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    Tunnel Vision

    A Race for Wool Map
    by iTruthful, FifthWhammy, FreckleEars, and last_username


    (Version 1.1 updated July 11, 2013)

    Race for Wool is a type of competitive Minecraft, where two teams race to acquire colored wools from two identical worlds and place them on a victory monument, while trying to slow each other down with arrow and cannon fire.

    Tunnel Vision will be the battleground for the final round of the 4th Reddit Minecraft Tournament, to be played in late September, 2013. The map was originally created for the Redstoners vs Whiskey Brigade match on June 16, 2012. These teams are the respective winners of the first two RMCTs. The map was released to the teams, and the general public, only 24 hours before the match!

    The Map

    Tunnel Vision breaks some new ground for RFW maps. The lanes are only five blocks wide, much narrower than the typical 16 block wide lanes found in most RFW maps. It is also a very compact map, at only 192 blocks long. Despite it's small size, it is quite intricate and provides plenty of challenges.

    But the most unique feature of Tunnel Vision is the "isolated lane", a path through the map that is completely seperated from the main world, and contains no supplies or resources. From the starting platform, players can choose to enter either the main lane or the isolated lane. Once they enter, they cannot switch to the other lane until the next time they respawn at the starting gates. However, supplies can be passed between the lanes at many points.

    At each wool location, or "fleecy box", there is a button that is only accessible from the main lane. Pressing this button releases a wool into the isolated lane. The wool must be retrieved from the isolated lane and passed back to the main lane, where the victory monument is. All three wools must eventually be retrieved in this way in order to complete the map.


    I, last_username, would like to thank my fellow mapmakers, iTruthful, FifthWhammy, and FreckleEars, for coming together and making this ambitious and experimental project happen. I'd also like to thank the RMCT staff and players who had faith in us to pull this off. It was a total blast!
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    The Rules of Bed War

    1. Teams start at opposite ends of the same world
    2. Each team gets one bed
    3. Beds can be moved anywhere, but not crafted
    4. To stay in the game, players must spawn at a bed
    5. Last team with a player in the game wins
    6. You can dig, build, farm, or anything else, inside the map boundaries
    Teams of 3 to 5 players are recommended.

    Bed War Map #1 - Now I Slay You Down to Sleep - Version 0.12.2

    Video Guides
    Here are some slightly outdated guides to Bed War from my Youtube channel:

    Bed War Ep. 1

    Bed War Ep. 2



    2012-04-21 Version 0.12.2:
    • All Blaze spawners are removed from the middle of the map. In their place is "The Hive", an obsidian cave containing four Ghast spawners and the "diamond booger". There are only two narrow entrances to the Hive on each side, so traversing it is still a challenge, but should be easier and more fun than the old Blaze wall.
    • Netherwart and a few Magma Cube spawners are added, meaning all brewing ingredients are now available in the map.
    • Three chests can now be found in the wooden catwalks above the desert: one contains bows and arrows, another contains ender pearls and feather falling boots, and the third contains a bit of TNT.
    • The spawners in the scenic cave have been moved around a bit and are now plainly visible instead of being buried in the walls.
    • The enchanted stick room is now made of obsidian on all six sides. The entrance is still in the same place.
    • The Creeper spawners at the base of the spiral tower are removed.
    • The map is now distributed exclusively in Anvil format and must be played with Minecraft version 1.2 or newer.

