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    posted a message on [Current] Share your Minecraft Pictures here!

    Stop the madness!!

    There were three closed off areas for night time - all of which have had their wooden doors taken off and they're still multiplying! (Breeding). There's only one door left in the room now and that's an iron one to the outside room for safety (Theirs).

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper»

    5 days? Tell me, who doesn't sleep for 5 in-game days? Beds are dirt cheap to make even on the first day, can be carried around, and can be used anywhere assuming there's no hostile mobs nearby. Most people don't want to sit through the night hiding in their house or a cave, so they use beds to sleep through the night and do what they want to do faster.

    Add me to the ones that also don't sleep. I mine, I build, I do other things I need to do what's so strange about that? Here's the thing though. If you want to sleep every night/regularly (By you I mean other players as a whole) - guess what, that's fine too! Don't chastize those who do use their night time effectivley though, everyone plays differently.

    Suppose you don't sleep everyday though. 5 days is still a stretch. The player is mostly likely going to want to sleep at some point within 5 days, especially if they are aware there is going to be a pack of flying manta rays attacking them if they don't. And okay, I get it. They encourage you to sleep all the time. But the issue is, most players were sleeping all the time anyway, beds are so useful and convenient, there didn't need to be more reason to get players to use them more often.

    If I'm out at night I intend to be armored up and shooting my bow at them.

    There's only 2 situations I can see a player not sleeping for 5 days:

    1. They live underground or in an enclosed space. Day night cycle doesn't matter to them. Phantoms can't get to them anyway since they can't fly through walls.

    2. They don't like using beds. They might think they make the game too easy, or are some alpha purist that played the game before they were added. Except with this mob existing they are now punished for not using a mechanic they don't like.

    1. If you call an enclosed space a whole home inside a mountain (Not underground or from a cave) then yes. What does it matter if they do or if the mob can't fly through walls?

    2. I don't like using beds know but that doesn't mean I'm an Alpha purist either. Some simply do other things during the night as already mentioned.

    So tell me, why did this community vote for a mob they'll never see?

    It out blew the other choices each round at that dreadful Minecon earth. I know personally I voted for it not due to bias but because the others didn't seems as good. The terror from the night sky sounded deadlier than A" that sucks you down to the bottom of the sea, I think there was another mob in the nether which would've been cool but there's already blazez and chasts and accidently (Or purposley) hitting pigmen, magma cubes etc?

    I voted with consideration at least. Either way there's no point being salty now - it's was decided, it's coming in the game and if you sleep - you saids it yourself, you won't even have to deal with it so what's the point of complaining about it? Let those that sleep, sleep, and those that don't deal with it.

    Be sure to ignore all this reasoning like all the others that responded to you however.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    It is always a worry, especially with big major changes in generation like this one, it makes me always wonder if my world's days are numbered.

    I made a copy of my world to load in and test - and so far so good. No funny chunks but then we have also yet to have the fish/coral blocks & dolphins added to underwater also. I don't get any sea grass or kelp in my imediate area but then you can bonemeal underwater to achieve sea grass and can always transplant kelp from newer chunks to plant in. Technically the biome my home is in is a very old version of the "Ocean biome" which is what it still says so it may not be temperate enough.

    Will keep posting on anything I find though.

    EDIT: Spoke too soon, 2 crashes one after another,caan't even load the world now.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Oh wow... I couldn't build that in a million years. Great job! I love it!

    Quote from ChewsGrind»

    So after all these years, you still play it?

    Do you play in snapshots, or just official releases?

    And at any point in this thread, did you take screens of your stat screens, those are always very interesting for me to look at, at least everything except play time because this games play time counter is so screwed up by the massive amount of survival AFK for serious players.

    *I still very much play it all the time, seeing new adventures, having to go further for new block types or passsive mobs etc. As my building technique had evolved I've been knocked things down or improved them on a big "Regeneration scheme" - If I hadn't around 2014ish I might not still be playing this world.

    *Due to the uncertainty of snapshots, bugs etc - I only play this world in official releases. I do play modern snapshots - I just make sure I don't have this world in the saves file and have it backed-up.

    *Finally - the stats. I've only ever took maybe a couple of screenshots of them at most at all, let alone in this thread. It's not something that really interests me personally as would definetly be inaccurate of play time as they most like have been never backed-up, probablly reset. I can do it for anyone intereeste in things like "Times made (Tools, weapons etc)/mined, time walked, slept, riden this that or the other", though it probablly wouldn't be that interesting!
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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    My thoughts:

    I've been playing with this snapshot and started a temporary little world, and so far I'm loving what we have so far, despite any odd bugs with crafting benches and furnace recipe pages crashing the game. Slabs and stairs etc underwater and new prismarine type blocks (Stairs and slabs) are nice, but for me the best thing are turtles and swimming. The swimming animation is so fluid,and I think it's something that was really needed! Baby turtles are really cute also. Tridents look fun.

