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    can u separate the stained glass and torches from the lighting. I want the lighting, but dont have the terrain sprites for the other crap.
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    this is a simple idea but probably hard to actually do. Basically, there should be a mod that allows a player to control mobs, but unfortunately I cannot find one.

    If you press a certain key, you will control the nearest mob in third person (from your player spot you will be able to walk around as the mob. If you press the key again, it resumes to control itself.

    Also, a selection of mobs to spawn, including npc's with varying skins. (the npc's wouldn't actually have to do anything. Spawn them, and let them sit there until you want to control them.)

    This mod would have many applications. Anyone interested in making a minecraft machinima would be able to do so without worrying about getting help from multiplayer. It would be possible to film footage by yourself by controlling mobs from the 3rd person.
    You would be able to control creepers preventing them from blowing you up, and even target them at other players that are annoying you.
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