    2012-04-19 Version 0.11.2:
    • Shifted the map over one block to fix lighting errors from Anvil conversion. No gameplay changes.
    2012-02-20 Verson 0.11.1:
    • The palace is now completely mob proof. Formerly, you would sometimes jump down to find mobs right in the middle of it, which didn't seem fair.
    • The battle clocks are all the same now. It was too confusing when they had different enchantments because you couldn't tell them apart in multiplayer.
    • There are a few more pools of water in the forest that you can jump into from the stalactites,
    • and there is a gap in the side of the obsidian that lets you jump from the start area into Viagra Falls.
    • The small stalagmites in the lava below the forest are now a bit more parkourable.
    • Added playtester credits and special thanks.
    2012-02-15 Verson 0.11.0:
    This is the biggest and boldest update to the map since it was first released!
    • The map is now 50% longer (now 384 blocks, formerly 256)
    • In the center is a new area I call "the cathedral". This is a massive and treacherous cave system designed to act as a buffer between the two teams, giving them more time to secure their beds before meeting each other.
    • The entire stone structure on the ceiling of the map has been remade. Stone can still be acquired in much the same way, by bridging/pillaring up to it.
    • The iron mine is now at the bottom of the lower cave system, where diamond used to be.
    • The "diamond booger" in the center of the cathedral is now the only diamond in the map.
    • Under the obsidian ledge, where the iron used to be, there are now four enchanted bows. Skeletons and cave spiders still guard this area.
    • The gravel block in the lower cave system is replaced by something much much better.
    2012-02-06 Version 0.10.3:
    • Replaced wooden swords with enchanted clocks. I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. Now you have no excuse for missing your sleep window.
    2012-02-05 Version 0.10.2:
    • Enclosed the space in the center, between the stalactites, so Ghasts can't easily escape and fly around the map
    • Added a new obsidian layer between the coal mine and the surface, to prevent tunneling straight down
    • Added large veins of glowstone in the coal mine
    • Thinned out the vines a bit in the coal mine
    2012-02-03 Version 0.10.1:
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't spawn at the bed when it was placed in the obvious spot next to the chest
    2012-02-03 Version 0.10.0:
    Bed War seems to be generating a lot of interest. I've finally had a chance to play a few serious matches with my new team, and I discovered other teams had already developed some smart strategies. This has all been quite illuminating and I've made some big changes to the map as a result:
    • There is a totally new spawn area that is much lower down, for better spectating. It also features a fully automatic sumo ring!
    • The railway bridges connecting the spawn to the mainland will self-destruct when the game starts, to prevent eliminated players from re-entering the map
    • The floors are removed from the castle thing in the start area, so it's just a big box now, and the bed chamber is at ground level.
    • The starting chests now contain a small amount of redstone parts, including pistons. You could use these, for example, to help hide the bed.
    • There is now a large cave system under the team starting area, where all the coal can be found, along with lots of great hiding places.
    • The iron is now much lower to the ground and harder to get. In addition to the spiders, you will have to deal with the skeleton spawners in the cliff, which were previously out of range, except for one which was broken.
    • There is a huge wad of diamond right in the center of the map, between the stalactites. To get it, you will have to deal with falling lava and four Ghast spawners, and quite possibly the other team too.
    • The old diamond mine now has a countermeasure against pouring water on the lava.
    • Each team now has a dog house that spawns wolves (break the glass to activate it). If you have a lot of bones, you could build a dog army pretty quickly, which might be a good last-resort tactic if your bed is gone.
    • The game start time is back to sunset
    2012-01-27 Version 0.9.1:
    • Put the beds in chests, to encourage moving them
    • Game now starts at dawn, to assist in the above
    • Added protip signs to the starting area
    • Labeled chests
    The Fine Print

    All map data is copyright the creator, "last_username". "Bed War" and "Now I Slay You Down to Sleep" are trademarks of the map creator, "last_username".

    Wow, this is pretty small. This is even smaller.
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    posted a message on [PvP] Hoodoo v1.1 (30,000 downloads)

    Hoodoo v1.1 - Jan 17th, 2014
    For unmodified Minecraft 1.7.4 multiplayer
    (NOT Bukkit, NOT single player, see "How to run the map" for important technical info)

    You will have MUCH more fun playing Hoodoo if you first watch the short video tour below!

    Hoodoo is an asymmetrical attack/defense map. There are two teams: Invaders and Defenders. The Invaders have one Minecraft day (20 minutes) to destroy The Beacon, which the Defenders must protect.

    The Defenders are supplied with weapons, armor, TNT, and various materials they can use to build their defences. There are also teleporters in the map that only the Defenders can use.

    The Invaders can take the form of 5 different animals, each with their own unique abilities:

    Rabbit - moves fast and an excellent jumper
    Eagle - an archer immune to fall damage
    Beaver - a builder/support class with many blocks, tools, and potions
    Wolf - a melee warrior with an ender pearl
    Elephant - a slow moving fortress armed with TNT and knockback resistance

    Hoodoo is intricate and intense while staying fun and easy to learn. It is the product of over a year of development and hundreds of private matches to refine and balance the gameplay. I hope you have as much fun playing it as my friends and I had making it!

