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    Looks cool, the effects add to it a lot without knowing whats from minecraft and what isn't really detracting from it at all. How long is the actual thing going to be when it comes out?

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    No one knows who built it. The pirates were the first ones to notice it and even they knew to stay clear. Nestled in the middle of a coral reef the strange beacon warned all of the shallow depths. Sure it was odd, but it was also helpful, no one cared. Then the zombies started spawning. At first no one knew where they were coming from as they just seemed to show up on beaches or swimming off the mainland coast. But then it became apparent. They were coming from the island. Some speculated the ball of light at the top of the structure was a kind of power source, perhaps powering a portal to some kind of zombie universe. Others thought these first people were dumb. Overall no one cared to find out, soggy zombies were soggy zombies and not very scary, just kind of annoying and bad tasting. But after awhile one man was contacted with a mission to fix the problem. This was about to become an apocalypse that would turn all other apocalypses upside down.

    If you want more of the story take a look at this:

    In actuality I recently finished building the spawn on my new server and wanted to show it off complete with a back story. Hope you enjoyed.

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    posted a message on What kills you most?
    Quote from pooch12

    No, you can turn the top layer of lava into obsidian by pouring water over it.

    yeah, and then you are stuck in the lower layers because you fell into a pool deeper than 1 block. also, water does nothing in the nether. good luck placing the water on the top layer if you are in a lava pool deeper than 1 block. water is good for caving, terrible for escaping lava. enderpearls or fire resist potions are the way to go.
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    posted a message on Will minecraft be around in 5 years
    yeah, pretty stupid question, there are millions of copies of the game on millions of systems. there is no way to delete something from that many places. even if an apocalypse were to happen the game would still be somewhere. pretty much every other game that has ever been sold commercially is still around. this is the equivalent of asking if any videos of obama will exist in five years.
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    simple suggestion: putting tnt in a furnace with a fuel source causes the furnace to explode.
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    I spent a couple of weeks making this awhile back. Want to know what people think. Commenting here or on the video is fine.

    Watch the video to see the rest of the ship.

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    the shape is good. try putting some patterns into the wings and orange section. right now its all one block.
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    posted a message on Project Stop-Building-Like-A-Noob: How to build amazing medieval structures: Extremely detailed (And long)
    got to say that the best way to learn to build well is to build... not read a 10 page post about how to build. also, in this case, i would really have liked to see pictures instead of an essay. i really cant say if you build well or not. you know ill take an extra step over 95% of other people and click on your profile. from the one picture there it looks good, not great, but its hard to tell because you douse the picture with shaders that make a dirt hut look decent.

    as for this section of this post:

    American Craftsman
    Industrial (WWI-WWII era)
    Modern (Learning the principles of shape, weight, color balance, and such are good. I added these to my style.)

    im not really a fan of grouping things together as styles but i can get general categories like medievil and modern. that said, i cant tell what most of these are even. i cant imagine how industrial and modern differ on and what fantasy and elven differ on. i guess industrial is between ww1 and ww2... i can picture what architecture looks like during both of the wars, but not in between. the wars seem more interesting than the time in between, but im not well studied. i guess the nords get a building style but no one else does.. hm. idk, i know you tried a lot on this, i just dont get what youre after i guess.

    Seems like a lot? It is. You should go out of your way to use as many blocks as possible in your builds. It makes it more interesting to look at and a lot more fun to build.

    also, that part is just wrong. the idea is to get as much complexity as possible out of as few blocks as it takes. that doesnt mean only use one block, but using every block in the game looks worse than using just one block.

    overall, i think this process is way too specific and assumes that everyone learns the same way. its like in school when they tell you to take notes and grade them when you never need to actually take notes to learn the material because you can look up anything you dont know online and memorize the rest. its a mold maybe a few people will like that is completely useless to everyone else. my advice is figure out what you want to do and do it differently than others. thats the only way to ever reach a maximum level of efficiency.

    giving pictures of your builds and telling how you made them is useful because people can combine previous knowledge with what they see. this is just a waste of time because it assumes everyone who reads it is stupid in a way.
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    posted a message on Single Player Survival Updated Daily
    With the new snapshot out I decided to play survival in single player. Each day I will play for one hour exactly. Multiple pictures will guide people through what I did during the hour. The difficulty is set to hard. Each spoiler will contain a week. The goal for the first week is to beat the enderdragon before seven hours of play are up.

