bathroom also!

    I will probably do this over the next few days, i've already test built it on my world copy and it looks dead cute, so I can't wait to change this dull area!

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    posted a message on What is your go-to food?

    Baked potatoes (for major restoration), carrots (For single food hunch restoration) and melons for the half-hunks of restoration.

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    Quote from leangreen76»

    On my main survival world of 10 years+:

    One of the earliest things I started since the beginning of January, was to start renovating the bridge out the back of Mount DOOOooom(!) from it's very plain cobbleness to something a bit more decorative. After doing design work in my creative world copy, the sides are getting a re-think with spruce log under-pinnings (With related buttons and Dark Oak fences upon it's same wood upside down stairs. The columns have been taken back and underpinned with basalt that'll have cobble trim on the sides, on the tops- lanterns every other section as well as flame pits. Although it is far from doing it's starting to look better.

    I've been adventuring, mining in distant lands and and rescuing a lost bee found wandering roaming by the half-way house, far from home and the nests. I also decided to do something that's been grinding my gears and that's to fix the village hall (Iron farm back in 1.13). Once you take the other minecart tunnel next to the underwater one, it takes you to the chunk error part that was converted into a base for a 0 tick reed farm. (Which I'm guessing is now defunked.) From the water-elevators up, you reach the first reception floor, then there was an empty floor and then the villagers on the second floor.

    I hated having the spare floor between the ground and top, so moved all the villagers down and completetly pillaged and stripped the top floor. Now it just sers as an empty attic, but at least the villagers are closer to the ground floor.

    What to do with this?:

    I've also been making little tweaks, like changing the rotation of the cactus farm (And thereby it's flying machine) so I can get bit more product through collection. In my landing by storage - by the water elevator, I've changed up the lime terracotta walls with a green glazed terracotta border in the middle and darker green terracotta lower walls. In term also doing so in the above hall way with 1+ higher lower wall color, but no border. There was also a small change to the last exterior stonebrick roof on top of the living room extension upward that's been there for many years. Just a subtle change to try and make it a bit more appealing.

    The biggest thing has been the bee farm however, no longer is it just a makeshift thing around the custom tree.

    I decided I wanted to kae a more permanent structure and official place, but where to put it? I decided the best place was the large alpha beach space between the oriental gate-house and the lighthouse. Lots of un-used space. Intinitally I started free-wheeling a circle with no real idea how I really wanted it to look. I looked on google images and nothing inspired me either. Either was it didn't go well:

    In the end I went on my creative world copy and plotz.co.uk, picked a size and tried doing a proper dome. After getting something I was happy with I planned to do it on the actual survival world, but there was a problem... Due to the Size, everywhere I tried to place it was a no, no. In the original spot, it would have clipped a large section of the mountain off that supports one of the oriental gaterhouse supports. So I moved it back, then it would've clipped the terrain/side of the industrial dock & light house. Having already demolished the starter done and laying another board walk, extension - I had to rip them up too.

    The only solution was to extend the boardwalk right across the sands in the middle towards the ocean and build out on said ocean, extnding the beach front around it:

    I really like using the chains here to co-ordin off the edge so you don't go into the sea.

    It's roughly a 36 x 36 plot:

    There will be exterior detailing to do as well, I just want to get the dome done and I'm nearly, nearly there!

    Lastly, there was a loss in my little mc world. Gruntley, the longest surving, no scratch that; the lonest in amount of play time to stay alive, hass passed.

    I changed an old project of an extremley long underground minecart system to a ice boat system. I filled my enderchest with ice, I filled my donkey with ice. I got across the bridge out the back of Mount DOOOooom all the way to the underground bit, and then in the entrance was as I de-saddled, a creeper dropped over the edge BANG; INSTANT DEATH. I have made another entrance cover like all the stations, but instead of concrete and glass I made it out of logs, wood and glass. The station and line is now known as the Gruntley line/station.

    To that end, I went on adventure to find horses (After breeding my existing donkeys) as I need more. Also found a dog (With collar) in the middle of nowhere that has probably been sat there for maybe over a year, two?...

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Imagine pillars of quartz or stone that used vertical half slabs to round them off more (but not perfectly round, this does not fit the aesthetic of the game), it would be helpful. Not everything has to be a cube either, as demonstrated by the Caves and Cliffs update with the stalactites and stalagmites in caves.

    Creativity also comes from being provided or making the tools necessary for it, you don't get something from nothing, this isn't how life works.

    I'd just settle for basic terractorra & concrete slab/stairs etc right now to round out their corners.

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Alpha was never the final version of the game, alpha is an early access so it's pointless to defend it since it isn't the final product or representative of what developers of Mojang had envisioned for the game. Nothing to do with elitism, it's just facts. Also it is harder to defend something which has less features considering that is usually the more boring option, less mobs, no villager trades, less biomes etc. Do you seriously think most people are going to want to play that version when its in-game environment has less things to do? play the Alpha if you want to, but don't assume everyone else wants everything easy and comfortable or lacking of any challenge just because they don't like the alpha release of the game. For me the biggest reason I wouldn't play the alpha version is there are far less building and decoration materials to work with so builds would look far worse, I'd take a version that has terracotta and stained glass over a version that does not, thank you.

    The only thing I'll give you is the lack of block options - as a builder myself.

    Biomes are pretty meh when you've seen one other one is like the next one except woo maybe a different village in a different variant. Boring is irrelivant, like people thay cry they're "bored in Minecraft" constantly because they lack an imagination because all they care about is doing it all Achivements, armor, the wither, the end/ender dragon, max armor, tools, farms etc etc etc.

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Sounds like alpha is pretty lame if you ask my opinion, I'm glad I am on bedrock edition where me and players on my server don't have to contend with such restrictions that can quickly bring an adventure to a halt. If players wanted that much of a challenge that they didn't want or need respawn, then there's a mode for that already, it is called hardcore.

    But for the rest all those limitations regarding the bed you just mentioned would've put off most people from playing survival.

    It wasn't "Pretty lame" it's just the way it was, simpler times. You're starting to sound a bit elitist with versions, but you stick to your bedrock with everything easy - comfortable.

    and modern terrain generation is better in that regard, at least.

    Couldn't disagree more, apart from the cold mountains - once you've seen one biome they all pretty much are the same, it lacks variation and interest. It's all the same, it's boring, repeatitive, and not in any way interesting or exciting.

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    I've got my self a little snapshot world going, and the caves are just stupendous now! I haven't even found any dripstone caves yet but just the vastness is much better, much much better. It seems strannge getting round to level 0 and still having plenty of cave underneath (I'm sure I'll get used to it); I had a whole ravine still below level 0.

    I may have a slight obsession with collecting copper, i'm sure it's just where it's new and the novelty will wear off.

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    I completelty agree with tailings and eiche_brutal, (from a java alpha player also). Thing is, once you know - you know! Oce you've learned you've gained knowledge. I'd personally rather not have everything spoon fedt to me (A bit like some of the suggestions people make, the sense of entitlement and being handed everything without learning or working for it is ridiculous.). Sure, sometinmes you have to look things up - and that's perfectly fine and acceptable too!

    I think you've got to be willing to learn if you're going to suceed.

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