    Video Tour

    Changes from Hoodoo v1.0 to v1.1:

    How to run the map

    For reasons outside my control, Hoodoo generates many hundreds of lines of server console messages per second. If you are running the server on Windows, you must disable the server GUI using the "nogui" command line option or the server will grind to a halt after a few minutes. If running the server on another platform, you may want to redirect the output to /dev/null since it is absolutely useless. The map probably won't work in single player.


    My friend MrScaryMuffin is running a Hoodoo tournament and is currently accepting team signups. If you have a team of 4-6 players who want to challenge others at Hoodoo, go check it out!


    Feel free to post videos of your Hoodoo matches on Youtube, twitch, or wherever. You can post them in this thread too, and I'll feature particularly interesting ones below. All I ask, in return for my hundreds of hours of map development, is that you link to this thread somewhere in the description for your videos.

    A playtest with the Midnight Society, shortly before the map was released:

    The next two vids are from the Misfits, a PvP group that started playing Hoodoo shortly after it was released:

    The Misfits challenged Midnight Society to a friendly scrimmage. We played on the WIP version of Hoodoo v1.1:


    In addition to the screenshots below, here is a nice annotated album of Hoodoo screenshots.

    Public Servers

    Presently, Hoodoo is not generally available for hosting on public servers, but I plan to make it freely available for that purpose in the near future. There are a couple of reasons for this (wall of text in the spoiler):

    Firstly, the map does not work at all in Bukkit due to incompatibilities with vanilla Minecraft, so plugin code will need to be written for it. Furthermore, a great deal of time was spent carefully balancing the map for teams of 5-6 players who are familiar with the map, can be trusted to follow rules voluntarily, and have voice communication with each other. On public servers, there are typically more players and they are less organized. They will often join or leave in the middle of a game and many have no idea how to play. They can't be trusted to follow crucial rules like "Invaders are not allowed to swap items", or to not tamper with redstone devices that are accessible from inside the map.

    I want everyone to have a consistent, high-quality Hoodoo experience, wherever they play. That's why I'm working closely with the Overcast Network to develop a hosted version of the map. When this is finished, it will serve as a reference implementation. Other public servers will be welcome to host the map for free, under the condition that they implement it exactly the same way. I think this is best for everyone, otherwise there would be a lot of duplicated effort and broken Hoodoo servers all over the place. There is no planned date for Hoodoo going live on Overcast, but development is a high priority for both of us.


    Many people deserve special thanks for helping Hoodoo come to be:

    The Midnight Society, both the regular and transient players, for the endless playtesting and feedback; Rixiot for creating Nail, the primary inspiration for Hoodoo; Moesh and the rest of Groundfox for all the technical help, playtesting, and encouragement; TrazLander, SethBling, Jigarbov, TexelElf, Xisuma, Sarc, Asdjke, Etho, and any other redstoners and mapmakers who helped me with the many technical hurdles I faced in making Hoodoo; Thungon, for making the sign; MonsieurApple and the Overcast Network for helping with the launch party and trailer; Dinnerbone and the Mojang team for realizing the potential of mapmaking and PvP.

    Legal Info
    Hoodoo is a creative work owned by its Author, last_username, under copyright law. Hoodoo may only be distributed through the links provided by the Author. Hoodoo may not be mirrored or distributed in any other way without written permission of the Author. Hoodoo is provided freely to be downloaded and installed for personal use, or private use by groups of no more than 20 people. The Author makes no claim of copyright over video recordings of Hoodoo being used as authorized. Hoodoo may not be used as part of any public service, commercial or otherwise, without written permission of the Author. Hoodoo is a trademark of the Author, last_username.
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    posted a message on [RFW] Vertigo 1.1 - the wool race gets vertical


    Guided Tour

    This is a team vs team wool race map where each lane fits in a single chunk - a 16x16 block area, 256 blocks high. There are three wools located at different altitudes, as well as an assortment of obstacles and rewards.

    The current version is of the map is 1.1 and it requires at least Minecraft 1.6 to play.

    Or play it with AutoReferee: /ar load vertigo


    2013-09-26: Version 1.1
    Yes, I skipped 1.0! This is a big update with tons of improvements to the gameplay and underlying technology in Vertigo. I will have more info and an updated tour soon, but for now, just download it and check it out.