    Was in two minds about floating objects in water at first as I might have to re-think the water aspect of my mob farm now things float in water, however; dying in the ocean in the past and trying to find your items in the dark depths of water was always a nightmare. The use of suction and acceleration of using magma blocks and soul sand in the ocean respectivley is going to makes things more interesting in both travel (magma) and creations (Soul sand). The plus aspects very much out-weighs the bad for me. A clever aspect is though going through the bubbles from magma in the water seems to renew your water meter currently. Overall with the sea, even with just sea grass and kelp the sea looks livlier already.

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    posted a message on The Phantom (Mob B) Will Make The Game Easier
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Where on Earth would I get stats for this sort of thing?

    What I'm saying is that, judging by the people I play with and the servers YouTubers play on, people often just skip the night. After all, it only takes a few seconds, and then you don't have to deal with the darkness or the mobs.

    I'm just saying you're only assuming for those you see/play with, it doesn't represent players as a whole. (I don't think anyone could get those stats really! If they even exist!)
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    posted a message on The Phantom (Mob B) Will Make The Game Easier
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    In my experience, most players just skip the night anyway to avoid mobs and the darkness. Now, with the phantom, there will be even more encouragement to skip the night, which means you will be avoiding danger, and the game will thus be easier.

    Only in your experience though, with all respect - I'm guessing you don't have any actual stats to back it up.

    Quote from Violette123»

    Sounds like phantoms go through the walls to hunt players who are not asleep?

    Sorry. It's not a kind of thing I would like to play.

    Sometimes, I like exploring caves at night.

    Also you can't always have everything to build a bed at the first day.

    Bad idea.

    It's all pure speculation, all we know so far (As far as I can remember) is that they were to spawn at high altitudes. I'd wait until we have more facts first before jumping to conclusions.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World
    Quote from Joey_San»

    A great entry on delayed satisfaction. I recall the first time I handled a Wither; it was a night of tension! But that's what made it so much fun. Three years I waited in my world for that fight - nothing compared to seven, but still long enough to hold anticipation. It sounds like you enjoyed the event - hopefully you can efficiently reap the benefits of your new superhuman powers!

    Thanks buddy! I went and got the last of the iron tonight, I thought I had 5 blocks to finish what I was on - then the last 18 iron blocks (The underneath and top layer). Turns out I already had done the underneath blocks so I used the 5 for the 9 remaining and went and got the rest to finish it. (Also 20 more diamonds also.)

    Quote from Smoky10»

    It's been a while since I last visited this thread! Glad to see your world is always expanding :D

    Thank-you! I've been taking some new pictures for the very first page as well so I'll be trying to update that soon also. :)

    I'm considering Easter for the next download release, for those interested. It'll have to be zipped/compressed again however.

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    posted a message on Favorite things?

    Wood: I tend to use spruce a lot, both the plank and the log, although dark oak would be second. (Then Acacia, birch, jungle, oak - in that order!)

    Food: Mainly baked potatoes I live of a diet of those, carrots and melons, but mostly baked potatoes.

    Weapon: I do like a good powerful sword, although I have a pretty nice bow at the moment but I use a powerful enchanted sword the most. (Maybe I just like hacking mobs to death?!)

    Building Block: It used to be terracotta (nee stained clay) when it originally came out, started using it heavily but now it's mosly concrete. I love making it especially with the room set up I have to do it, and the colors are nice and vibrant. It's just a lot of fun to make for me.

    Server: None

    Gamemode(Survival? Creative?): Survival.

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    posted a message on How do you build your base?

    Bases - I can't really say with "Bases" as I've never fully completed one. Not what I call a base though - living quarters instead of comfy sitting rooms, bunk-bed sleeping quarters istead of comfy bedrooms those are the definitions for me between "home" & "Base". Saying that though, I did start a new world, starting to clear the inside of a mountain bottom to top and seeing how many layers/floors I can get in. Still early days yet and I haven't got floor, still clearing the ground floor.

    Homes - with homes, I very rarely build at spawn. I personally like to look around a bit and if I see a bit of landscape that looks really nice/cool/interesting, that is where I know I want to settle. I like to be influenced by the landscape around me. I have a bit of a bad habit of making homes inside mountains however. Need more room - dig yourself a new one! Take advantage of caves and transform them - smooth/flatten walls or extend them etc. I have build all sorts of homes however, in mountains - on top of them, in sand pits, ravines, in strongholds (Never finished that one, now the world is very old), in deep dense mega tiaga forests on islands and in many different biomes,.. :)

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Thanks Nozzergirl! :)

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Five Times The Charm!

    Exactly twenty in-game days after hitting the (In-game) 7 year mark on my world, I finally beat the Wither - for the first time legit survival. As you can tell from the title things din't go too well. First things first, I should mention that leading up to "The date"; I had a lava related death losing everything in my inventory. It happens though. As well as having to do a bit of grind to get some of those things back, it also meant mainly that I was now not as "Ready" as I was before the disaster.

    Tries 1 & 2 - With these it was a simple case of just withering away despite bringing milk, access to cows constantly would help. This is why I went through the Nether and the portals to my far away land where I got all the clay that time, situated in a swampland. I also think having my texture pack on with the invisible leaves for the "Dead trees in winter look" also made it harder. Not just for the Wither, but for me trying to shoot it. I should mention though on try #1 I did get the Wither down to half-way enough to start attacking with the sword, so I could've done it in one had I been more prepared.

