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    Quote from EvilPiper

    Yes, I was wondering the same, how much for one of these?

    if u go on amazon u can find one for $0.95 shipping to FL is about 2.50 so under 10 for me just look up "100m wireless blutooth usb dongle" and you'll find it
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    u need Shockahpi <<< make sure
    and hot damn this mod is good!
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    what about "awwwwwweeeeeee"
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    posted a message on Heart of the Black Diamonds (shadow of Israphel acting kind of thing)
    How old are you- 14
    Why you want to do this- it sounds fun and i am partially bored this summer
    How active are you- i am on most of the day so whenever i am needed i will most likely be there.
    Do you have a microphone (not really needed unless you want a lead role)- it has broken.
    Do you have a recording system- not a good enough processor so no
    What job do you want (pick a role as an actor (list below) or be a builder)- backup character will do
    IGN- le0nard0dude
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    i posted a ticket but dunno if it'd be easier to ask here. for some reason my voice server shows it's active but when i look at details it says convert error.. is that me or you guys?
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    Exception in thread "Thread-7" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: net/minecraft/clie
    nt/Minecraft, method: j signature: ()V) Incompatible argument to function
            at net.minecraft.client.MinecraftApplet.init(SourceFile:34)
            at net.minecraft.Launcher.replace(Launcher.java:143)
            at net.minecraft.Launcher$1.run(Launcher.java:87)

    I dont know if i screwed up or if i screwed up
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    Quote from Ryl »
    Quote from gundum35 »
    thats f*cking amazing too bad i dont have the attention span to do this you get my meat :Bacon:

    The attention span, or the pieces of software that together cost more than my computer.
    Still, I commend you for being the only person in history to ever pay for an adobe product, if you did indeed do so.
    Anyone know of a good After Effects alternative? I feel more like a ninja than a pirate today.

    Ever head or Pirating??? It may be illegal but it would be a placeholder untill you actually save up for a true genuine copy.. until meaning 100 years later or what not

    BTW great tutorial. i will probably start making videos because of you.. your my inspiration :iapprove:
    diamonds for you :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    sorry for posting so late
    but this should be known
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    posted a message on Miners for Evil Treatment of Animals [META]
    I, le0nard0dude, will be ruthless to all animals.
    They will be used for my needs. I will show them to the sword.
    I will not Help an animal in need. I will laugh as they fall into my traps.
    I will kill even a sheep depleted of its wool.
    I will eat the pig's meat.
    I will wear the cowhide with pride.
    I will throw an egg at a chicken and then shoot it with an arrow made of its own feather.
    I will kill the squid and use its internal organs for decorative use.
    I will abuse animals freely.
    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Blue: :tnt: :Pig: :tnt: :Blue:
    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    Burn the jewnimals
    -no pun intended
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    posted a message on [Shop] Zeb's Map Making Service - CLOSED!
    Forum Name: le0nard0dude

    Minecraft Name:leo's_map

    Idea: Probably made by someone by now, but i was looking forward to something like a RP paradise.
    including: a city, few towns, and maybe Resorts
      Skyscrapers --either hotels or offices
      Public incinerator
      City Hall -- Jury stand judge podium
      Libraries for each town
      Neighborhoods with houses and a public pool
      maybe some gardens surrounding the clubhouse
      could be like SeaWorld
      Rollarcoasters and Waterslides Doesn't matter.

    This in all kind of is a state. doesn't matter how far the neighborhoods are spread apart but should be connected by a Wool street (black with yellow 2 x 1 street lines)

    Cheats/Mod:Yes, dun matter

    I want my completed map: Yes, Private

    Add Something To My Map: Nah
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