    2012-04-07: Version 0.2.3
    • Fixed a backward sign in one of the lanes

    2012-04-07: Version 0.2.2
    • Added level III war chests at the very top and bottom of the map. They contain some incredibly powerful gear that can change the course of the game.
    • More creeper spawners on the planet.
    2012-04-06: Version 0.2.1
    • Completely new fortress and green wool dungeon, featuring the mob-o-gram machine (send mobs to your enemy)
    • Moved red fleecy box back to avoid accidental cannoning
    • Better signage to guide you through the map
    • Sumo ring
    • Small tweaks and fixes

    Other maps by last_username


    Tunnel Vision

    Bed War
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    posted a message on MCLooter - List all chests in a world
    This is a simple command line tool that lists the coordinates and contents of every chest in a world

    Download - Aug 11, 2013 - for Minecraft 1.6.2

    Command Line Usage
    java -jar mclooter.jar <world path>

    Example Output
    Chest at -119,56,40
      3 Wheat
      1 Wheat
      1 Saddle
      1 Saddle
      1 String
      1 Gunpowder
    Chest at -94,64,189
      29 Wool (White)
      9 Cobblestone
      3 Slabs
      4 Wooden Pressure Plate
      1 Iron Axe
      7 Glass
    Chest at -65,27,25
    Chest at -65,27,24
      64 Gravel
      6 Gravel
      64 Dirt
      2 String
      53 Dirt

    Potential Uses
    • Finding stuff you lost
    • Seeing what you missed in an adventure map
    • Cheating at an adventure map
    • Remembering where you put stuff in your own adventure map

    Other Tools
    I now have a general code framework for searching maps and reporting on stuff. What other little tools like this would folks be interested in?
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    posted a message on [RFW] Tunnel Vision - created for RMCT
    Bump to announce the version 1.1 update and that Tunnel Vision will be played in the final round of RMCT 4. Check the first post for details.
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    posted a message on Compact Light Sensors, 1x/7x/12x/14x Sensitivity
    The 12w39 snapshot changed the way slabs interact with light and broke all the multi-sensor models, but they can be fixed basically by replacing the slabs with stairs. The orientation of the stairs matters. You have to place them in such a way that there are no gaps to the inside of the machine. I'll make a new tutorial for the 12x a bit later, when Mojang has stopped making changes to the lighting engine.
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    posted a message on Compact Light Sensors, 1x/7x/12x/14x Sensitivity
    As of the 12w39a snapshot, the 7x/12x/14x models are broken. However, I've got them working again with a few modifications. I'm going to hold off on a tutorial for now, in case Mojang makes more changes to the lighting engine.

    These are day/night sensors. They switch a redstone signal on and off at dawn and sunset. There are currently five models: Pico (1x), Nano (1x), 7x, 12x, and 14x. The 12x is the newest model and the one I recommend for compact and reliable day/night detection.

    The Pico and Nano use a single grass block to detect the outdoor light level. They have 23 grass source blocks, just under the maximum possible of 25.The Pico is a bit smaller than the Nano, but requires an ice block. They use the same basic mechanism as but they are considerably more compact. They are very easy to build, but slow to react. They can easily take a couple of minutes to detect daybreak. The Pico is, IMHO, the smallest practical light sensor in existence right now. You can't get any smaller without sacrificing source blocks, which will slow the machine down a lot.

    The larger models use 7, 12, and 14 grass blocks respectively to detect light and they will react roughly that many times faster than the small machines. At the same time, they are much more compact than simply chaining 1x sensors together. The 12x and 14x models typically react within seconds. They usually notice the sun rising before I do.

    These machines can be tricky to build, even from instructions. Getting the smallest detail wrong can make them not work. If you're having trouble, describe the problem here, prefereably with some screenshots, and I'll help you figure out what's wrong.

    Light Sensor Pico (3x5x3)

    Light Sensor Nano (3x6x4)

    Light Sensor 12x (18x6x8)

    Video Tutorial

    Light Sensor 7x (12x5x11)

    Video Tutorial

    Build Instructions (revision 2, for all versions of Minecraft)

    Each successive image below adds strictly one layer to the machine. Click each image for a larger version. To avoid problems, examine the images carefully and make sure you put every block in just the right place.

    Once finished, the machine needs to be in day mode (filled with water) for a few minutes to kill off some of the day detector blocks. If you finish the machine at night, sleep in a bed and if the machine isn't filled with water, flip it to day mode manually.

