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    is it good? it might be, it might not be. i do know that it is minecraft, and because of that it is not worth a trailer. if i want to look at builds ill search builds and look at them. in a week i am not going to remember this and after i close this page i will never look at it again. i realize you guys took a lot of time, but you have to appeal to your audience regardless of your ego. your audience does not appreciate being teased so dont do it. put out the build when its done and quit playing games. people expect that what they are shown is what they get and you showed the side of a wool pyramid. maybe show the whole thing to mojang or whoever deals with minecon stuff if you want it there. you are going about this all wrong. please dont put out trailers of things liek this in the future. people who are ripping your build are really just ripping your shallow attempt to get attention.

    also, saying your thing will get into the guiness book of world records doesnt mean anything to anyone. that whole book is just people who crave attention who grow their fingernails out six feet of something weird. its become the equivalent of a freakshow and nothing more. at best, its a book for kids in elementary school to look at to learn the limits of things in the world. idk, i dont feel liek ranting anymore. my point is if you just brand this as a minecraft build done in survival over a year and a half and put multiple pictures with a download people might really like what they see and applaud your work. as is, it comes off as some egotistical attempt to try to be better than everyone else.

    maybe i am being a bit harsh, but i recognize that you people probably did a lot of work. i feel bad that you are getting so much criticism and not discerning why it is happening. hopefully you can read this and learn from what im saying instead of getting angry. i wish you all the best of luck.
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    this is pretty inefficient. the fact that there are only a few blind spots is actually really bad. you have to mine out almost every block in the chunk on a certain level for a couple of diamond veins? its actually a lot worse than a strip mine that is just a straight line. at least those go through multiple chunks more quickly giving people the chance for more diamonds out of less blocks. people seem to like this because it looks pretty or something, but i dont enjoy mining and would rather be down there less time instead of more time with less output. if you dont believe me just try this weird pattern to something more normal and see how the output per hour compares. a normal mine isn't even efficient. i have a technique that goes through many more chunks and blocks per time spent but doesnt get every single diamond out of a chunk because it covers more chunks. this seems pretty pointless and time consuming. maybe something to consider on the xbox version since the diamonds are very limited there.

    heres some math to back it up. there is an average of 3.097 diamond ore per chunk. there are four chunks shown in this picture. that means an average of 12.388 diamond ore blocks in the chunks covered in the post. diamond ore spawns from y levels of 0 to 16 so 1/8th of the amount would be run into with a 2 block high tunnel except some blocks are bedrock, the ceiling and floor blocks of the tunnels are uncovered, and some diamonds are placed next to each other and may run into blind spots. this brings the amount ran into maybe 1/4th of the amount in the chunk. that calculation is the most arbitrary out of any in this post so if someone else wants to actually figure out the chance that would be appreciated. if it is 1/4th of the amount someone mining this obscure pattern will get on average 3.097 diamond ore blocks per four chunks. the amount of blocks mined to find these 3 diamond ore blocks is 684 blocks that are not diamond. some of this will be other ores, but still it is around 10 stacks of cobble for 3 diamond ore blocks. this is inefficient. the amount of blocks uncovered is not that great either. each 32 by 32 area consists of 1024 blocks. after the blind spots are subtracted 996 blocks have been uncovered. this is multiplied by 2 considered the tunnel is 2 blocks high. the 684 blocks mined also yield 684 blocks uncovered on the ceiling and floor. the total is 2676 out of 16384 possible blocks where 12.388 diamond ore blocks reside uncovered. this is 16.33% of the possible area revealed. The estimated diamond output is generous being bumped up to 25% of the diamonds uncovered.

    i use mines where i go in a straight line for 500 blocks and explore the caves and mineshafts on the way. this yields me an average of about 20 diamond ore blocks and as many as a stack of ore blocks sometimes. since there are caves along the way i have only dug 900 blocks and exposed many thousands of blocks. this is one third of the amount dug with more than 6 times the output. i use a grid-type structure to prevent myself from overlapping old caves and when i finished in an area i make a nether portal to a new one. i never walk more than 1500 blocks and mine out 18000 before i have to switch to another area by nether portal.

