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    Happy 2016, everyone!

    Thanks, you too man. Have you made any new year resolutions?
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    Hey, thanks man C:

    I hope you had a good one!

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    Quote from bsaaddict»

    Thanks to everyones support, we have begun the transition over to a dedicated server box, meaning a major ram upgrade as well as some other stuff. The forum post will be updated with lots of cool news soon, so stay tuned!

    Dedicated so far has been pretty cool! The new features look promising!
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    Nice! I can't wait dude! That sounds fantastic!

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    Check out this awesome picture I took of Trials :)

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    Awesome server, really nice staff and a good community.

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    Bump for support?

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    Right, so as I play my game will randomly drop from 60fps to 15'ish. I'm not sure what is causing this. I've installed optifine.

    Here are my system specs:

    i7 4790k (No OC)

    16GB Corsair Ripjaw RAM

    MSI R9 390 (No OC)

    A Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD

    750W PSU

    It's pretty strange that a game such as this would lag when i'm able to run games like Far Cry 4 and Witcher 3 at 60-70FPS on high.

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    posted a message on ◄Simplicity► || A Roleplay Server With The True Minecraft Experience || ||Custom Map|| ||Dynamic|| ||Player Freedom||

    IGN: Layolan

    What’s the most important rule?: Respect everyone and behave intelligently


    "On my innumerable and countless travels I have come across a variety of different individuals, however, this individual was wholly different in EVERY way. She was perhaps a stout 4'6" with hair coloured a deep shade of auburn (I, at this point, had never seen any hair such as this) and she was building a bloody wall-"

    "Oh yeah?" The man I was telling this story to interrupts me.

    I breathe a sigh of annoyance and continue, "Yes. Anywho, as I was saying: She was building a wall. I'm not entirely sure what it was for, but it looked as though it was for fortification and what confuses me is that the wall looked NOTHING like any wall I've ever seen. It was roughly the size of her but maybe a few inches larger."

    "What a load of bollocks" The man interjected, "Why should I believe your bloody story."

    "Now, now, Jeremy. Let me finish. It will all make sense soon" I chuckle, "As I approached this woman she turned toward me and glared as if I was intruding on some sacred ritual. She opened her mouth about a centimeter and whispered, 'You better get out of here, boy, before I sick me dogs on ye'. I didn't see any dogs around me which made me a little brazen, I replied with an indifferent sigh of almost incomprehensible words, 'Oi shut up, ye hag. I've done nothing to ye. I'm just on me midmorning walk'; I expected her to not understand a single word I uttered, but it was not so."

    Jeremy laughs. A rough laugh, "'Shut up, ye hag'?! Are you mad?"

    My face is stony as I shrug off the verbal blow, "Shut yer trap, really and let me finish the damn story."

    "Fine, mate."

    "Anyway, she turns to me and cackles like an old witch. Blimey scared me. Wouldn't expect a woman of dizzy age to hear me so and the fact she had a laugh made me jump a metre. She said to me between yellow teeth, 'Boy, you are no meater and I really believe we should have some cat-laps some time when i'm done building this bloody damned wall. We all know its not up to **** but oh well!'"

    "Excuse me? Are you implying she rather enjoyed your brash behavior?" Jeremy once again interrupts me.

    "Yes. She thought I was a delightfully cheeky one. We had tea."

    He shakes his head in disbelief before getting up and leaving the room.

    I call after him, "What? Did I say something wrong?"


    I approach the inventor's workshop in an uneasy fashion. The last time i'd been to an inventor's workshop, I was loaded into a steam-powered cannon and shot across a field. Of course the pay was well, but the fact that it singed my bollocks has stuck with me ever since. I open the bronze framed dark oak door and take a step inside.

    I've never smelled something so vile before. The interior of this establishment was comparable to the scent of a trash bin with perhaps an oil spill on top.

    "Hello?" I call out into the vast space.

    In this time, I take a moment to inspect every aspect of this room. Glider on the ceiling made, once again, of a type of oak. Suits of mechanical-esque armor sits on racks along the entry wall. A large table in the middle with blueprints scattered about as if a tornado had recently come through.

