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    I personally just enjoy making it and think it looks nice, it's just a shame (Much like terracotta) that it still doesn't have slabs and stairs, which at this point is criminal.

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    Quote from Joey_San»

    Nice - I'm a big fan of domes and really anything spherical, so naturally I'm attracted to the bee dome design. Quartz is also a go-to building block for me, although deepslate I haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing (I'm still in 1.15.2 and will stay that way for a little while). I anticipate that once I get my hands on it, I too will start slowly replacing the ol' diorite and andesite constructions... because it does exude a much sexier appeal indeed.

    Thank-you Joey as always! It was my very first dome I've ever done and I had to venture on to plotz.com to figure it out but it was very worth it in the end, depspite how tedious it was at times trying to remember where I was each time.

    The new outer shell of the kelp farm will get more deorated over time and I've still got the other water elevator going back up to convert to green glass. Debating doing the whole front of the tank as well in the green.

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    This updates follows a month later since my last one on the "What have You Done Recently?" thread. So since June 28th to today.

    In the last month I investigated more automated bee farms, currently as it stands; my "Bee dome" is more of a bee nature reserve to collect honey manually aloowing thee bees to fly around freely. So after finding a cool farm on Youtube, I build a econd - smaller, mini-done for automation off the back off the first one:

    I also found that glow squids and axolotls occasionally spawn off the decking of the Chunk Plaza Development, where i converted a huge long chunk error wall into shops, a hotel, apartments etc over the years. After initially keeping a few axolotls in the pond of my private garden area (Naming them after fictional film cops, which started as a joke at first with Axel Foley) I have made a axolotl tank on the stairs down to the mob grinder in the old snow factory. It was always my intent to add a fish tank in that empty space after it moved but it never happenned so is now an axolotl tank. It's not worth showing as it's basic and needs decor inside.

    Also in my main corridoe I removed the shroom light behind the item frames of various fishing related things (Rod, various fish) and have used glow item frames instead which looks much neater.

    The next major thing I did, was to redevelop the kelp farm.Until now I've a long chunk dug down underground and filled with water - with soul sand inbetween the plantings to float the kelp to the top when the underwatewr flying machines goes across and breaks them 1 stem above the base. Via the top level of water the kelp is pushed into a chain of hoppers into a chest. It was never the most efficient, but it did me well for a long time.

    So now after finding a tutorial I liked on YouTube, the old top entrance level you see is now just and entrance with water lifts up and down to the bottom where it now utilizes pistons and observers and auto-cooks.

    Before the pickles (Which have since been removed) I also had glow squid occasionally acidently spawning inside, so that way I have inadvertedly also collected a number of glow inc sacks. The kelp smelter is self sufficient using it's own source to run itself. Currrently I am continually filling up the regular furnaces in my storage area and the three super smelters to max kelp block fuel.

    Repairs have been made to both the main home roof (Attic) and on the four towers at Mount DOOOooom with lighting conducters at the op of each. I have also opted to remove the old trading hall. Until 1.13 it was an iron farm and was renovated out of such, but despite best efforts to make it look nice it had numerous flaws such as wasted space, usused floors etc. So with the decision to set all but 2 of my villagers free to start them over, it would be an ideal time to find them a new home.

    Time to go...

    No more fugly, restored back t nature...

    The former zero tick kelp farm, which was rendered usless by Mojang nerfing a few versions ago sat below the bottom level of the trading house in a conmverted former 16 x16 chunk error. This is slowly becoming the new trading hall area:

    I also made slight adjustments to the 7 year monument (New base), mostly with coloured glow text on the signs matching the glass pane poles in front of them that are lit at night by redstonelamps. Also extended it to the memorial on the board walk with siilar signs and glow text (No lamps) and made a new bunny entrance:

    Piston retraction jaw entrance in the new bunny frontage.