    i dont know what to say, this method is absolutely terrible and i really hope no one uses this seriously in survival...

    also, people who think avoiding caves is better for whatever reason think about it this way. if you stand in a 10 by 10 by 10 room you expose 600 blocks. most cave or a lot bigger than this. in about 2 minutes of caving you expose more blocks than mining this entire grid once will expose and furthermore the cave will be spread into a lot more than 4 chunks giving you the chance of finding more than 12 diamonds right off. this post is the type of thing that makes me worry about the future of the world.

    simply put, if your goal is to uncover every single block in a chunk then this is pretty efficient. the actual goal of mining is to mine as few blocks for as much output as possible.

    Quote from Tauro

    I am now done with this mine for a bit as I have like 10k cobblestone :P

    oh and one more thing...THE LOOT:

    ive gotten that much loot in an hour from my method before with a little less redstone and coal because i couldnt carry it on me or in the enderchest... i even get up to a stack and a half of diamonds from an hour sometimes. i really need to quit looking at this, its really hard to because im in disbelief. 12 pages of replies with very few people pointing out how bad this is? im sorry for my angry tone, really though, how many hours did this collectively cause people to waste.
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    im debating whether i should jump over to your channel page to cuss you out or not. i dont think you deserve the view so i wont. can you link me to an account besides youtube? that would solve the problem of giving you a view there.
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    i used to have this program and i could just open it and manually enter a seed and it would give me a map. i tried for an hour to make various .bat files to run this and sifted through the post and i cant get it to work.
    java -noverify -jar desktop/AMIDST.jar
    i also tried the one in the original post andthat didnt work either.

    that doesnt work even though the admist file is on my desktop. what happened to the simplicity of this program and typing in a seed? i hear this doesnt work in 1.6 even though the map generation is exactly the same as 1.5? why does it have to find the minecraft jar to do anything? i just want to type in a seed and get an output.
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    to ritzycat,

    i wasnt expecting any result, just commenting in a thread with a lot of people saying things that arnt practical in real situations. i mean its one of those things where you want to point out the ten different mistakes in the reasoning but there isnt time. i was honestly just bookmarking this so i could come back for a few laughs later after more replies piled up.

    when a group as a whole collectively has false logic its really interesting to look at. but since what i said was deemed wrong in some way, now i have to point out all of the logic fails.

    my comment being deemed sexist certainly has to do with women's rights. im discussing how people go too far with what they dont allow to be said because they claim it offends someone. it just ends up hurting how much a group can collaborate if they cant say simple things that really are not offensive.
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    Quote from Onetimemember

    You know what we need? A server, not a corrupted perverted server, a nice simple clean PEACEFUL and EQUAL rights to both genders. :/

    while we are at it how about world peace and a side of fries.
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    to gatling-

    "yes, there are two sides to this, the side for equal rights and the side that's sexist."
    theres the side for letting people say what they want, and the side for censoring what they say. i know servers are not democracies and there is no freedom of speech, but there is a point where if people cant say things they are being treated like children. if people are treated like children they act more like it.

    "what if the topic was racism? would your stance be the same? is a server going to lose it's integraty because someone got banned for being racist?"
    people are very rarely actually racist. they usually say really racist things and spam them just to get a rise out of people. nobody is legitimately racist anymore, or at least very few are. no one really knows what race anyone else is on the internet. anyone who says something racist is just trolling to get a rise out of someone, and directly insulting peoples ethnicity is bannable. The broad spectrum of what is considered sexist is contains a lot more than what is considered racist. If people tell a girl shes pretty in a server its sexist even though its a compliment. Telling a girl to make a sandwich is sexist because theres a stereotype that women make sandwiches. You can still tell a person from any race that they are beautiful, and probably get away with stereotypical jokes and not get banned for racism. but with sexism, there really is not as much hate required to be considered sexist. the fact is guys like girls anyways so sexism of course doesnt require the hate racism does.