    "Hello?!" I call out once more.

    "Oh, yes, i'm sorry my dear" A skinny man of perhaps the age of 30 enters from a door that I had previously missed in my inspection, "What is it that you want? I'm quite busy, what with all of the hooligans harassing me every day."

    "I was wondering if perh-" I was cut off by a loud banging at the door and the shopkeep shuddering as though he was a jelly of some kind.

    Three young men enter the workshop. They were wearing coveralls with yellow undershirts that may have been white at some time. Brown ascots were donned ontop their heads and they had a cheeky look about them.

    One stepped forward, "Get out of the way, mate." This was directed towards me.

    He spoke once more, "I said get the hell out of me way or i'll make you get out of me way. This has noffin' to do with you and has every'fin to do about this ******* inventor," I step aside, once more assessing the situation, "I want me money. NOW!"

    The man that was speaking bounded forward at an alarming speed and picked up the lowly inventor by his collar. I shake my head in dissaproval and speak loudly, "Please, set him down. I would rather not have trouble. I'm rather busy."

    He turns to me and laughs as loud as he can. It sounds like rumbling, "You serious?"

    I nod and take my top hat off.

    He stares at me in a sort of angry, disbelief'y type of way. His face contorts into a broken smile and lunges.

    His shoulder connects with my chest and the wind is immediately knocked from my lungs. I find myself on the ground and I inhale as deep as I can and spit out, "That was no fair."

    I sit up, reach into my boot and pull a small semi-automatic pneumatic pistol from a small pocket within my sock, "I truly don't have all day and I will not hesitate to kill you so now leave and never come back here or i'll personally see to it that you never walk these streets again."

    The three men look at eachother and eventually come to silent agreement.

    "My boss'll hear about this and when he does, you'll both be rotting corpses strung up by your toes. I told you to pay your debt, you idiotic man." And with that, they stomp off. Slamming the door behind them.

    I remember the presence of the inventor and turn to look at him (i'm still lying on the floor). He is incredibly pale as though he'd seen some sort of spectre.

    "Are you alright, sir?"

    "Alright? Do you fink i'm bloody alright you damned maniac. You've killed me. You've killed yourself. You stupid fool." He began muttering incomprehensibly about a safe room or something.

    I watch him for a minute before finally speaking, "Who.. are they?"

    He stops rambling, stares dead at me and says, "They're the bloody Street Vultures."

    I had never heard of that name before and was about to ask who they were when the door once more exploded open. This time, literally exploded. I could hear the small metal pellets of a gas-gun ricochet off of every orifice in this room.

    Cock. Boom. More pellets. I fall down and cover my head. I give a peek to the inventor, but he is lying in a pool of his own blood.

    'Ah shite.' I think to myself.

    I brandish my pistol and take aim at the doorway (which is now a pile of mulch). The three men, as well as a new one, stand at the ready.

    They apparently can not see me. I roll over under the table that the armor stands are on. The large one with the gas-gun roll the poor inventor over onto his back.

    "He's still breathing. What a pity." He says in a low, musky voice.

    He takes aim at the unconscious man but I put a round into his thigh. He falls over with an excitingly horrific thump and begins screaming like a small child.

    Before the other two could even react, I roll out once again and lunge for the gas-gun. I feel its wooden/brass grip and aim it at the two thugs. The large man barely even notices.

    "What did I tell you?" I say, nearly breathless.

    They stare at me for a second before turning and running out. I stand and hit the large man very hard over the head to render him thoroughly unconscious.

    I unload the gas-gun and pocket the shells before tossing it back to the large man. I swiftly move towards the unconscious inventor and as delicately as I can, sling him over my shoulder before leaving.

    "Why does it always have to be this way." I mutter.


    Okay, so i'm aware that guns probably don't exist in your universe, but it was hardly specified that we had to remain within the confines of your realm. Although i'm not entirely sure what the confines of your realm truly are, seeing as how we can be whatever we please.

    Anyway, much love for reading. I appreciate it. This was all written in about an hour off the top of my head.

