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    Quote from Jack_0_Spades»

    I am having trouble with mirrored glass. I am unable to place it on any surface. I have the latest version of thaumcraft installed for 1.8.9. Blood Magic and rogue like dungeons are also installed. This is on a forge server. Can anyone help?

    I could be wrong, but I think it's only a crafting component. You need to make a mirror in the infuser.

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    Be warned. You'll be stuck in 1.8.9 it's THAT good.

    Loved TC 1 & 2...3 & 4 not so much. 5 is just so much fun, I even removed most of the techmods from my current pack to be more TC focused.

    I know a lot of it is just little refinements to 4, but some of it is make or break.

    Research is the same with 1 tiny change...you don't need to make yourself batshit crazy trying to scan everything.

    Aspects are more or less the same, except there are far fewer (still too many for my taste, but it's a big improvement). Little tweak here, little tweak there.

    I got a couple item suggestions : Like I said I removed MOST of my techmods my current play. Not that there are a ton of 1.8.9 options, I kept EnderIO for really 1 thing only (not saying EnderIO isn't awesome too, just that the techmods tend to overpower the magic mods when used together...trying to keep it magic man). The ability to store XP. Minecrafts crappy level system is what it is. With the current heavy use of XP in TC (and I think it is very well done btw) it does exacerbate the madness of "I need to spend X levels NOW!!!" (OpenBlocks where are you!!!)

    A golden lasso replacement would be really handy too (****ing hate extrautils anymore...yeah...I need yet another ****ing power system like a ****ing hole in my head...).

    Really other than that and the usual info/mapping/utility mods, I could play happily with pretty much only TC5.

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    Nice mod. Good to have a techmod for 1.9 and it's nice to see a fresh take on it.

    So how do you get steel to make a centrifuge without a centrifuge to clean up your dirty iron or am I missing something?

    NM, figured it out. Put ron ingots in the crucible.

    Also the pumps are not working for me. Tried various combos in creative. Pump 1/2 blocks above water/lava, various tanks attached directly and by interface pipes at various angles, solarpanels attached on top, creative RF storages attached wherever. Pipe drops like in the video, but nothing ever pumps. This is with latest ( forge.

    The logger is nice, but if there are any issues it surrounds itself with trees. Would work better with frontal instead of centered area of operations (ala MFR). I hope farmer and livestock are planned; those are the 2 most annoying activities in vanilla MC.

    Some thoughts on recipe balance: Too heavy iron use and not enough of the mods metals. Especially when you are spawning overly generous amounts of them. Even tripling your gains, it doesn't make a lot of sense when still ALL your iron and then some is going towards it. I know this isn't a TE copy, but don't hesitate to blatantly rip-off whatever they did right. The tiering and materials balance in TE went through a **** ton of testing and feedback, don't reinvent the wheel.

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    Quote from Zeno410

    The approaches are complementary and I plan to write a new version in perhaps a few weeks that will allow combining in the extra biome mods, which I actually like.

    I haven't tested it with any dimensional mods; however, it works by patching the default biome generator and I assume all the dimensional mods are using their own biome generators. So, it shouldn't affect any of the alternate dimensions. I would be reluctant to change any of the alternate dimensions because I don't know what they other dimensions *should* look like (I'd be happy to advise any other modder on how to get a particular effect, though.)

    With vanilla, working on the code made me even more willing to change things. It's clear from looking at the code, particularly the RemoveTooMuchOcean layer, that Mojang was *trying* to get a particular result (reduced ocean crossings) and couldn't figure out how to do it. Basically, they made the existing continents bigger and more complex than they had been in 1.6. However, because the continents were still very large, the intercontinent crossings were still often quite long. So they just completely filled up the oceans with land. I'm pretty sure that I'm not stepping on a vision of theirs, not even an poor one. Likewise the climate zones look not-too-bad on a map and the *travel* distances are at least acceptable, but when you play them you find the *search* distances are frequently ridiculous.

    That'll be huge, since those are very popular, especially BoP. I've actually used Highlands quite a bit myself in 1.6.4 but I have yet to check out the 1.7.2 (alpha just came out yesterday I think). More compatibility is always good. Always nice to have options.

