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    Thank-you so much Ian!

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    Official planning permission has been submitted to do something about the little utilised spawn area.

    Also the surrounding area connecting to the Halfway House. Back in Alpha/Beta days this area wasn't even a consideration not on singleplayer, if you were on a server in Beta (Like I was back then), then use but not for my main single-player world at least. In the last several years a tacky gold block with a sign on an obsidian block was placed threre but that is all.

    At the moment, the current route is occupied by old birch, oak and spruce tree farms with one or two jungle trees. these tree farms are selomly never used however and could be utilised at a future date. Possibilities of retaining the latter farm of spruces and jungles a a potential green belt area should be considered as a small number of sheep and a few cows also occupy this site.

    The other side of this land (Which once was cut up by a chunk generation error) also needs to be lanscaped out so it looks more natural (As was started many years ago), as the straight edge on the back facing side is still visible from that side and will be an eyesore with future plans.

    Travelling from the suspected spawn point has been more of a parkour adventure, as not only is there the spruce/jungle island but also a sizable sand island before it with smaller sand lumps in thye water to jump across from.

    Plans are for a new bell tower to be built around the spawn point with a connecting pathway to the first shoreline and a new bridge to be constructed connecting to the sand island and then possibly onto the nature reserve island. Possibly with a small building, but more of a landmark than a functional build. Could this lead to further expansion into the icy biomes?

    The following image is conceptial, from a COPY of my world.

    There is no timeframe set as yet, as I am committed to doing the inside of the hotel apartments first, and the interiors od the Chun Plaza development in general. However,there is a possibility this could run parralell to that in the forthcoming spring.

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    Ah, I indeed thought maybe they were terrain generation transitions and not "errors" so I guess my phrase loses some of it's meaning, haha. But what's up with the single chunk on the left, and with water running from the air!?

    I'm disappointed in myself that i can't tell which is the older generation. Part of me wants to say what's on the left, though with how some of the trees (but not all?) are cut on the border, I think I actually have it backwards and the older is on the right? I'm disappointed in myself that I can't tell what is likely a 1.6 and older versus 1.7 and newe terrain generation different apart.

    What resource pack is that in the first image, too? I like the deep saturated grass, dark(ish) stone, and vivid, saturated water contrasted with the bright sky and sand. Some of the leaves look strangely darker, though.

    I was probably still using the painterly pick n choose texture pack back then. As for the anomoly on the left, just some random terrain anomoly, flattenned it in 2019 I believe. I can't remember when they raised the world height, so possibly any higher trees could be cut off by the old height limit?

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    Terrain generation errors due to how old the world is, started of like this:

    A boardwalk of birch planks (With jungle plank trim) was added along the edge in the winter of 2014 and a dirt building (Now The Boat Shed shop), then I got lazy and nothing really happened until the following winter of 2015, when work really started properly.


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    On my main world I've mainly been concentrating on the inside of my hotel at the Chunk Plaza Development after extending the hotel back slightly to fill up to the corner of the chunk error:

    By doing this I have moved the second entrance to the apartmrents from the front of the building at the end to just round the corner, creating this nice little private entrance:

    In each apartmernt this side of the hotel, the old stairway has become the new kitchen space, moving the stair case to the back of the hotel where I filled in that last chunk. In each room I've been laying out grey concrete for where the central kitchen counter will be and creating a concrete box in every room on the opposite side that is divided into two rooms - the bathroom and bedroom. Thus creating a bit of a hallway from the apartment door as you come in.

    Yesterday I had 1 apartment done this side with six floors to go, by the end of my play time I had completed all six floors like this! I made so much grey concrete (And killed so many squids to do it) for the last one, that I started on the opposite side of the hotel where there is less room, but just the basic outlines:

    I am thinking of digging an 16 x 8 insert into each wall however to set the kitchen back, maybe. I had already sone the show apartment a long time ago on the first floor so again has 6 floors to lay out these outlines. I also re-ordered the main stairwell as I wasn't happy with it.

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    The cherry tree itself and it's blossom layer (Not the planks) is the only thing that really grabs me. Don't really care about camels, armor glint or the bamboo wood. Bookcases are fine but limited and the signs way too small, have never cared for the archeology inclusion. So it's literally just the cherry tree and it's blossom layer that interests me.

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    Since this topic was revived...