    Day 1

    I spawned on a swamp island. I quickly made my way to the main land and acquired wood as well as pigs. I found a cave that went down to about ten blocks below the surface and found enough iron for some armor, a pick, a bucket, and a sword. It was nighttime so i proceeded to dig down toward the y coordinate of 11. When I got there i found enough iron for full armor as well as more picks. I went back up and found it was daytime. I collected some sugarcane and killed more pigs. I then returned to mining and found a cave. In that cave I found twelve diamonds as well as some gold. At this point I had hit level 20 so I decided the next order of business was to make bookshelves and an enchanting table. Cows were nowhere to be found. I walked 1000 blocks until I hit ocean and found about 10 cows along the way. During the night a couple of creepers almost blew me up. The sun rose and the hour was up.

    Day 2:

    I spent the first day walking back to by base. Finally, I made it back.
    When I got back I mined enough obsidian for a portal and an enchanting table. After this, I was still short on leather so I walked 2000 blocks in another direction. On the way I encountered a cluster of mountain cows.

    Even after this sighting I was short. Horses became tempting sources of leather.

    I eventually got the 46 leather needed for the required number of bookshelves. During this excursion, I fought an endermen and got an enderpearl. Also, I encountered some of the new snapshot biomes

    The last cow needed was in one of these new biomes.

    The rest of the time was spent backtracking to my base. When I got back I had a mob infestation. I was very low on hunger so it required so tricky footing to get inside the small hut.

    Also, I found some sugarcane along the way. Here's my items at the end of two hours of play.

    Day 3:

    The hour started off at the end of a night.

    Enderpearls will become a limiting factor quickly, so I decided to try to gather some. I found one, its hard to see in the picture, but its there.

    I ended up chasing the jumpy thing through the day getting one hit in at a time before another teleport. I got a couple of hundred blocks away from my base.

    I did get a pearl.

    With some daylight already gone, the cane farm was more pressing than ever. I need 135 pieces of cane to make 15 bookshelves with is a little more than two stacks. I plant the forty I have so they only have to grow two or three times.

    Unloaded chunks are never a thing of the past...

    I got some wood ad decided to start on a house. When nightfall came the walls were unfinished making it a rather unsafe place. The ceiling and floor also weren't finished but that isn't really important.

    Decided to go mob hunting again.

    I found a skeleton wearing full chain mail. Chain mail is hard to find, always damaged, not really good, and hard to know if it is being spelled correctly. But it is rare, and that's all that matters.

    Got two pieces off of the skeleton. That was lucky.

    I also got another enderpearl.

    I killed four other endermen that night and chased one into the day. No pearls means wasted time.

    I almost died at one point too, but fortunately I was near a source of water that the endermen couldn't touch.

    Harvested my cane farm.

    Worked on my makeshift house during the rest of the day.

    My wall one block up does not work for all mobs.

    After having a creeper spawn in my base that I wasn't prepared to take a screenshot of and enduring other mobs my house looked incomplete, but intact.

    Got some sand for some glass.

    Started the roof.

    Since I was already at level 30, and just needed a few more pieces of sugarcane to get a level 30 enchant, I did not want to risk fighting mobs all night for one of two enderpearls. I instead slept.

    My half-done house after the hour.

    My items after the are really the same as last time with a lot more mob drops.

    Day 4:

    The first order of business was collected the final pieces of sugarcane needed for the fifteen bookshelves.

    Wood was of course my limiting resource causing my crafting of the shelves to go late into the night.

    I decided to put my enchanting room in a hole. It seemed appropiate.

    Finally, an enchant.

    Fortune 3 was lucky. Lucky enough that I'll probably lose it. I decide to spend the rest of the night hunting enders. No endermen until the crack of dawn as usual.

    I managed to back myself into a corner while after slaying the endermen.

    I did get a pearl though.

    I wonder how this happened.

    The house is starting to look a little weird after a day of building. It is intended to be a small outpost, but it looks more like a dog with no face.

    1 pearl.

    1 creeper.

    1 creeper I didn't see.

    The endermen always show up in the daytime. Its starting to get annoying. I'm supposed to be hunting monsters at night, and then I spend half the day chasing the teleporting beanstalk.

    After another day of building my outpost looks slightly better. It also looks more infested though.

    My armor is broken and I'm out of iron.

    I decide to sleep it off.

    I build for one more day and am satisfied with the outcome. I don't really have much more time for building this week if I want to beat the enderdragon. Here is a tour!
    -The Outside-

    -The Outside from a Slightly Different Angle-

    -The Inside-

    WIth the last minute a made a nether portal.

    Here are my items after the fourth hour of play.

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    posted a message on What was your most embarrasing noob moment!?!?
    i was lighting random stuff on fire and made a nether portal. i thought i had found an easter egg that not many people knew about.
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