    To keep bang up to date I have thought for a long time the amount of signs on my 3 stable - everyday stable was getting out of hound, for all the lost horses and donkeys I've lost over the years. So these last few days I have created a new Horse/Donkey mausoleum. Originally it was going to be in the gap in the sand on the boardwalk, a good stretch forward of the lighthouse. I ultimatley decided it would've been to cluttered though and opted for a bit of space behind the cow pen, against the mountain so it can blend in with the surrounding area.

    This took all my quartz:

    Lastly, this flat roof has always bothered me (Centre), this whole bit just needed something "more":

    Now, a new elavated roof, extra window and it's looking a lot better:

    I'll continue to try an utalize some of the new blocks where I can. I replaced my storage floor from diorite to polished deepslate, used the tiled deepslate on the floor of mausoleum and the lower walls of the armory (Very sexy block!), and collected 2 stacks at least of calcite on my last venture back into new chunks.

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    posted a message on 1.17.1 SMP | ⚔️ [ - JustySurvival - ] ⚔️ | Claim Land 🛕 | MCMMO 🛡️ | Survival 🎒 | Weekly Events ⚔️ | Player Run Economy 💵

    1 Renegade_Hoist
    2- Yes.
    3- Done.
    4- The weekly events, trading.

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    Change the cobblestone to plain stone and it might work, that is the basic rule of spawning in the wild, near natural stone. Here is a very basic area I have:

    (I didn't need to dig this room out as it was a room previously used for something else. I did change any cobble in the floors and walls to plain stone however.)

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    I have reached an empass.

    I think I'm finally running out of ideas for my 10 year old survival world. I don't make it any easier on myself by only building practical things or building things I know I'm going to visit - else, the world would be covered in rollercoasters and pixel art like most. That's fine but it's not for me. Although I have ongoing projects (Mixing walls at the castle, interiors at the Chunk Plaza Development where since 2015 I converted a big chunk error wall into homes, apartments, a maccy D's and a hotel) the only thing I have going on is a new build to the left of the green hotel to hide the last part of the chunk error wall:

    I cleared the last corner chunk on the right in the left picture, but this is essentially what I have to hide. I already designed the build on a copy of my world, it's just a matter if I'll ever get properly into it.

    I did however finally finish the underneath of my overrail minecart link, that links my Halfway House (The first chunk error wall that was converted into a home) back to the castle where the main minecart line ends. (Unless you cross the bridge that links it to the SMP Island.) I started using stone stairs but switched to polished Andesite stairs as it looked more metallic. With lots of scaffolding the underside is done however.

    I have decided to update to 1.17 however, to get some fresh new ideas.

    Usually I won't rush to update the world, especially if the update does not yeild enough reasons to do so, but - I needed to turn one way or another from these crossroads.

    Side note: I already found glow squid spawning underneath the boardwalk at the Chunk Plaza Development - in a particular spot (Cave mouth of in the wall below said boardwalk) and have seen a few axolotls!!

    Having travelled at least 20 - 30k in almost every possible direction, I thought it would be hard to find a new chunk with deepslate, geodes and copper+. One of the only possible things I thought I might not have tried, is to go as far from the messa (5k away to begin with) and just head straight. The first time I took my donkey with me since I only have enderchests and no shulkers (no End). I headed West from the Mesa into the wide ocean, eventually coming across an island and a singular odd chunk tower.

    As I was towing my donkey, I decided to stop at the island and just dig down, not really thinking it was far enough out yet. Sure enough on the way down I hit copper ore pretty early! Seems I didn't have to go as far from the Mesa as I thought! I ended coming back with 11+ stacks of cobbled deepslate, plenty of iron and copper ore, raw gold, lapis and a few diamonds. I came back with a full inventory. Before I left however, I swam about a bit in the boat a bit and went diving incase there was an underwater geode and I sure found one bringing back a small, medium and large bud. Of course I would have to use commands to give myslef the blocks they grow on (Only available in creative/via commands) and I wasn't about to start using creative now, so I used commands to give myself just three to try and see if there was a way to farm them once I got home.

