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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    I do not currently plan to update my mods again.

    You will be able to find me on espernet in #lahwran for the foreseeable future:

    Join #lahwran

    If you liked my work, I'd love to hear from you. I'm generally on IRC during the day in the US.

    My github

    Mods which continue my work:

    Yetanotherx's WorldEditCUI thread
    ShaRose's GuiAPI thread
    Rei's Minimap thread

    Other cool mod(s) which you should check out:

    xTwilight's burn-smelting mod

    everything below this line is as it was before the 1.0 update (except for "out of date" notices) and will not change again.

    Prerequisites to use of my mods
    you must know how to install mods - see an explanation

    you must be smart enough to give helpful information something goes wrong,
    but instead give a useful error report and ask an intelligent question as described by "How to report bugs effectively".

    You use my mods at your own risk. I provide no guarantee of them working.
    I do not expect them to fail, but I do not promise that they will not. If you get a black screen upon starting Minecraft, you are doing something wrong. If you refuse to include the crash report when you get crashes, I am unable to help you.

    Come meet me and my friends!
    Internet Relay Chat:
    use esper's awesome webchat or if you have a real irc client use irc://irc.esper.net/#lahwran

    ZanMinimap 0.10.6d
    Minecraft beta 1.8.1

    There is a Better minimap available now!
    It comes with the textures from zanminimap now.

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.

    download 0.10.6d
    (I forgot to update the version number, it is really for 1.8!)
    Old versions and direct links

    If another mod you use uses abj.class, install ZanMinimap before other mods and use modloader.

    Automatic Aether coloring new in 0.10.5. have fun!

    New features in 0.10.6c:
    - Ordered waypoint color selection
    - MUCH faster threaded mode
    - Awesome square map

    thanks to MamiyaOtaru for the algorithm suggestions for cavemapping and nether waypoints!

    Very very very old textures from before I became maintainer: Link Removed

    Worldedit Client-side Interface 0.9.1
    Highlight your worldedit selection and soon more
    Minecraft beta 1.8

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.

    0.9 is a complete rewrite. Report any bugs. hopefully I'll be able to add stuff more easily now!

    - UltraMoogleMan for lending a hand with line drawing
    - sk89q for writing worldedit in the first place


    You can use the worldedit command //sel cuboid to clear the worldedit selection. It will also clear the worldeditcui highlighting.

    Download: http://mc.cm/s/1d2dsk (or, a direct link)
    You need WorldEdit on your server as well as permission to use it. You also need modloader (by Risugami) installed on your client.
    To use polygon selections, you need at least WorldEdit dev build #323 on your server.


    Lahwran's Adventure Server
    Minecraft beta 1.8

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.

    Important: this server is in heavy development. We may change the gameplay significantly from what it is now.

    Address: smp.lahwran.net (no longer needs :55555!)
    Go to the Multiplayer screen from your minecraft main menu, then paste this address

    My SMP server is a survival server with emphasis on PvW (Player vs World), though PvP is allowed if both parties are willing to fight. Features a custom Hunger and Thirst system and a community of many players. Come see!

    For more information and to talk about the server, please head over to it's server thread in the appropriate section.

    Looking for a survival/creative server with a friendly, medium-sized community? Check out my friend sk89q's server!

    My server is hosted on a CraftNo.de server! They are an awesome host, check them out!

    Void Fog Remover
    Minecraft beta 1.8
    Created by UltraMoogleMan - Removes the void fog!

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.
    Simple fix to remove the void fog. Created by UltraMoogleMan.

    Gui API 0.10.4
    Advanced GUIs in Minecraft
    I have given management of this project over to ShaRose.
    I will still be contributing occasionally.

    BTM Presets

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.
    presets to make various kinds of floating islands with Biome Terrain Mod - not sure if anyone will be interested in these, but here they are.
    Some screenshots of said presets:

    Old versions and direct links

    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.6d-1.8.zip - 1.7.3 - Latest (download this one)

    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.5-1.7.3.zip 0.10.5
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.4-1.7.3.zip - 0.10.4 - 1.7.3
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.3-1.7.zip - 0.10.3 - 1.7, 1.7_01
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.2-1.7.zip - 0.10.2 - 1.7, 1.7_01
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap0.10.0-1.6.6.zip - 0.10.0 - 1.6.6 - updates, adds MamiyaOtaru's code that does something, but it doesn't seem to work because I didn't merge it right or something.
    - http://lahwran.net/ZanMinimap_0.9.9-1.6.4.zip - 0.9.9 - 1.6.4 - updates, bypasses biome tinting, uses notch's heightmapping, and updates colors to have all blocks from wiki
    - Link Removed - 0.9.8 - 1.5_01 - improves color handling
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7-nocamerawarp - 1.3_01 without camera warp
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7e - is a modloader mod again, trippyness is now be fully disabled by default (can be turned on manually)
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7d - updated to minecraft 1.4 (I need to bump to 0.9.8 ...)
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7cNewtexture - added 8BitGinno's textures
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7c: re-merged multithreading code, updated to modloader v5
    - Link Removed - 0.9.7b: rearranged color loading code to be able to add blocks easily, added sandstone, updated to 1.3_01
    - 0.9.7a: converted to modloader mod, merged optimine support fix