    Much like xIxNxSxAxNxEx, I always travelled around first. (Until beta 1.8 after which I made alot fewer worlds) Never built on the first night, never at spawn always travelling until I find the perfect spot and was inspired by the land. Even if that meant building a dirt shack or a hole in the side of a mountain for the night.

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    Kelp is easy and cheap to grow. A 1 by y by z strip of water makes it trivial to harvest manually and it is possible to make it work with redstone automatically. It is its own fuel source and doubles as food, and is quickly and easily renewable. The only disadvantage it has is that it can't be used to light torches, for which charcoal suits my needs.


    I think the only time I would use coal is if it was an infantly small amount of [whatever) to smelt or starting a new world, so in the beginning stages. In my late stage world, all my downstairs furnaces are kelp driven, so are my three super-smelters for (Food, ore and other) and I've currently got a couple of stacks spare in my blue emergency shulker.

    Got a nice kelp farm going and have done for a long time, so as you say it fuels itself. Occasionally if I have been playing for a long session I'll try and remember to go check it and convert any into blocks and feed it into itself or distribute to others where needed.

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    The Winter Update

    Since the last update,, all exterior building work has been done bar the roof of the top of the insert roof builds. I had to re-do a number of windows after making a mistake with still having 2 blocks between some windows instead of 3. Theides, even round the back (Last picture of last post was done and work has moved internally, albeit at a slower pace.

    In December I also did a small extension with the neighbouring office building as there is still a visible chunk error round one side:

    I have also extended one side of the apartment block out slightly (Only by 4/5 blocks) as well as replacing the 2015 red wool with stripped mangrove logs as if the paint on the "Girders" has aged and darkened a little. With the extension, it means losing a little of the once extended brick shop next door, but it was empty anyway.

    It also meant I could upgrade that exterior of the brick building as well whilst I was at it. I came up with a design that also incorporated copper blocks. So now after the work has been done it has now officially been christaned as The Boat Shed" for boat and fishing rod hire.

    Currently I am also renovating the board walk, the original birch plank with jungle plank border was originally laid in the early winter of 2014, before I actually began work on the Chunk Plaza development, one of the first things to go down as it was previously just against the water, so I needed a base board walk to go up and down. This time I'm going for a spruce plank boardwalk with dark oak stairs trim on the outer edge in the water, stripped spruce logs dividers on the main boardwalk.


    In the spring I'll be making a few more changes/improvements that will hopefully help me concentrate work insiode the Chunk Plaza development all the way along.


    extending the hotel back into this corner:

    This will be moving the far left entrance to around this corner and having that as the stairwell. The old stairwell will be new kitchen space for the apartments on that left side of the hotel! These mounds will also be levelled:

    A fence (My custom style ones) will line the path along the office block path and the mounds levelled for a walkway round the side of the hotel with a blocked off bin site at the end. I also plan to take the grey girders of the hotel over the top of the roof as well.

    Inside I plan to have a dining hall behind these walls:

    Including knocking down this in between wall:

    Those stairs won't exist, and that back wall pushed right back because of the slight extension back/new stairwell. I hope this will be enough to get me motivated to do more inside work.

    I also have more of a pattern plan for the top of the office block:

    Once the boardwalk is done I expect some of these to be started even though I will need tonne more grey and lime green concrete. The boardwalk will also not be having the trees brought back, but fairly equally placed lamposts. Especially as the board walk now has a lot of boating platforms and is becoming more of a marina type area.

    Lastly I've been using a new shaderpack (A branch off from Complimentary) called Rethinking Voxels, which had harsher shadows and nicer luminescent lighting (Like on redstone torches.) Also thinking of actually using a resource pack for the first time in many years, as right now I use default with only a few minor changes. (Less speckled diorite, one square dark oak trapdoor and normal coloured terracotta).

    It's only a consideration how ever but I love what it does to stairs

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    September 2010 (End of) on Java around Alpha version v1.1.2_01. Again sorry to make it so blunt, but this has been asked so many times.

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    I bought the java edition at the end of September 2010, so it was Alpha version v1.1.2, exactly a month before the first Halloween update and the introduction of the Nether aka "Hell".

    Although I don't have my first test world where I explored the game I did get the idea for the next world from it, building homes on top of mountains and connecting each with sky-bridges. (This came as I wanted to get across from one mountain top to another and now couldn't jump it, so did what is now called bridging) I still have this world.

