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    Quote from ihave4sight


    Thank you very much! :)!
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    Personal Information:

    Name: Laura

    Age: 13 (But I am very professional)

    Location: United States

    Character Information:

    Name: Takari Lhoril

    Age: 30

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Religion: Worshipper of Acheron

    Residence: Takari currently roams around. Basically, she is homeless.


    Lets start when she was a little tike. The day she was born, her mother passed away giving birth. Takari was raised by her father and older brother Seith. She always had a very strong connection to her brother. She loved him very much. As most children that grew up with no mother, Takari was a daddy’s girl. She was never afraid to get dirty, and always stuck up for herself and what she thought was right.
    As Takari got older, she grew up to be a very independent woman. Seith made her a bow that he trained her with himself. She grew up with the bow and made it to where it would accommodate her as she grew. Their father and Seith tried to hold off telling her the truth about her mom. Takari believed that her mother was working in a mine all her life and wasn’t allowed to finish until she had struck it rich. Many times Takari tried to find her mother in the mines, but Seith stopped her and told her that she was not allowed to bother her mother.
    At the age of 19, Takari was sure something was up. By then she knew that her mother had to have found many diamonds or emeralds or something to get her home. She confronted her father and Seith, and they told her the truth. She played it off the rest of the day that she wasn’t upset. When everyone fell asleep, she packed her most important possessions and left. She has never returned since.
    Ever since that day, Takari has been roaming around the world, hoping to find the right place and settle down. 11 years later, she finally decided to head to the cities and see what they had to hold for her future.

    Important things you need to know about my character:
    • Very shy. Not outgoing.
    • Doesn't talk very much or trust people easily.
    • Only steals if she needs to, but will do it for money.
    • Takari does know how to make clothes, but she doesn't have the materials, so her clothes aren't the nicest of them all.
    Account Information:

    IGN: laurannex

    Time Zone: Eastern

    What roleplaying experience do you have: I have played on many different role playing servers, one I have been a moderator of, and I role played on WoW for a while. The rp there was not very... good. :P

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes

    How did you find this server: Youdude

    Why should we whitelist you: I think I am a very creative, fun, interesting (yet professional) asset to a server. I think this server looks very interesting and I would love to be a part of it. I’m positive I can bring good things to the server. :)
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    posted a message on 1.6.4 [ ♣ AceCraft ♣ ] Under Renovation → 24/7 Hard Factions Raid PvP ♦ ChestShop Economy ♦ Head Decapitation ♦ CombatLogger an
    Ign: laurannex

    I think this server is a very fun, entergetic server and I cannot wait to spend more time on it!
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    posted a message on RingsCraft [Lord of The Rings Roleplay] *NOW CLOSED FOR 4rth AGE*
    Out of Character(OOC): (Don’t be shy we won’t ban for this part it’s only to know our players)
    IGN(In Game Name): laurannex

    Roleplaying experience(Have you ever played on Minecraft Roleplay Servers before?Or have you played games like Skyrim, etc): I played on the rp server called Crafthammer, I played Skyrim for a while, PC and xbox 360, I play Sims 3 (if that even counts... idk), and I play RP on World of Warcraft.

    Age ( Please do not lie It won’t make you better): 12

    Country/ Time zone: United States, Eastern

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed): Well, I wanted to try some new servers, and Ratou asked me if I wanted to join this one, so I said "Sure! Why not!" and here I am! :)

    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?: Eowin, because I have never really been a princess sort of thing, and I think it would be a cool change from what Im used to. And, she is the only girl up there, sooooo hahaha.

    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week): Probably most of the week. It depends on school. :/

    Have you read the rules?: FRODO!!!!!!!

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    Name(Please give your Character a name that fits with your race) : Embrae

    Race(Go see the race section higher up. And is he a man or a woman): Elven Archer, Female

    Age(Is he a child, a teen, a father\mother or an elder?): 19, Teen but almost and Adult. (Elven Years)

    Character Backstory( What happened to your character? Were his parents slaughtered and he grew up in the streets or did he learn at the the College of Winterhold? Maybe he was part of a group of deadly assassins who got paid to do some one's dirty work.Or maybe he was just a peaceful farmer minding his own business when suddenly his familly was kidnapped and he was left to die in his burning farm.You decide what happened to him and please be very descriptive. It should be more then 50 words):
    Embrae has a fairly pleasant life. She lived with her mother, brother, father and (her favorite family member) sister, Takarii. She lived in a small village that seemed more like a family to her. She was learning to become a teacher to children, and never gave up on it.She read almost every day of her life. Her room would always be scattered with books on all different subjects. Combat, health, writing, if you name it, she had it. She loved to spend time with her little sister, and normally taught her siblings, since her parents were normally out and about gathering food. Embrae decided one day that it was time for her to start her journey in life, and left her village to venture into the world.

