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    posted a message on Minecraft PE : 0.8.0 SERVER.
    Ign: rose_____tyler
    Please can I join your server I don't troll or grief and plz respond ASAP at [email protected]
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    posted a message on [ 1.6.2 ] Mc-Sg | Hunger Games | SuperCraftBros | Survival | Creative | Spleef | Parkour | Skyblock | 2222+ players | 24-7 | 21
    Quote from iMalo

    This server runs Automated "Hunger Games" 24-7 with 12+ custom maps and is among the top Survival Games servers with usually 100-400 players online. We created our own plugin, which is released to the public on bukkit for others to use. We run multiple servers, not just Survival Games, but we have Hardcore Survival, Factions Survival, Creative, Spleef, Parkour and more!. We strive for the lowest lag possible, although we do get lag time to time do to various reasons.

    Ip: play.mc-sg.org

    • Do not Spam
    • Do not ask for ranks or permissions
    • Don't fight with other players or be rude
    • Don't Hack/Grief/Glitch
    • No Mods
    • Refrain from bad language
    • Respect and listen to staff
    Survival Games:
    • You can only break Leaves, vines, mushrooms, tall grass, flowers.
    • You can only place blocks found in chests
    • Only one player can win the game
    • Don't hold up a match (ie... go afk with your friend so game doesn't end)
    Server Specs
    Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 (2x 2.5GHz, Hex-Core + HT)
    64 GB REG ECC DDR3
    1 TB Enterprise Grade SATA II
    64GB Samsung 830 Series SSD
    20 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)

    See you online!

    Ip: play.mc-sg.org

    For Member rank, please comment you in game name below, then wait for a staff member to promote you! This shouldn't take no more then a few hours, but from time to time it may take up to a few days due to any reason.

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