    Light Sensor 14x (12x5x20)

    Build Instructions (revision 2, for all versions of Minecraft)

    NOTE: in Minecraft 1.2, replace all the glass with leaves

    Each successive image below adds strictly one layer to the machine. Click each image for a larger version. To avoid problems, examine the images carefully and make sure you put every block in just the right place.

    Once finished, the machine needs to be in day mode (filled with water) for a few minutes to kill off some of the day detector blocks. If you finish the machine at night, sleep in a bed and if the machine isn't filled with water, flip it to day mode manually.


    If your machine doesn't work, look for the following:
    • Repeaters set to the wrong delay
    • Missing/misplaced redstone dust or torches
    • Missing blocks that could allow light to leak into the machine
    • External light sources reaching the window
    • Obstructions between the window and sky
    • Grass where there shouldn't be
    • No grass where there should be
    • Chupacabras
    If you can't fix it, post the symptoms and some screenshots in this thread and I'll help you out.

    Note: up to Beta 1.8, Minecraft had a "sticky light" bug that affected this machine, but the bug is fixed in Minecraft 1.0


    Light Sensor Nano
    Light Sensor Nano (underground)
    Light Sensor 7x
    Light Sensor 14x

    (schematics for the newer models coming.. uh.. soon)

    So, how does it work?

    The nano/pico models use a single block of grass/dirt to detect light. During the day, the grass block is under water/ice, causing it to die as soon as it gets dark. This is detected by a T-BUD switch and the sensor block, which is now dirt, is moved out of the water/ice. It will stay dirt until morning when there is enough light for grass to grow on it. This is again detected by the T-BUD and the grass block is moved back under the water/ice.

    The 7x, 12x, and 14x models actually contain two rows of sensor blocks: the one directly under the window detects nightfall, and the one on the other side detects daybreak. The night sensor has 7/12/14 grass blocks. When one of them dies, it switches the machine to night mode. It then spends the night regrowing grass on the block that died, and any others that might have died somehow. Meanwhile, the day sensor waits for one of its 7/12/14 dirt blocks to grow grass. When that happens, it switches the machine to day mode and spends the day killing off any grass that grew.

    Each sensor spends half the day waiting and the other half resetting itself. If one of them doesn't fully reset, for whatever reason, the machine is just less sensitive for that cycle, and it will fix itself for the next cycle. For the machine to break, all blocks on one side would have to grow/die before any of them could be killed off/regrow.

    But how exactly do the 7x/12x/14x sensors work???

    Ok, but first a quick review of the light/grass rules:
    • Sunlight is level 15 (or 10 during a storm), moonlight is level 4, torches are level 14
    • Light decays by one level for every step up, down, or sideways.
    • Light decays by an additional two levels for every water or ice block it passes through. The height of the water doesn't matter.
    • Light from the sky doesn't start to decay until it hits the first block that isn't fully transparent.
    • Grass can spread one block up, one block sideways, and three blocks down.
    • Grass can spread to a dirt block only if there is light 9+ above the grass block, light 4+ above the dirt block, and the block above the dirt does not decay light by more than 1.
    • Grass can die if there is light 3 or less above it and the block above it decays light by more than one.
    Got it? Good.

    So, the inside of the machine is light-proof, except for the window on top. During the day, both sensors are covered by a layer of water. The night sensor is directly under the window, so there is only one water block between the sensor and the sky. That means it gets light level 15-3=12 during the day (or 7 during a storm), which is not dark enough to kill it. At night, it only gets light level 4-3=1 and one of the blocks soon dies, triggering the switch to night mode. The day sensor is shifted 3 blocks away from the window, so skylight has to go through 4 water blocks to get to it. Even in daylight, it only gets light level 15-3-3-3-3=3 and so all the blocks die.

    At night, the water shuts off. Now the night sensor is getting light 4 from the moon, which is just enough for it to regrow. The grass is spreading from the surrounding grass blocks, which are getting at least light 9 from the torches. The day sensor is still 3 blocks away from skylight, so it only gets light level 1 during the night, but when day comes it goes up to 12 and one of the dirt blocks quickly grows grass and switches the machine to day mode.


    This is a cross-section of the 7x and 14x models, looking down the length of the machine. The night detector block is on the left and the day detector is on the right. The numbers represent the light level at that block.