    I've basically wrote a story so i'm not entirely sure if this is considered roleplay. I've played many roleplay servers on other games such as Garrys Mod.. but if this isn't applicable to what you desire, i'll change it around to be more "RP like" with stars and actions and whatnot (but honestly thats a bit dull now innit ;))

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    posted a message on Adult Craft - Small Community - 1.8 - Vanilla

    In Game Name: Layolan
    Age: 18
    What do you hope for out of this server: Something to build on when I feel like it. Don't want to intrude at all.
    Your play style: Old player.. Enjoy exploring and building
    Your time zone: EST
    How often daily/weekly would you play: I'm not sure. Schedule is up in smoke as of right now.
    Something interesting about you: Been playing videogames since I was young.

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    I can help you build.
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    Your IGN: Layolan

    Where did you hear about the server: Minecraftforum.net

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes.

    What's our policy on raging: It's not tolerated. Try again and don't get angry.
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    Quote from danthonywalker


    Here's where the first mistake lies. Minecraft is not geared towards any specific playstyle. It's a sandbox game for a reason.


    Please, do tell the worst.


    No new building blocks? Have you been missing out on like the past...all updates? Every update has included some form of new block that can be used in building if not, then a mechanic change to how one can build with, like upside down stairs or sideways logs. The log thing works exactly like how a piston is placed, if I remember correctly, so just build with logs just as you would if you were placing a piston. The log change is something that adds a new way of building and aesthetically changing a design to add detail, something you say the game does not concentrate on (which it doesn't, but it shouldn't).


    Umm...no, not even close. The game is still about blocks. You can still punch trees, you can still build with all the 'old' blocks and you can still make everything you can before and even more so now with new block additions and whatnot. The game has not changed from your playstyle one bit, not even close. Objectives such as Ender Dragon are optional, as with the rest of Minecraft. You don't have to complete anything, hell, you can't even beat Minecraft because there's no true "end". Minecraft has not deviated from the builder playstyle, throughout all the updates we still are getting new mechanics and blocks to mess with in designing what we want, but remember, this is a sandbox game, so other forms of content for other playstyles should not be exclusively left out.

    Not Mojang's fault. I remember joining a server back in Alpha and the servers I joined in Beta. There was always good servers and bad ones. This has not changed. The only thing that has changed are the gametypes we are provided with, of which, there is more now because of the more content we get to work with. This is not a bad thing, since all the fun of minigames back then can still be played now, like Spleef, but we also get all forms of new gametypes like UHC. Minecraft has not changed from its original style of play, updates only add to things, rarely change them. The only real changing update was that of 1.8 when combat mechanics have changed, but this mostly affected PvP people, not the builder types, as with our current update and the changes to AI, to make them harder. You could say the AI change affected building playstyle by making it harder to work at night, but then again, I think the night should have originally been a dangerous time to be doing outdoor activities anyway. Find the mobs hard? Take it down to Easy or Peaceful.

    Let me get it through. It was never meant to be for anything. It's a sandbox game, not a building game. This isn't Lego, there's more to this game then building and Mojang shouldn't have to release content that's only meant for your playstyle. This update has included flooring, coal blocks, hay blocks, and hardened clay. All building materials ready at your disposal. As I said before, Horses, as with the rest of the game, is optional. This game is not meant to cater to one playstyle, it shouldn't, and I don't think it ever has.

    No, just your playstyle, don't even try to cover it up. You say Jeb is not focusing on building, that's your playstyle, so obviously he's not suiting to your playstyle, but he shouldn't. This game is sandbox, meant for all forms of play.

    Damn kid. You took time to deconstruct my post.
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    posted a message on SyroCraft - [Survival] [Semi-Vanilla] [Events] [Economy] [Community] Now on 1.12!
    Q: What is your in-game-name?

    A: layolan

    Q: How old are you? (Optional, leave blank if you'd rather not answer)

    A: 16

    Q: How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    A: Since Early October of 2010

    Q: What do you like to do on Multiplayer?

    A: Build/survive

    Q: What are your other interests?

    A: I enjoy scripting, Creating things, and schooling

    Q: How did you find this server? Did someone invite you? If so, who?

    A: I was invited by ObliviousGamer

    Q: Have you read and understood the rules?

    A: Yes.
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