    The second time, I left the donkey behind and only took essentials in my inventory and essentials in my enderchest and went to a different spot rewarded with more iron and ccopper ore, raw gold, Lapis, more cobbled deepslate and tuff, a few emeralds, almost a stack of diamonds but then I reached the ends of the earth:

    If you look up and left of the small island you'll see a cave mouth in the chunk error wall. Of course I had to see if anything was there. Lucky I did as there was a partial ravine and another geode!

    With almost a full inventory almost I had to make sacrifices and took shards, the actual amethyst blocks with the nice chime, and dug around each bud so they could grow to their full potential:

    I decided to go look for obsidian and make a portal here for instance access, after doing so it was quite a trek through the nether, bridging/tunnelling - and almost getting killed on one of the one block wide only bridges by a ghast! All the while, making two high netherrack pillars and lighting them as a guide incase I go back. Eventually I found my way back to my main portal and now have a suistainable route there and back to the chunk error/geode - even if it is a bit of a trek.

    So far after consulting a tutorial on YT, I've made a (Less than pretty) amethyst farm with pistons and redecorated the lower part of the armory walls with the really nice cobbled deepslate tiles, made a spyglass, candles for the church altar, have made several signs neon and put a lightening rod on the very top of each roof of the four towers of the castle!

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    Not me either.

    My first ever. was more of an elongated hut (With cobble floor), windows and a roof. (Admitedly in 2010 had a dirt roof with occasional glass blocks added later on for skylights.) Even in 1.17. I'll dig into the ground/side of a mountain/live in a village for a while or such. Currently in my latest world it's temporarily embedded under a small hill until I get the border of my base campment set up just above ground.

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    Currently 4.61GB given it's a 10 year+ singleplayer surival world and I have traveled at least 20 - 30k in every direction for new chunks, at least.

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    Quote from Brixie»

    Woah, a ten year old survival world that's serious dedication how do you keep motivated? I play on an smp and we plan to do a world reset every year or so.

    At this point it's more about ideas and finding things to build, especially as I tend to build useful or purposeful things. Rather than build things for the sake of things - I.E. I can't just build something for it to sit there and look pretty if I'm just going to not then ever visit it/interact with it again. Otherwise it'd be your typical world - full of rollercoasters and 3d/2d pixel art. I try and expand areas and tell a story of that area or world build like building a path across the shallow hills behind the cemetary that connect as a short-cut to the castle. That kind of thing.

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    For my main world of 10 years I play on 1.16.4 as it's not worth me updating to .5 yet. That's nothing against the update, what I mean is it's just not enough that it's worthwile for me. I do have a hardcore world in 1.16.5 however and a modded game (Better Minecraft) also in that same version. Only a few of my other older worlds are left in 1.14.2, but not many.

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    You must not take a lot of damage.

    I'm just sensible. I don't so servers - so no pvp, only pve. I use my shield and have started to use my axe more latetly rather than the shield. I've a good, bow, crossbor and trident if I run out of arrows, full nethertite gear. I block with a shield and am sensible with my food intake. If I have to do something at night I will rather than sleep.

    from my main world:


    Netherite Helmet
    Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Blast Protection III, Protection III, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite Chest Plate
    Projectille Protection II, Protection III, Blast Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite leggings Protection III, Blast Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    Netherite boots Feather Falling IV, Protection III, Depth Strider I (:()


    Power V, Flame, Punch I :(, Unbreaking III, Mending
    Netherite Sword
    Unvbreaking III, Sharpness IV, Looting III,Mending.
    Netherite Pick Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending.
    Netherite Axe Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Sharpness III, Mending.
    Netherite Shovel Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Mending.

    Quick Charge II, Piercing IV, Mending.
    Impaling IV, loyalty III, Channeling, Mending.
    Spare Diaomond Pick
    Efficiency III, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Mending


    Diamond Sword
    Looting III, Unbreaking III, Smite V, Meding.
    Riptide III, mending.
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Mending.
    Fishing Rod
    Unbreaking III, Luck Of The Sea III, Lure II, Mending.