    Generally I would agree about the dimension providers, since most if not all are customized. Multiworld is the one I'm not real sure about (kinda part of Toomanybiomes but released as a seperate mod) exactly how it works, but I'm using it and I will get around to checking it out soon. Will be pretty easy to tell. It would be awesome if they could be made to work together, but each dimension have it's own config. Multiworld is a bit like Mystcraft lite. You can pre-define additional dimensions by command line or config file. It's somewhat basic (which I like), but seems to have a lot of flexibility and potential.

    Exactly. The search distances are still a bit large even with your mod, I'm about to try quartersize climate zones with doubled hot and snowy as suggested. I'm torn between the convenience of random biomes vs hating seeing desert next to ice plains and swamps lol.

    Getting rid of the oceans is a good move for vanilla, since the boats are awful and there's not much to see or do. Their timing sucks of course since there are more than a few ship mods that are becoming more and more mature, with no oceans to sail on anymore.
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    posted a message on Latest snapshot brings...............................nevermind. It bring mediocrity
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Yes but notice how many bugs were prevalent in 1.7.2? It was supposed to be the first STABLE update, but there was still texture glitches, the music glitch, and the enchantment lag (which I didn't get in previous versions).

    All of those were pretty obvious glitches and they even have a large community to tell them that they exist and they still waited to fix them so that the community has to wait and wait for all the mods to update to 1.7.4 after updating to 1.7.2.

    1.7.4 introduces worse bugs of it's own, that is probably why almost no one is updating their mods to it (that and there's no forge for it, but that's probably why there's no forge). I suspect if 1.8 comes out anytime soon that 1.7.4 will get skipped.

    When the snapshots get short on features and start to be all bugfixes usually means a release is near.

    The OP is just another whining child on a forum chock full of them.
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    Quote from Rainwalker

    I didn't want to make you all emotional, it's just that I never have used anything of that update as of yet.

    LOL, no worries. Not emotional, I can't be taken completely seriously, even when I am serious.
    There's stuff I still don't use and probably never will either, at the same time sometimes without looking under the hood you don't realize the things you do use.
    And hey, if you're sure there was nothing good for you in that update, who am I to tell you different. :P
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    posted a message on 14w05a repair bug - fixed in 14w05b
    Can anyone tell me what's missing from this picture (ok, besides my roof...not finished) ?
    Image removed. Hint, it's in the center, where the recipe output should be.I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature.This is with 14w05a.

    So it was a bug. It's been fixed. Amazingly in between the usual angry responses some of us did have a rational discussion on the impact and merits of said change if it was not a bug.

    Snapshots. Don't Panic! And don't forget your towel!
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    Quote from Mobax
    Yup, and it's been fixed in 14w05b. And to think I was just coming around on the idea. If they were just to modify anvils that basic repairs didn't use durability I would be totally in favor of this now fixed bug .

    Yeah, if the anvils lasted forever (or even much longer) then I wouldn't mind having to use 1 to do all repairs either, would actually add some "flavor".

    Quote from Divinius
    Thank god this was just a bug. To the OP, you should probably edit your first post to mention that this turned out to just be a bug. If you don't, this topic is likely to get a bunch of additional posts from angry people that are too lazy to actually read through the topic to find out that it was a bug.

    Great idea!
    We got enough angry posts as it was.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] ResourcePack Workbench - Resource pack creator
    Huh. And here I thought you left the MC scene altogether MP, good to see you still around.
    Still use a lot of your mods that other people picked up the torch on. Thank you for opensourcing and making that possible.

    Cool tool.
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    posted a message on When snspshot fix for chicken jockeys?
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Baby zombies are very fast and can fit through 1-block holes and that makes them a very good challenge which most of the game lacks.

    Challenge??? Pffft! Makes them an annoyance, not a challenge.

    Same thing for the rapidfire + knockback skeletons (someone's been watching too much LoTR...are these all Legolas skeletons?). It makes them more of a challenge early game. Really too much of a challenge for a new player with no armor. Once you have iron armor it just makes them an annoyance. By the time you have diamond armor with protect IV the only thing that can kill you is your own stupidity.

    The zombie changes, again not more challenge, more annoyance (someone is also watching too much of The Walking Dead)

    So pretty much all the hostile mob changes made to provide more challenge I see as just providing more annoyance but not more of a challenge. I would honestly like to see changes that make the mobs more challenging without cranking up the annoyance factor.

    And yes, this is of course just my opinion.
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