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    posted a message on [Ideas] need help my budget is 300$


    models similar made like pokecube or pixelmon or 2d sprite with animations

    fancy pixelated ui/gui/hud/etc

    Persona Commands/enhancements/etc

    level system for the Persona's

    Rotmg [Realm of the Mad God]

    Mobs that fires projectiles like Touhou mod from 1.7.10

    Items and equipment would work similar to the spell cards and projectiles in Touhou mod 1.7.10

    Randomly Generated dungeons

    Very strong mobs

    fun weapons

    Final Fantasy

    Popular mobs with different abilities that can instantly kill you

    shops and towns/structures based off of the series

    Dungeons like FF



    Weird mobs with unique abilities affecting the player


    I would like to try and make a mod out of my favorite games etc can anyone provide me a link or what I would need to code/make models/paint/create pixel art for it?

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] Journey Into The Light Mod

    Dope keep it up!

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    posted a message on Out of the Fog: A King Kong/Skull Island dimension mod

    Looks Dope!

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    posted a message on Spelunkcraft (1.12.2 Mod)

    This looks dope love the pixels! hope theres some structures or mobs

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