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    Quote from chrisetmat»

    please update your mods at the 1.12.2 version pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

    sadly, he will not listen to you, i think too that a 1.12 port would be the best for that cost/benefit ratio that reika handle (since 1.13+ is splitted by the battle of APIs, there are enough changes in the basecode of minecraft between minor versions to make 1.16.1 mods and 1.16.2 mods incompatible, and his issues with 1.8 are worst in 1.13+, like being many times harder to render things like the ones he make and the hell of .json files, 4 of them for just a single cube!)

    but just the time will tell us what he will do, i still wishing to see that post where he tells to the community that he is moving to 1.12 (and maybe confirm this with github commits)

    i need to admit that reika has a lot of talent designing mods, but it would be amazing to have them in 1.12, i readed what you wrote in the post of jellysquid, if you ever have troubles to make a dev environment (in 1.12) i can help you, i solved the issue

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