    About 2/3 weeks later I started my second world "World2" which became my main world and I still play regularly to this day 12 years later, and had gone through all the major versions.

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    The Winter Project

    As I have said before, I am happiest when I am building big projects, and boy have I picked another big one for this winter. The last and final link in the transport system but with a difference. This one (Which I had an idea for at least 6 months+ ago) is to link the very end of the Chunk Plaza development where this time last year I built this building on the end to hide the last of the chunk error wall:

    Well, with a little clearing I planned to build a new station right next door to it, to continue that line, but not a minecart line an ice boat line. The only other one is underground next to the entrance to the underwater minecart tunnel, and that goes to the trading hall. This will be the first overground ice boat track, and will run from the very end of the Chunk Plaza development to the barns behind the neighbouring mountain next to my home-in-a-mountain.

    It will of course have to travel through two mountains, but it will be a high speed ride if I need it, and be the final link in the transport network.

    Works Part #1:

    I said in another thread here the block I use least is red sandstone, last used in 2015 as stairs for the old roof for the church. Even then it was re-coloured a steely blue. After finding something to base it on from irl however, a large prportion will be red sandstone with granite and polished ganite, stained glass and regular terracota. There will be some red terracotta wall inserts inside, but this is one building that is positivley concrete free for once!

    Works Part #2:

    This build so far has not been without it's incidents.

    When the upper floor windows were more done I had my shulkers up to and I ended up losing one somehow with a dozen stacks of granite, a few stacks of red standstone stairs and some daylight sensors. I don't know what happened. I can only assume that maybe I accidently picked the shulker; used my water bucket to do a clutch drop and didn't pick it up like I thought I had. After 3 - 4 days of looking everywhere (Even in silly places) I had to admit defeat and use a new shulker and get even more granite and red sandstone but it was (Especially with the granite) a big loss and a set back.

    Before going on a terracota run today (I came back with a full shulker of it), I accidently set off a raid and lost my main elytra wings. I thought I was being safe going from the Chunk Plaza development, to the halfway House via the main Chunk Plaza station, and from there via the monorail back to the castle and the portal to avoid any villagers. Completley forgot I have some now in the new towm hall.

    Got killed by vexes, had slept in the new building from last year at the end of the Chunk Plaza Development so didn't have to run far, and thought I had picked up everything. Apparently not. It wasn't until I was at my guardian farm bring back quartz stored there (For daylight sensors) that I realized I had no wings. So now I am on my very last spare pair and got ripped off for mending, but had to take it as villager traders weren't playing nicely.

    Today, I put daylight sensors on the redstone lamps I had installed with a few new ones on the monolithic centre piece now built and am shaping out the back of the build.

    Works Part #3:

    As you can see from the last picture it has two wings either side and a big centre area before the ice track. All dirt on the upper wings will be red sandstone smooth & regular mixed. There's still got to be some low roof top segments on top with roofs to come yet, as well as lampposts and flower planters outside. As well as the whole ice track to yet.

    So this has been my November and keeping me busy.

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    Rant incoming.

    There's probablly going to0 be few that actually agree with me but yes, I think there are too many structures in the game now, and for some obscure reason some players want even more. When it was just villages and a couple of temples it was fine but now with all the underwater ruins, shipwrecks (Which I'm including), and ruined portals (Something I hadn't even considered) it just feels like too much. Too much crammed in with too little else.

    Remember when you used to have to actually mine and get some decent iron armor and work your way up to diamond (Now diamond+) armor? Not any more! Now you can just find a village if you don't spawn near one, and buy all diamond armor! Why work for it, when you can just buy it! Unless your doing a specific style of gameplay (Say speed running) then for survival it now just feels.. cheap now. The same way you could just not work or earn anything, just boat around for underwater ruins and get instant gratification. Cheap.

    Rather than add more, I personally think it's just time to stop. I actually disagree with whitelight or whater that youtuber's name is and adding more NPCs and the whole "What good is a castle if you've noone to protect it), what next - NPCs that do for you quests for you or you have to do for them? If that's the case then that should only be a specific gameplay mode not universal.

    I would like it to be more biome pecific, because biome diversity has long been a problem. If you've seen one type of biome with no assertable differences for itself then you'll see it endless times throughout the game and that has also long been a problem in the game. What happenned to the other biome updates in polls like the savanna? Now forgotten about and not even vagley interesting as a biome any more. In a snow biome and desert biome you might get a village, maybe a temple in the latter but that's the only thing that makes them interesting compared to something like old taiga with wierd cobble/mossy cobble placements (Almost like tombs) podzol course dirt. Let alone in the standard taiga's wiith mushrooms and sweet berries.