    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.10.4-1.7.zip - 0.10.4/1.7.* - Latest (download this one)

    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.10.3-1.7.zip - 0.10.3/1.7.*
    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.10.2-1.6.6.zip - 0.10.2/1.6.6
    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.10.1-1.6.6.zip - 0.10.1/1.6.6
    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.10.0-1.6.6.zip - 0.10.0/1.6.6
    http://lahwran.net/GuiAPI0.9.9-0.6.6.zip - 0.9.9/1.6.6
    Link Removed - 0.9.8-1/1.5_01
    Link Removed - 0.9.8/1.5_01
    Link Removed - 0.9.8/1.4
    Link Removed - 0.9.7-nocamerawarp/1.3_01
    Link Removed - 0.9.7/1.3_01
    Link Removed - 0.9.6/1.3_01
    Link Removed - 0.9.5/1.2_02

    worldedit CUI:
    http://lahwran.net/WorldeditCUI0.0.7-1.7.3.zip - Latest (download this one)

    Link Removed - 0.0.6-1.5_01
    Link Removed - 0.0.6-1.4_01
    Link Removed - 0.0.5-1.3_01


    all information in this section is out of date. use at your own risk.




    Donations will make me pay super extra attention to your feature requests :?D
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Wtg62

    Can somebody help me? I typed /we cui on my server, and I want to turn it off, but I can't. Anyone know how?

    I'm gonna say no, nobody can help you after that. By which I mean, this guy seems to have posted more than a thousand messages, if that screenshot is any indication whatsoever.
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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Awesome to finally see a release! what have you added this version?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from BSPiotr

    Rei changed to be in tune with notch
    So did dynmap.

    WE hasn't. :smile.gif:

    Hows that CUI looking? :ohmy.gif:

    "In tune with notch"? Are you referring to something specific, such as compass directions?

    If so, then "in tune with notch" is -wrong-. The sun rises in the east. "correcting" it to not work this way is braindead and arbitrary, and will only cause confusion. If you are suggesting that worldedit change the directions it refers to as incorrectly named, then shut up.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Shoop_Do_Whoop

    Reis minimap is not better.

    In my opinion, it is. However, nobody's making you use it, nor is anyone stopping you from updating zanminimap.

    Quote from zxc

    Rei's Minimap is better in all respects.

    Thank you lahwran for keeping Zan's Minimap updated for so long; I have fond memories of my times in SMP about a year ago while using it.

    You're very welcome! I love to hear that people had fun with it, nearly the only things I used to hear about it were install problems :/

    Quote from ReiFNSK

    Please teach where is bad

    I don't believe he has any specific issues with it other than "I want to hate it because it's slightly different than what I'm used to".

    Quote from iSeven77

    im with Stormbow Rei i ve always liked your minimap maybe he is being like that cause this is LAHWRANs post, i must say that his WE CUI is something i need like alot so i can prevent all those 'oh ****' moments ! lol im able to see the selection so its GREAT ! lol :tongue.gif: Both or u guys are great with this mods !

    I'm not entirely sure I understood you, but if I did, thanks ..? I guess ...

    Quote from SilverJ-17

    Wow, I did not know you stopped updating your mods. I actually felt like I was betraying you by using Rei's, even if it was a bit better (namely for the fact it didn't glitch when going to full screen (one of my biggest problems with Zan's) and showed where enemies were). Now, I know it was kind of meant to be a replacement. Anyhow, thanks for giving me the best help I could find in my earlier Minecraft days. I remember planning on and actually placing various colored wool and cobblestone blocks in order to find my way back. (before I knew about F3 and how the compass actually points to original spawn)

    I think I actually used your mod almost as long as I've had Minecraft (since 1.5). After Modloader and Optimine/ Optifine (obviously), it was one of my first mods. Actually, I think I discovered it shortly after getting those two mods. Thanks for the awesome mod and thank the Rei's Minimap guy for finding a means to innovate it further. Chances are, if it wasn't for you and the original creator, Rei's might not be as good, so the credits are still due. I don't know if you'll see this, but thanks a lot. As for the Rei's guy (again, if you see this), thank you for taking the reins or whatever. I think I'll bookmark your thread now. Hopefully, Nandolant isn't out of the game either, because I want my seasons mod. I heard he was waiting until 1.9/1.0 and 1.0 MCP, so hopefully it updates soon as well. Mo' Creatures and the Seasons mod make things a lot more fun and exciting and challenging. (the later namely for Winter, Summer, and the respective biomes they affect most.)

