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    posted a message on **Modern City RP server [Serious Roleplay][Custom Coded][Jobs]
    Name: Charle Anderson

    In Game name: lapin03

    Skype: lapin03 but i can't talk, no mic

    age: 14

    How long have you played minecraft?: Don't really know but near one year.

    Why do you want to join us? Because i activly searching a RP server and i never find one, it's the first

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    posted a message on Ringscraft: The Conquest of Eriador - 50 Slots | 24/7 | Hardcore RP | LotR Based Server | Whitelisted | Heroes | New 4th Age Lor
    Out of Character(OOC) INFO: (Don’t be shy; We won’t ban for this part, it’s only to know our players.)

    IGN(In Game Name):lapin03

    Roleplaying experience (What roleplay servers have you played on before? Or what Roleplay games have you played before?):CraftHammer a little bit and RingsCraft first age
    I have played GuildWars2,Runes Of magic and more ...

    Country/Time zone: East Coast (‘Murica)

    Where did you find us?: I have played on the old server

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed):naturally I love Lord Of the rings and minecraft.If I do LOTR + Minecraft the result is RingsCraft!
    The second reason its:
    create a story for another Lord Of the ring age its only perfect!

    Time you can give to this server (Everyday, or per week): per week: 3-6 hours and everyday 1-3 hours.

    Who in our new lore destroyed Minas Tirith? Haradrim and Easterlings

    Which Captain of Rohan survived until the end? Captain Goman lll

    Have you read the rules?: 24,Gollum

    What is RolePlaying for you?:A roleplay its enters into another world you choose another life and you do what you can't do in real life!!

    What is MetaGaming in your words?: Metagaming is when a person from one team would tell a person on the other the plans of their own team in order to win and cheat for victory.

    What is PowerGaming in your words?: Powergaming is when you decide what happens by yourself without the other person agreeing to it.

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    Name (Please give your Character a name that fits with your race): Wellan

    Race (Go see the race section. And is he a man or a woman):Breelander,man

    Age: 31

    Combat Class: Warrior

    Professional Class: Miner

    Character Backstory [It should be about 3 paragraphs, 400 words or more. And please no stories like this : His/her parents were killed by orcs. He/she trained, found the orcs, and killed them all. The end. (You cannot be anyone important in the server without being approved, you need to work your way to the top.)]:
    Wellan live in a little house of Bree.At 6 years old are dad have trained Wellan to be a very dangerous warrior and to know who is ally and ennemy.
    When Wellan have reached 15 years old his dad has been killed by a goblin and his mother captured. After, he goes to a military camp to bee most trained 1 years later orcs have ravaged the human encampment
    and kill a lots of people.But did Wellan party survivors and returned to Bree to see a doctor.With hands,leg and clavicle broken he need 2 years for restart is training
    But he never stop to practise to the revenge time.4 years later...He goes in the bree sewer to find goblin and kill them all!When he reach the main goblin camp....
    He find thousands goblins, its impossible to kill as far goblins alone.He need an army to kill all the goblins.With anger at not being able to avenge this is related
    Wellan find the output and go recrut friend.

    With 5 person's army Wellan trained whit the four Warrior and the archer have practise alone.He name his team the emerald knights!
    This team have to mission: Protect Bree.

    Roleplay Example (A conversation/fight between your character and someone else. We want to see how well you can Roleplay.):
    Wellan: Ulina practise your defense position!
    Ulina: Ok chief
    *Wellan do a demonstration
    Ulina: Okay, I understand

    Personality traits:
    Default: It is vindictive, and intolerant

    Positive: It gives the error right, is a good troop leader, he is kind, strong and smart

    Physical description (ie. what his face looks like) and/or image of skin?:Wellan is blond,large wearing a green and black armor.

    Skills (For every major skill you have, you should have one weakness. You can not master any individual skill to start out with. Once again, you must earn this. If you feel that this system would ruin or otherwise inhibit your ability to create the character you desire, please contact the admin team and we will look into a solution.):
    Is very skilled with a sword he dodges very well.

    Weakness:He dont know how to shoot with a bow.