    I think you can make the game more interesting enough with biome diversity than simply shoving more and more structures into the game hinting at an unwritten lore (Especially if they ever do add pottery or officially annouce they [Mojang] are abandoning it for ever). Case in point - the deep dark. If it was just the actual warden itself I guess that's one thing, but no. Again they have to go and add ancient cities and structures and shove even more - what I feel personally is uneeded, structures in there.

    That's just my feelings however, /rant, and I will probably die alone standing on this viewpoint; but you did want opinions and these are mine whether anyone else after agrees or disagrees.

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    Least used Red sandstone stuff.

    I mean the last time was 2015 - and that was retextured by myself so it was a steel blue colour for the then church roof. Since I changed the roof I just haven't used it, it's just not an appealng color to build with!

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    Quote from Joey_San»

    Hey leangreen, regarding the writer's block, I have some thoughts that may help!

    It's like you said - you don't build without purpose. But purposeful doesn't always have to mean practical. I love the fact that Minecraft can be used for storytelling, so maybe that's a direction you can continue to dive deeper into. In fact, it's the storytelling aspect that has kept me motivated over the years, too. The things is - most people build the same farms and generally progress through the game the same way. What makes each experience unique is the story you tell through your world. Maybe the builds reflect aspects of your real life. Or if you're not into that, maybe there is a deep lore you've embedded underneath the fabric of the content itself that matches a story you've always wanted to tell. Anything goes, really.

    I've managed to still be wholly invested in Minecraft, but not because of the game itself. Ideas, whether practical or not, don't always need to be material (i.e. a new gift shop, church, farm, etc.). They can be thematic, too, i.e. a monument honoring the ancient history of the chunk error, or perhaps a dispute between residents at the Chunk Plaza over what will occupy the plaza's real estate. Maybe you host an in-universe event at the homestead, like a holiday party or grand opening of the town hall. If you're into activism or there is something you are passionate about in real life, maybe there is an appropriate way to channel that into your world - this is a big one I do a lot. In real-life I am vegetarian nearly vegan, but I wasn't when I started the world. So part of the story in my world involved making the move towards more humane treatment of the animals. Another example is a parkour course I built as a lgbt+ pride symbol. Right now, I'm trying to focus on themes of natural conservation, which has been a big theme for me recently (this topic has been used as a source of conflict among my characters, giving me more material to work with). These are just some ideas that might be helpful, as they have been for me!

    I don't believe we as humans ever run out of ideas, not fully, at least. I find that creative roadblocks occur when we exhaust our energy within a given set of parameters. In your case, maybe it's true that the parameters are simply Minecraft itself. But if you still enjoy Minecraft, then perhaps the parameters are that you have been playing from the same angle for a long time, and maybe it's time to switch things up a bit. Only speaking from my own experience - for years I just played Minecraft purely from a practical perspective, building farms and progressing, no real story, and I wanted a cool base. But once I started introducing things into the world like lore, games (like scavenger hunts, parkour, etc.), history and legends molded by the natural generation/structures, worldbuilding through retconning the world's origins, using the game as a tool to discreetly discuss real social issues, things like that - new ideas began to erupt, and continue to this day. I likely wouldn't still be playing had it not been for changing the angle from which I played. Maybe it can help you, too!

    Hope some of this helps. :)

    Thanks Joey,

    I think maybe adding more lore, or just adding to the history via what I build and tell the history of the world. I think I may have found my next big project, an old idea, but huge and ambitious tying two areas together via transport.

    It's funny about nthe veganism thing though as we are very similar. I personally don't consider myself officially vegan or vegatarian irl, but I rarely touch meat myself, which has ended up being a thing in the game. Several years ago Mojang brought in a rule that if you keep killing the animals they take longer to spawn back/no longer spawn in that immediate area.. At the time, I hated that, but it did have it's effect and made me stop killing the cows, pigs and chickens etc.

    In a way it's been resposible for the way I eat in the game and had done for many a years, and still holds to today on a diet (In-game) or baked potatoes for restoring 2 food hunches, carrots for one hunch and melon for the half food hunches.

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