    Personality traits(What is your character like?Is he a charming young man or dark and mysterious person?Maybe he is just a loyal man looking for work and wanting to start a family .Would he help some one that was about to die or let them die? Is he cold and cruel? Once again please be very descriptive. Just make a short paragraph) :
    Embrae is very kind and full of wisdom. She will help anyone that is good, and will rarely be seen angry or yelling. She tries her hardest to be kind to all around her, and sometimes, it is extremely hard.

    Physical description or image of skin?( Does he have any facial hairs? What does he wear like clothes and why? Was it given to him by his father or did he craft it himself? Please not too long, just short and sweet)Please put a picture of your skin.: Embrae is a very beautiful young girl. She has long black hair and stunning blue eyes. Her hair is strait, and she wears dark clothing. She wears these clothes because they were given to her by her father the day she departed from home.

    What is he/she good at? (Examples: Sword fighting, blacksmithing, using a bow, etc) Embrae is magnificent with a bow. She is very good at singing, but is very shy about it and rarely shows it off. She is a very good teacher, and is full of wisdom.
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    posted a message on 1.3.2 Server Admins, Mods, Plugin Managers, and Builder Needed
    Admin App
    Age: 12 (I know, its extremely young, but I am really good, I sware :) )
    Experience: I have been playing minecraft for about 2 years, I have been a moderator on many servers and an admin on many servers.
    Do you have good grammar?: Mhm :)
    Will you welcome new people?: Well, of course! On my other servers when I see some one new, I welcome them then since I wasn't there to do it before :)
    Will you help people?: As much as I can!
    Are you nice?: Well, People say I am nice and they can count on me, so I would assume so! :)
    Will you listen to the Owner?: Of course. If I do wrong, I will take the consequences I deserve. I tend to try not to do wrong, though. :P

    Minecraft IGN: laurannex
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    posted a message on Looking for an RP server? Come to Crafthammer!
    Why, hello there, friend!
    Are you lost?
    No where to go?
    Do you have the need to RP, but dont have a server serious enough to do so?
    Well, do I have the server for you!
    Crafthammer is a serious Role Play server just out of the construction zone and is re-opening on August 10th, 2012! Many players of the server have been looking forward to this day, especially the build team! Although the new journey into Territhion is just beginning, we still need some new players! Want to come along in the adventure? Simply follow these steps!
    1. Go to this link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1098775-crafthammer-tales-of-territhion-serious-roleplaying-server-rp-lore-pre-whitelist-open/ This is the servers forums, where the Application, rules, races, ect are shown!
    2. Make sure you want to do this and are serious about this server. We do not take a liking to Trolls in rp, lore breakers, or rule breakers. (Yes, this includes Metagaming, Power Gaming, and Godmodeing)
    3. If you are sure you would like to do this, Then click this link and read the lore for the server. http://crafthammer.freeforums.org/crafthammer-tales-of-territhion-t77.html (Please, for the love of life, read the lore. It will take 15 minutes max if you are a good reader, and it help you know what to do if you plan on rping correctly)
    4. When you have finished reading, go to the forums and copy and paste the application in the comments. Then fill it out!
    5. Wait for the admins to respond to your post! :steve_sillyface:
    Thats all you have to do! Thank you for reading this! Please, enjoy Crafthammer!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Hope to see you soon!
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    posted a message on Starting new server help wanted!!!
    IGN: Laurannex
    How many times have you been banned?: I was banned once for being AFK but other than that none :D !
    How many times have you been admin on a server?: one time, but I was a mod twice (but both servers shut down. So mad at that point xD)
    Do you have a server?: No but I have helped in many!
    How long have you played minecraft?: 1 and a half years!
    Are you familiar with making a server?: Somewhat, enough to where I can help out!
    Are you familiar with bukkit?: Yupperz!
    If you wanted, some people could start a lets play if you have skype, I use Debut Video Capture Software and it records great!!!
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    posted a message on New Server, Need Ops!!!
    Hi, I am interested in the op position if they are not filled :D ! I have never been kicked off any server and have been a mod on two servers, admin on one, and a co owner of a server. So i would lovelovelovelovelove to help you!!!
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    posted a message on LP recruitment
    App: Idk what that is xD
    Ign: Laurannex
    Age: 14
    Maturity Level (1-10): 5
    Skype: Yeah its Laurabugger1
    Host?: No but I do have recording software, Debut Video Capture Software
    Work well with others?: Yes I am very friendly (as im told ^.^ )
    Pweeze accept me I have always wanted to do a lets play!!!
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    posted a message on I have a recorder and skype. It records voice! I need someone to do some lets plays with <3!
    I am in need of someone with there own server!!! I am willing to do a lets play and I can record voice. I use Debut Video Capture Software! BUT!!! (yes there is a but!) I do have requrements!!!
    • Has to have SKYPE!
    • Must be able to play with a 11 year old (Yes im 11 but I pwn at mc :D)
    • CANT CUSS! If you cuss in any video's I will not post them on youtube.
    • Has to have there own server! (I cant use my IP adress cause I dont know it lol)
    • Must be nice :P
    Thats all! Please reply or message me if you have an Idea! To see my youtube channel go to this link :)http://www.youtube.com/user/laurannexia?feature=mhee
    Check out some of my minecraft videos. REMEMBER! This is a first come first serve thing so yah!! Please message me! The sooner we get recording the sooner we get on youtube!