    if i asked someone mexican if they like tortillas, that would be the equivalent of asking a girl if shes keeps her computer in the kitchen, one is acceptable and the other isnt?

    but you implied the sexist interpretation, why else would you be posting that in a thread made solely because girls have been getting harassed on servers?
    so someone is sexist or racist if they imply something? you are telling me i have to be consider what other people will imply about what i write and that i can be accountable for what other people thought it meant?

    instituting rules on minecraft servers saying that people can't say anything racist is really damaging.
    well at a certain point it could be. if someone gets banned for something simple like asking if someone likes chinese food it would be damaging. Someone asks someone of asian decent if they like rice and they get banned because of racism. that would make no sense.

    so how is this "solution" better than just banning them? banning them is much more effective.
    if only people always had the power to ban.

    also, if someone comes to a server and insults an admin and gets banned it looks bad for the admin. the admin wasnt able to say anything to counter the insult so they banned the player to avoid dealing with their insecurities. it does not show confidence. on the other hand if the admin can insult the person back before banning them they discredit the person and everything they said on a fair level. both players have the ability to insult each other where as only one can ban. just looks more fair.

    so why didn't you bloody say that in your post? again, there may have been other "interpretations" but you impied the sexist interpretation.
    i didnt imply anything sexist. are you saying that girls are so simple that when you see that someone has asked a girl if she keeps her computer in the kitchen it implies that the only thing that could be transpiring is a guy making a sexist remark to a girl. girls are so low that all guys do is make fun of them? a girl could never simply be talking about a kitchen computer with a guy?

    or maybe its sexist to the guy. a stereotype that a guy cant ask a girl about anything having to do with a kitchen or hes sexist because thats the only way guys think.

    anyone can really imply anything they want from anything and people should not be held accountable for what others imply.

    Quote from Scent_Tree

    1. pretend to be a girl
    2. manipulate dumb admins into banning people you dont like
    3. ???
    4. profit

    Why complain about stupid people when you can exploit them

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    in all seriousness theres two sides to this. Yeah, girls get harassed on the internet. its the internet. they should learn to insult the people back and make them look foolish instead of needing to call for women's rights. the world isn't perfect and complaining isn't going to solve any of its problems. and thats what this is, complaining. does anyone think that making a rule that says no sexism will prevent people from being sexist? i mean sure they will get banned if they are, but will they actually consider changing how they act on minecraft servers?

    people dont respect someone who gets across their views by censoring people. what this leads to is people getting in trouble for saying things that others simply dont like. then the server loses its integrity when people hear someone was banned because someone didnt like something they said. this is really a slippery slope.

    i mean even on this thread, which has some of the most experienced moderators possible (they have to be to manage a forum this big) i am getting my post deleted because i asked someone the location of their computer. yeah, maybe i said something that could be insinuated to be sexist because it involved the word kitchen and theres women in the kitchen jokes. i said nothing that directly said women are inferior though. it was just one interpretation and there were others that were equally plausible.

    instituting rules on minecraft servers saying that people cant say anything sexist is really damaging. unless you think your staff can make better judgments than minecraft forum staff then you will not be able to enforce the rule fairly.

    and to the girls, please just try telling the next guy who annoys you that hes fat, ugly, and has no friends. see if that works better than trying to censor what people say based on if its politically correct.

    and i kept my laptop in my kitchen for 3 years because the wifi in my house didnt reach to my room...
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    i asked freddy if he owned a computer in his kitchen, and i got an infraction for flame bating? im really confused. maybe it was offtopic, but how was i flaming? O.o
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    Quote from Netheous

    Few plots are still waiting to be finished ! :biggrin.gif:

    i resent you my map a few days ago, and now my name is just completely gone lol.
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