    Try #3 - I went to the desert this time, no trees and located a good distance away from the chunk plaza. Again withered but also struggling to get out of craters formed by the wither.

    Try #4 - was significantly better. Back to the swampland, default textures - and when I died yes I did use tp x3 to get back there due to distance. At least I kept going back though than immediatly giving up and, this was the longest most intense fight with the Wither. This was due to using my original plan of using the dug-down stairs to the mineshaft I'd already made on that aforementioned "Clay trip" a long while ago. Using the mountain as I fougnt on the man-made one-block wide descent helped alot, although not so much with the swamp water coming down from the top & trying to fight a stream, drowning and the wither!

    Try #5 - Before this attempt I updated my bow, I already had unbreaking III and infinity snd I think flame on it but went to my enchanted books and added power IV and punch I, and it made a huge difference and hurt him alot more. He led me away and I think it's only because of this small shallow cave, more like an under-pass, that I got him trapped and was able to keep wacking him with the sword after getting him down to half. I think he got stuck initially? As I did so, I scrambled to try and get my finger over F2 to capture the moment but only got 2 shots and then the aftermath. (Also in my stumbling I accidently hit F1)

    It was honestly more of a shock to me that I finally won, than anything. I am currently building my beacon and am on the third tier having used up all my iron from storage.

    Building updates

    My parrallel minecart tunnel I was working on, currently doing the roof:

    Need to shorten either end of the exterior glass roof canopy.

    As I will need lots of stone and stone-brick I also got the idea before the wither fight to extend my auto-smelter at storage and create three more, there was room for expansion. So aside from this:

    There are also these two:

    Also +1 round the corner currently being built.

    For now I finish the beacon, then return to the tunnel and chunk plaze projects.

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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?

    I live on a diet of baked potaoes, carrots and melon! I rarely make wheat in the last few years, and although I always carry mushrooms for mushroom stew - I rarely cosume it.

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    posted a message on Help me with survival :(
    Quote from Stevernumm»

    Thanks, Man.
    Now i can finally play contendedly...

    After you finish playing for a day - keep a back-up copy of the world somewhere separate, even if it's just on your desktop. Just to be safe! :)
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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Local difficulty: 3.63 (Current location: Horse & Donkey barn area)

    Current XP: 13

    The Countdown to the Wither!

    At the moment there's no point starting large new projects or continuing ongoing large projects until I go and defeat the wither on day 2555, my official in-game day for playing this world for 7 years. I am currently at day 2500 now with only 55 in-game days to go!

    In the meantime, I'm doing what I see as "Smaller projects", including starting the new minecart tunnel that runs parallel to the left of the existing one to the Half-way House sub-station. The existing one becoming a secure nature-floored tunnel exclusive for donkeys and horses eventually. It wasn't too bad - on one day I dug on either side of the tunnel leaving a big chunk down trhe middle, then on another day did the left and right sides of the middle piece leaving a one block with wall all the way along.

    There will of course more to the outside of the large glass window, with decoration around it and pillars eventually. Also the cobble for the top of the tunnel walls are a temporary place holder for now, like the underground part of the underwater minecart tunnel there will be a colored stripe all the way along separting the two different building blocks decor. The ceiling inside will not remain flat either.

    The other thing I've been thinking about over the last month is relocating the farm animals - sheep, pig and cows. I've been weighing up whether I want to separate the sheep from one big pen into seprarate pens for each color. On my creative copy of the world I built a barn into the mountain wall behind the pig and cow pens - but I didn't like that. Within the last week it came to me.

    At the horse and donkey barn there is plenty of room for expansion there for other barns. The only trouble is there's a bit of a sand pit there and always has been.

    On my creative copy, I test built down in the sand pit, but for the actual survival world; I have decided to terraform and "Build it up" with layers of dirt to give me more flat room to build. In the end it took three layers of dirt to cover it up.

    surveying the land:

    after 1 minecraft day:

    Day 2:

    Last haul & final map:


    I died a good few times during the night - mainly when trying to go get my stuff back empty handed. For the last level I had found a bow with mending in storage that I didn't know I even had! Suffice to say I killed mobs with the sword, switched to bow and then collected the xp - it's fixed already. I've also been trying to get a new sword ready as my one is almost spent, had to do some grinding at the mob farm to do that. (Fun as I died there too as there were a lot of mobs around the farm and at one point and a creeper exploded - took the zombies with him but exposed lava behind the walls. Had fun cleaning that up!)

    I also took pictures of the newly terraformed land in the other seasons resource packs of painterly I have - as I wanted a clear shot in other seasons to see what it looked like before anything gets built on it.

    Right now my sword has: Bane of Anthropods IV (No separate sword for it soon!), Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Unbreaking III. 1.6 attack speed and 7 attack damage - same as my single Bane of Anthropods sword, which is in the orange of durability currently.

    I will most likekly split the reast of the time between the tunnel and the new future additional barns.

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