    Thanks bunches, Laurannex ^_^
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    posted a message on Crafthammer [Serious RP, SERVER RELEASE, Whistelist open]

    [Minecraft username:Laurannex
    Time zone:Eastern
    What experience do you have in roleplaying?:I roleplay almost everyday on World of Warcraft about 4 hours!
    Have you read and accepted the rules?:Yes!
    Did you read the lore?:Yeppers!
    Name at least 5 races on this server: Elf, Dwarves, Humans, GreenSkins, Lizardmen.
    What do you imagine this server will be like?:Really cool and friendly people!
    Where did you find this server?: My friend on World of Warcraft rp's with me and I call him Kazi i have been looking for a rp server for forever and he reccomended this one!
    Why should you be let in?:I am a skilled rp-er and its just somthing i love doing!
    Screenshot of your skin:


    Name: Layla Coriana
    Gender: Female
    Race: Breton
    Appearance: Long brown hair, a blue headband she got on her birthday, brown shoes, knife by her shoes, green shirt and pants, and vest.
    Personality:Friendly, outgoing, strong, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right!
    Ambitions/dreams: Be a master Hunter, have a family, nice home!
    Biography/Story(More than 2 sentences long):
    Layla is a skilled hunter with a sparkling personality! Her family has been Hunters for generations, and she is next in line! She can make friends easily, will do anything for someone she cares for, knows how to handle a sword, pick, axe, and hoe, and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in (even if it puts her in prison!) Even though she is young, she has been in this line of work since she was 10! Layla would be a wonderful addition to the world! Her Family has recently died of a plauge, luckily, she was over sea's delivering somthing for her father (Since he is disabled and 61)Her mother, Kali Coriana, was a wheat farmer and at one time a slave when she was 15. Her father was a worldwide-known Hunter, who loved his daughter to death. She is still going through this tough time, seeing as it only happened 2 months ago. She came here for 2 reasons. 1. She wanted a fresh start. 2. Her old home is infected with the plauge. She knows that by coming here she can start fresh and hopefully be a worldwide-known hunter, just like her father!

    Other information:I would like to have the job of a Hunter, please!
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    posted a message on [1.1] Titan Craft [non-hamachi] [whitelist] Updated!!!!!
    Why you want to be a admin- I would like to be a admin so i can be in the faction government and i would like to vote on contests :biggrin.gif:
    what your gonna do to improve the server- I am really nice and i think i would be good for the factions thing if i can be in government then i will be strict about everything like u r!
    what your building skills are- go to this link and i can show u my survival home it isnt the best but it took a little while :biggrin.gif:
    why i should promote you- I get on all the time and am very protective of the server i love it like my own sister and i love everyone in it yall are like my family!!!!!
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    posted a message on 1.2.4 NEW MAP - Factions - 99.9% Uptime [MCMMO]
    Hey! This is the noob who just got on like, 5 minutes ago! Anyway, i would like to be a Member :smile.gif: Please! If you would like to see some creations of mine, my YouTube has alot of vids on it here is a link to my channel :biggrin.gif: http://www.youtube.com/user/laurannexia?feature=mhee#p/u/0/z2jZ5gyxn0M please rank me up i would be a big help to the server!
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