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    Oi oi Boiis

    This server started as a small thing for around but after a while of development we got bored and reset the world. Now wanting some new fella who's willing to join us in this new adventure. Currently server has the potential of 20 people right could play but due to life circumstances not working out. Decided to open up the server to the community to build a strong and active player base that is respectful and can play together well. We wanting people for long term and anyone is welcome to join long as they are mature and use common sense. The server is a vanilla on spigot only running SMP designed plugins like one player sleep and core protect for grief protection hoping to not use though. here is a link to the application and applications will be processed by the end of the day if we find you suitable then we will contact you through discord. We are Australian based community wanting more diversity and culture in a small gang community. Australian based pebble host servers.



    No Hacking

    No x-ray or cheating or exploiting bugs that effect others drastically

    No griefing

    be mature

    don't be a retard

    use common sense

    Be constructive and nice to everybody else no racism or negative behaviour. This is what keeps everyone together

    Thank you guys for hearing me out.

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