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    There is a faster way: Get an efficiency 5 pick and a level 4 beacon. Then instead of mining in lines just spam click that stone dozens at a time. What remains are the ores and you can use a fortune pick on them.
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    posted a message on Whats your biggest fail on minecraft? i know what mine is...
    My world number is 72. Because I died and lost all my stuff 71 times.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Wow you people complain a lot! Everything in the last two pages that you said are ugly and don't happen in the real world, these I rather like (because it adds to the variety) and have seen in real life. I like the new swamps, the rocky flats, the deep lakes (these are not oceans, despite the name). Shallow waters are often gravelly or rocky.

    Savanna provides a nice sparse-tree environment, as do plains. And if it's not perfect you can plant, chop or burn to make things more to your liking. I love the new dense oak forests, and the new taigas.
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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture
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    posted a message on Sitting up in minecart for better view. How? Please help!
    You could try riding a pig on a minecart.
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    posted a message on An Idea for a Longer Survival
    Except for the dragon, you could do this without any mods, by simply grabbing a bunch of stuff and walking or donkey riding a long long ways away from your old home.
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    posted a message on [1.7 Challenge] The Ravine of Doom
    found a most epic ravine in a seed in 1.7, (it's ravines within ravines within ravines down to the lava layer, and there's a mineshaft) and so I've taken on myself a REALLY hard challenge. Basically, gear up, jump down to the diamond layer and survive, mine and escape with all your ores.

    Setup: Start a new world. Seed 4562612450690974354. Bonus chest on.

    Day 1: Gather resources while travelling to x=666, z=0. This is nearly a day's journey. You should see a ravine ahead to the left. Look down.

    You may craft a bed and set spawn.

    Day 2: The challenge begins. Can you survive to day 3?

    1. Dig a water trench from the ocean at x=490 towards the ravine.

    2. Ride your falls down. Take the opportunity to look around as you do. It's epic.

    3. At the bottom dig more to get the water flowing to the bottom of the ravine. (Watch out for attackers, you must be quick.) Ride down. You should now be at z=20.

    4. Run and hide! Find a cave to establish base. Secure it.

    5. Place a bed. Set spawn as soon as you can. (However, if it's not night, or mobs are nearby, this can be a challenge.)

    Day 3-200.
    Survive. To escape, you MUST build a rail line to the surface, and run chest-carts to the surface with all the ores you find.

    You may not gather iron, gold, or diamond before you go down the Ravine.
    Once in the ravine you may not leave until you have your rail line running from bottom to top.
    You may not mine into walls, except to gather visible ores, or dig towards the signs of water, lava or mobs.
    To win the challenge, you must exit through the top of the main ravine.

    Bring seeds to plant wheat.
    Bring saplings to plant trees. Plant in an open ravine.
    Your rail line must go up open ravines or caves. Scout and secure the area before you build.
    Bring leather and sugar cane to make an enchantment table and bookshelf.
    Secure a ravine floor against kamikaze mobs by fortifying the edges.
    When you have lots of wood, build ladders for climbing, only don't climb out.
    Explore the mineshaft (it's high up in the main ravine).

    SCORE: This is hard! I've failed 3 times already. 4th time is going better. Anyone who succeeds wins.

    Bonus for:
    most diamonds
    fastest time
    playing on hard
    playing on hardcore
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    There are rumors on Mindcrack of something coming. Specifically, they plan to reset the map after the next major terrain update, and they seem to be expecting one. Why would they know something? Well, this group knows Mojang. Dinnerbone is a fan, they chaired a minecon panel, and were granted the MC2.0 April Fools joke because they know how to keep secrets.
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    posted a message on Survival can, and should be, improved (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
    Quote from Sakata32

    Speaking to the OP.

    You have completely lost the entire concept of Minecraft, and I pity your closed-mindedness. Throughout your post, your main topic was progression, challenges, advancing difficulty, developing gameplay along a timeline. I don't know if you just don't understand the game, or simply choose to ignore the inspired genius of it, but Minecraft is NOT A STORYLINE, MISSION-BASED, OR ROLE PLAYING GAME. It is a SANDBOX. If you don't understand the difference.... You shouldn't be on the forum. You should be playing the game constantly until you figure out how it works. Nuff said.

    I agree with this entirely.

    Silents: Mojang should absolutely fix flaws, such as repetitive terrain, glitchy movement, lighting, mobs cheating through fences, etc. The lack of endless levels of progress in the game, complexity in combat, etc. are not flaws. Well okay, there is always room for improvement, but it's not essential.

    Minecraft has hundreds of hours of game play even though every thing can be found and acquired in ten. What's this mean? It means the game play doesn't lie in depth but breadth, and there's a lot of it. To push for deep play in the core is to miss the point. It's up to map makers and creative individuals to use Minecraft to make thousands of interesting play experiences, not Mojang to establish just one.
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    Quote from Tobor

    So if Mojang does add more open-ended content, should they depend on the community to fill in the spaces that they are lacking in?

    I object to the word "lacking". It's impossible to be everything to everyone. Is there something not in survival that if added could make it better? An infinite amount of different things. Is there some basic changes that would make a big enhancement? Perhaps some of those should be done.

    Minecraft has enough content for people to be hooked to it for a while. But later on when a lot of people depend on mods to make it the game they want it to be, this means that there's something missing from the gameplay of Minecraft that people find interesting. Minecraft isn't a bad game because of mods necessarily, but when people look to mods where Minecraft is lacking, that's where it can be better.

    Every game has a limited playability. Minecraft's is measured in years. But if people get tired of the same, well that's no surprise. That mods provide something different is no surprise. Mojang continues to add various things to make the game more interesting and that's exactly what they should do. And they must restrain themselves to avoid changing the balance and feel of the game from what people like to something very different. None of this means minecraft is incomplete.

    Minecraft is a create-your-own game. It will never be a FPS. But it can be whatever else you or somebody makes of it. Do tell what gameplay can't be made or can't be done that should be.
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