    What is his/her ultimate goal? ( Ex: Becoming a king, owning the biggest farm, being the richest merchant in Eriador ) Take his parent revenge.
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    posted a message on RingsCraft [Lord of The Rings Roleplay] *NOW CLOSED FOR 4rth AGE*
    Out of Character(OOC): (Don’t be shy we won’t ban for this part it’s only to know our players)
    IGN(In Game Name):lapin03

    Roleplaying experience(Have you ever played on Minecraft Roleplay Servers before? Yes I played on Crafthammer

    Age ( Please do not lie It won’t make you better): 12

    Country/ Time zone: Canada

    Did anyone tell you about this? ( Please give us his MC IGN )

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed):For fun!I like Lord of the ring! and I used to play Lord Of The Ring online

    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?:
    Probably a Nazgul because they're really nice.

    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week):Five hour and + a week

    Have you read the rules?: Yes, Frodo

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    Name(Please give your Character a name that fits with your race) :Mauhúr

    Race(Go see the race section higher up. And is he a man or a woman):Orc of isengard

    Age(Is he a child, a teen, a father\mother or an elder?): A few days old

    Character Backstory( What happened to your character? Were his parents slaughtered and he grew up in the streets or did he learn at the the College of Winterhold? Maybe he was part of a group of deadly assassins who got paid to do some one's dirty work.Or maybe he was just a peaceful farmer minding his own business when suddenly his familly was kidnapped and he was left to die in his burning farm.You decide what happened to him and please be very descriptive. It should be more then 50 words):
    Mauhur is an orc who was born in the mud like all other orcs. (considering that he is only a few day old, he has not experienced any real thing in is life)

    Personality traits(What is your character like?Is he a charming young man or dark and mysterious person?Maybe he is just a loyal man looking for work and wanting to start a family .Would he help some one that was about to die or let them die? Is he cold and cruel? Once again please be very descriptive. Just make a short paragraph) :
    He's cruel and he particulary love slaying young kids and eat them. He also love burning village.

    Physical description or image of skin?( Does he have any facial hairs? What does he wear like clothes and why? Was it given to him by his father or did he craft it himself? Please not too long, just short and sweet)Please put a picture of your skin.:
    He's a cruel orc and he wear a skull on his belt. He also has only two teeth and has green eyes and a little short. There's skin HTML adress:http://minecraftskins.fr/skin/0c409f91fc665279/

    What is he/she good at? (Examples: Sword fighting, blacksmithing, using a bow, etc)
    He's a good swordsman.
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    posted a message on RingsCraft [Lord of The Rings Roleplay] *NOW CLOSED FOR 4rth AGE*
    Thanks for the speed of your answer!
    God bless LOTR
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    posted a message on RingsCraft [Lord of The Rings Roleplay] *NOW CLOSED FOR 4rth AGE*
    Hum just to know, how long can it be before whitelist?
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    posted a message on Crafthammer [Serious RP, SERVER RELEASE, Whistelist open]
    Minecraft username: lapin03
    Age: 14
    Time zone: CET Zurich
    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: I have played on a few roleplay servers before
    Why do you want to join?: The server looks really fun and it will be nice to meet new people who are also interested in roleplaying servers
    What do you think of this server so far?: It looks good from the description and races.
    Where did you hear of us?: Minecraft forum, I saw your post when i was looking through the servers
    Do you know what warhammer is? Have you ever played Warhammer?: Yes, I used to play a few years ago but i havnt played in a while.
    Do you swear to follow the rules?: i will
    Why should you be accepted in to the server?: I am a honest and reliable person to play with and i will stay in my character throughout the whole time.
    Name: force342
    Age: 23
    Race: Elf (Wood Elf)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue and Black uniform its coul colours. A helmet that covers his Black hair.
    Personality: Force is very persuasive, He can usually work out good deals that benefit himself. He also has patients, he can work on something for hours to figure it out. Also Magmus's best trait is being positive. Being positive make things seem easier at hard times. This positiveness can also be spread to fellow companions which make Magmus a good leader.
    Ambitions: To have the strongest race and to make as man friends in the process.
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