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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: lAimBotl(Java/pc edition)/PotatoLard (Win10 edition (win10 is bedrock edition))
    • Platform you play on: PC
    • Age: 21 (now I can annoy people with that old meme . . .("wats 9+10"))
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: USA,NY/EST
    • How someone should contact you: Discord/Xbox/Minecraft forums(I check mc forums the most) (Discord username is: " lAimBotl ")
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: probably since I was 14, so 7 years.

    • Some things that you like to do in the game: Automation is fun, and redstone, mostly just survival, mods are also fun to play with (only in java since win10 doesn't let you mod). Apparently I like cave mining. . . I normally play 1.7.10 modded in java edition, and I prefer playing vanilla on MC win10/bedrock edition (most who buy java get mc win10 for free).

    • Any additional things you want to say:Irl I have insane anxiety that makes it almost impossible to talk to people, my internet anxiety is much more manageable, though I don't like to send messages first, cuz I am weird :wacko: . I got good at fixing pcs when I was a kid cuz I kept breaking them . . . now I do not break any pcs! and I fix them, yay. You may potentially see 1/2 irl friends go on my world, they don't go on too often though. They say I am really good at the game, though they are catching up since I keep giving them tips. (On this pc I have it setup so for Java edition I can setup a server.)
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    posted a message on Rotted Log

    A log that would spawn in swamps and forests. spawning laying on its side at 3-6 per 8 (or more) chunks.

    Would be black,brown and, green.

    Could increase speed of mushrooms spawning on it by 15%+.

    Also could be used to make old/abandoned looking houses.

    Could also spawn as a rotted tree (should it drop saplings :s )

    with dead leaves.

    It would spawn similarly to a oak tree.

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    posted a message on flight potion.
    Quote from Endergirl00»

    It doesn't matter, Megabyte made a very obvious statement which you should need to avoid when responding to a critic's review of your thread. Some things can be Overpowered in different ways. Such as a sword which does 15 hit points of damage, a Mob that can insta-kill you, a potion which provides all positive effects, and even flight.

    I have even stated in my review that flight is overpowered because of its ease of making traveling easier than normal land or sea transportation. This is why the ability to flight, which is normally found in plane or dragon suggestions, is looked down upon.

    I pointed out the Cerroz's red herring statement, if you cannot see that then you are blind.discussing it more will bringing us off topic.

    Thats the point if it was useless why would I suggest it? it wouldn't be faster then running though.

    Quote from megabyte12345»

    My point still stands: that was a red herring statement, and nukes aren't even in the game.

    same ^

    All you are say is "oh red herring" to invalidate me.

    What you should be doing is telling me how a second flight potion=trolling on servers, you have not answered it.

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    posted a message on flight potion.

    A flight potion.

    It would last for 5 seconds(10 with a emerald), it can stack up to 20 seconds)

    You would move at slightly faster than walking speed.

    You would ascend at 3 blocks a second.

    It would be made from a combination of a ghast tear and a speed potion

    You would hover if in the air but fall when it wears out.

    Could potentially be used in place of the bucket to safe yourself from fall damage/lava.

    It would still be harder to mine while flying.

    If its too op in your opinion feel free to suggest what you would change.

    Only thing I see this affecting negatively is the anti cheat thing on servers. maybe.

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    posted a message on Moldy logs?
    It could crafted by combining a red and brown mushroom ( or rotten flesh, might give it a use ;) ), maybe it could be a new tree in the mushroom biome, maybe with a different name then my op like rotten log?

    Maybe it can spawn in forests sideways /fallen and rarely standing with dead leaves?

    Maybe have stuff similar to the particles that come out of bedrock?

    Warning I suck at making textures :wacko:

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    posted a message on Moldy logs?
    Moldy Logs could make mushrooms spread faster, and it could spawn on the mushroom islands.

    or it could do nothing and just look moldy :mellow: .(for people who want to build old looking houses)
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