    That is awesome. I'm very glad to hear someone else had fun with my mod like I had fun with the mods I started out with.
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    posted a message on Terracraft - On Indefinite Hiatus
    You foolish fools will never defeat me! You are far too busy being foolish!

    -- O'Malley

    Edit: For those who don't get it: I think this whole conversation is foolish. Let him make his mod. He has indicated he won't use modloader. If it fails, it fails. All you're doing is making publicity for him. All publicity is good (for him) publicity.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Qtri

    Hey lahwran are u gonna update to 1.8? cause I wanna use ur minimap :tongue.gif:

    No, of course not. Why would I do that?

    Quote from kelt

    Cant wait for mini map update... :cool.gif:

    By the time you had posted that, I had already posted an updated version (the link is below the normal one and it says "testing").

    Quote from boxanata

    I'm so lost without your mini-map... Please update soon!

    see above about "by the time you posted I already had".

    Quote from alexag

    I'm more interested in WorldEdit Client-side Interface

    Yeah, that comes next.

    Quote from briankdk

    need worldeedit for my server :-)

    and the CUI ofcorse

    I'll make sure to update worldedit for you. While I'm at it, would you like me to update the bukkit sample plugin?
    (That was a joke.)

    Quote from wae55

    is guiApi compatibnle with 1.8 yet?

    Yes, it just won't work because it's not compatible.

    Quote from Holmes108

    Been using the minimap 1.8 test with the 1.8 official release, and so far so good. Haven't really tested waypoints yet, but the map is working good.

    There we go, someone who actually noticed the testing version. I believe I made threaded mode considerably faster, mind testing it?
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    posted a message on [Idea] Time travel back to the beginning!
    real time travel cannot be mimicked without actual time travel, as time would be either self-consistent or create an alternate reality.

    With that aside (I like scifi a little too much), they're right. the amount of data you'd have to store would be monumental. Even if you interpolate it'd be pretty painful. Just recording the blocks you change would be a pain; Then you also want to record every view change, every movement, every item pickup/drop, etc etc etc so that when replayed it would produce exactly the same result. You're now entering the realm of floating-point determinism. While you have fun over there, I'm going to go back to writing server plugins in python.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from TheEnlightened

    WECUI is completely compatible with modloaderMP - if your having issues i don't know what to say to you

    News to me.

    Quote from C0X

    "the Yogbx version" isn't Zans Minimap. It's Reis Minimap, afaik.

    Rei's minimap is kickass. it's a zanminimap fork, but for some reason he threw out my map graphics ... if he had a way to use the map graphics used in zanminimap, I'd link to his. he has fixed every single issue I've every had anyone have, and added every feature request. if I were still interested in maintaining zanmini, I'd probably be rather annoyed at how much work I'd have to do in order to make zanminimap better. As it is, I'm glad someone is picking up the slack, since I will have to do other stuff soon.

    Quote from TropicalDefeat

    Sometimes when I go into the 1x zoom where the map turns into a big square, if I leave it that way long enough(about more than 10 seconds or less) it will glitch and the map will dissapear but the little red arrow will still be there, I also get down to about 1 fps, is there any way to fix this?

    I don't know what the issue is; if you like it's map graphics, try rei's minimap. otherwise, deal with the issue, as I don't really understand what you mean, so it will be effectively impossible for me to troubleshoot it.

    Quote from Erak606

    Hai again, Lahwran. :biggrin.gif: Basically, I found out I can't save in SMP, it says ERROR SAVING WAYPOINTS in the chat, but I can save in SSP. O_O What's wrong with the mod? D: I've been a long time user of the minimap, and this is the first time it's happened. D: But, keep up the great work. :biggrin.gif: You're awesome. :Diamond:


    Quote from Terrence

    She not a dude

    I have not told anyone on minecraftforum my gender, as far as I know :smile.gif:
    I generally have people refer to me as a guy, so that they don't get overexcited when talking to me..

    Quote from B.fitzy

    hi lawhran i want you for the alchemycraft dev team please pm me

    lol and what reason do I have to join your dev team?

    Quote from Stickbabiga

    I am having a HUGE probem with your GUI API mod and it's the only thing keeping me from finishing my adventure map. Every time I click on the "Global mod settings" button the game crashes with a "saving chunks" screen. Anyway, here's the entire crash report (it's huge but I'm sure you can find the problem if you just search the class files' names). Note that I AM using Mycraft and many other mods including finite water, aether, allocator amongst others. But Mycraft would tell me if there was an incompatibility. Thanks in advance!

    you are using mycraft. please do not use mycraft.
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    posted a message on To the people out there making minecraft clones
    obviously. just how the people who made halflife, which was obviously a clone of quake, were not creative enough to make it worth playing.

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