    XBox360 Version

    DewRadley explains how to make the 12x work on the XBox version of Minecraft, with a few small modifications:

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Lights Out/Antifreeze - Two mods to fix lighting bugs
    The Lights Out fixes are already implemented in Minecraft 1.3, so that mod is now obsolete. I'm still looking into whether Antifreeze is still useful or not.

    These two mods each fix a bug in Minecraft. The are provided seperately so that if one of them conflicts with some other mod, you can still potentially use the other one.

    Lights Out fixes the "phantom skylight" bug that causes large blotches of light to appear in large open areas that should be dark. This bug affects all maps played in Minecraft 1.2 or later, regardless of whether they were created in 1.2 or converted from the old 1.1 format. It is a major problem for custom maps that are covered by a ceiling, or that feature large underground areas e.g. Nightmare Realm, Vinyl Fantasy, and many others. More information about this bug can be learned from the video at the end of this post.

    Antifreeze fixes a bug that can cause very long freezes in multiplayer, as long as 15-20 seconds in the worst cases. This happens when two or more people are connected to a server and one player loads a chunk containing another player. If that chunk has a large amount of space covered from the sky, a massive lighting calculation can be triggered and this is what causes the freeze. As a side effect, my mod also disables random lighting changes happening in front of your face, a "feature" that will not be missed by me.

    • Download the appropriate version of the mod. If you are playing in single player mode, you only need the client version of the mod. If you want to use Lights Out in multiplayer mode, the server and all connected clients must have the appropriate versions of the mod installed. Antifreeze is a client-only mod -- it works in single player or multiplayer, with no modifications to the server.
    • Install the mod by adding the contained .class files to your minecraft.jar (or minecraft_server.jar), and deleting the META-INF folder from the .jar. Detailed instructions for this are available on the wiki.
    • With Lights Out, you need to play the affected map only with your fixed version of Minecraft. If you load the world in Minecraft without Lights Out installed, phantom light blobs will start to appear. Lights Out does not remove phantom skylight that is already in the map (though it might if you expose the affected area to real skylight and then cover it again). There is currently no known way to make a map "immune" to this bug when played in an unmodified version of the game.
    Important Things
    • These mods fix two particular lighting bugs in Minecraft. There are no doubt many other lighting bugs in the game that these mods do not fix. Though if you post some screenshots here, I will give you my best advice on how it might be fixed.
    • These mods may be incompatible with some other mods (particularly if they contain .class files with the same name). On request, I can help the authors of any such mod integrate these fixes into their mod. I'm personally using these mods successfully along with Optifine, Single Player Commands, ModLoader, and Ultra Hardcore. Lights Out will will *not* work with Bukkit, but I am going to try to get the fix merged into Bukkit in the near future.
    • I know of no reason these mods would cause any new performance problems. If you want to convince me otherwise, you will have to provide some fairly convincing evidence or technical explanation. Just sayin'.

    Lights Out for Minecraft Client 1.2.5

    Lights Out for Minecraft Server 1.2.5 (vanilla, not Bukkit)

    Antifreeze Standard for Minecraft Client 1.2.5
    This version should not cause problems when playing vanilla Minecraft

    Antifreeze Extreme for Minecraft Client 1.2.5
    This version may prevent more freezes than Standard but should not be used when playing vanilla single-player Minecraft as it will cause major lighting errors in generated terrain.

    Doesn't work?

    Read this entire post carefully and if it doesn't address your issue, post a polite and detailed request in reply to this topic and I will try to help you out.

    About the Phantom Skylight Bug

    Here is an example of what the phantom skylight bug might look like:

    And here is a video I made explaining the nature of the bug. You don't need to know this stuff to use Lights Out, it's just here for the curious:

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    posted a message on New pistonless BUD switch design
    This is (as far as I know) a new type of BUD switch that exploits a glitch with redstone power levels. It uses no pistons and is totally silent. There are other BUDs that don't use pistons, but this design has some advantages (and disadvantages) over them.

    • Silent
    • No glowstone
    • Works in any orientation
    • Can be reshaped in many ways
    • Sensor is exposed on 5 sides, and it can sense the opaque block under it
    • Exploits an old bug that is unlikely to be fixed

    • Not compact, hard to fit in machines

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