    General stuff:
    Spare sticks, iron blocks, spare totem gold/gold nuggets, gold helmet & booots, soul speed II iron boots, warped fungus on a stick, spare sticks, spare scaffolding, led, fence, flint n steel, blast furnace, stone cutter.

    Now on my recent new 1.16.5 HARDCORE worlds, it's usually something stupid that kills me, if only I'd take a second to think..

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    I would strongly recommend having a food, potion, or totem of undying in your hotbar at all times.

    Don't need potions, would only have a totem there if doing a raid (Hate those vexes), food is fine where it is. Contrary to what some might think, I tend not to die frequently.

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    Always the same:

    1) bow

    2) sword

    3) Netherite pick

    4) Netherite Axe

    5) Netherite Shovel

    6) Torches

    7 - 9) FREE

    Arrows above bow, trident/crossbow above sword, alt pick above netherite one, Coal above torches. Totem/furnace/crafting table to the very far right three slots, left of them food. Wood/iron/enderchest top 3 on the left. sticks and water bucket below. All of this stuff I keep in my general inventory to avoid clutter in my hotbar.

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    Quote from leangreen76

    ++ UPDATE ++

    After finishing the bee dome I clipped of some of the front of a mountain at the top (By the viewing platorm where I take my main two overview screenshots) that blocks of the view of the left side of the beach to the left of the lighthouse. So now there's a clearer view of both the oriental gatehouse and the new bee dome:

    Another thing that had to change was the old tunnel to the trading hall, designed when my andesite was retextured. Therefore when I reverted it to default as I did with quite a few texture changes in 2020 it had to change.


    I am now going for a more natural cave mineshaft look which, after salvaging as many of the original materials as possible; I then took care of with almost 2 stacks of TNT to give it that natural rugged cave look.


    I will be adding variant grey bocks (Andesite, stonebrick , mossy stonebrick) and other variants to the walls eventually, andesite walls as staglamites, maybe vines and more vegatation. Old tracks now speedy ice boat link.

    Lastly I've not been happy with the science lab. After it was moved and made bigger, I then cut it in half as it was too big but still it had just old glowstone lighting embedded in the ceiling and a lot of space in the middle of the floor. I really wanted to implement better lighting so on my world copy I designed some hanging lights. This would mean raising the ceiling height and walls by four blocks, but it's the right thing to do.

    So this is as it was from the back:

    This is it after my work so far:

    Next up is the potions storage to the right as you enter the lab, this has not been updated in years and is very drab:

    I have big plans here! One problem is in the immediate de-contamination area is literally just flowing water - so fish spawn in the stream them flop out of it onto the pressure plate leaving corpses and bonemeal. Whilst a fun little unintentional quirk, it is annoying. So The door will move to the middle, the stream will be from the ceiling via a dispenser and resdstone as well as surrounding you with stairs from pistons below to stop the water flowing everywhere, all by one switch.

    The furnaces I have never used I think and I will rip them out and take that wall right back level to the back wall of the actual potion storage with this room I will create a new storage. It won't be anything fancy, but there will still be room to the back of the wall where the "Days since accident sign/infinite water storage is located. So with the rest of the room I will have a small admin office with a glass wall separting it from potions storage. (As the "administrator" wouldn't have to get wet through de-contamination just to get to their office.) So a new door will have to be put in the neighbouring room for them, next to the white-board.

    There should be a slither of the old potions room left, to one side the office so this will be come toilets! Three cubicles and three sinks with a back door and back corridor (behind the new potions storage) for lab employers that leads back into the lab. So they don't have to go through the admin office or de-contamination just to use the bathroom also!

    I will probably do this over the next few days, i've already test built it on my world copy and it looks dead cute, so I can't wait to change this dull area!

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    Baked potatoes (for major restoration), carrots (For single food hunch restoration) and melons for the half-hunks of restoration.

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