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    posted a message on [1.6.4 / 1.6.2] MamiyaOtaru's Mods (VoxelMap, ChatBubbles, etc)
    I'm just getting back into mc (probably as a player - if I make any mods, they'll be private); Cool to see that you're still updating stuff!

    I've been poking around trying to find an improved chat mod for the latest version ... I can't seem to find any. I guess I'm going to have to write it myself ... *sigh* ...
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Stonehawk

    Thank you.

    No. Really. Thank you--Thank you so incredibly much.

    I adored the simplicity and precision of Zan's.
    When I downloaded Rei's, I was impressed... At first.
    Rei's map IS nice, but there are a few things that rub me wrong. First among them is the 'trusted computing' style of code censorship. It strikes me as very pretentious, how it takes control of the mod away from the user. I can see their reasoning, sure; to prevent imbalance of unfair advantage.

    However, acknowledging that I'm nobody special and things that are purely subjective are only true in *my* head...
    I nonetheless feel somehow insulted.
    Who is Rei to determine what is, or is not, 'proper' in minecraft? Rei seeks to give power to server moderators who may wish to keep people from having radars or cavemaps, but on the servers I have played this has never seemed to be a problem. The fact that these functions are off by default and require administrators to go out of their way to specifically enable them is particularly audacious, and I do not appreciate it.

    The "Brilliance" of the Rei approach:
    Step one: destroy useful software functionality,
    Step two: make it possible to get back--but only if one wishes to brave the dramatic #@$%storm of bothering server moderators.
    Step three: Tell people they had better not fix it or else.

    This philosophy has been seen before: This is why I use PC and not Mac, and why I use Droid and not iPhone. I like having the power of choice in MY hands, even if it means slightly less polish. I extremely dislike being told the equivalent of "just because you bought it doesn't mean that it's yours". Imagine if Mojang suddenly decided that all mods are bad and nobody could use them anymore without permission.
    ...YEAH. Now that you're updating Zan's again, I think I'll go back.

    TL;DR: Zan's minimap is like putting on a crown; Rei's minimap is like putting on a leash.

    Even if the crown is made of bronze and the leash is made of gold, I goddamn hate wearing a leash.

    if you like features in rei's, I would like to point out to you that rei does not (or at least, last I checked he didn't) do any nonstandard obfuscation to his mod, which means that it would be trivial to remove those so-called censorships (it's not really censorship, more like just disabling it on request - difference is you still have it there to enable). I strongly dislike that he does that, but I don't want to maintain zanmini. if MamiyaOtaru wants to commit to maintaining it, I will point to his version of zan's instead of rei's in the top area of this post.

    also, mac does not lock anything down like you seem to imply. if anything, windows does that more than mac. only iOS has the locking down you refer to.
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    posted a message on Anti-Anti-Xray (IDEA)
    this is a perfectly reasonable idea, and something that anyone who knows what they're talking about in regards to anti-xray will know to prevent. Also, it is not something that would take significant work to write.

    The only reason someone with skill would publish such a tool is to force server admins to adapt. I am not interested in doing so, although now that it has been brought up, someone probably will be.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Wtg62

    Can somebody help me? I typed /we cui on my server, and I want to turn it off, but I can't. Anyone know how?

    I'm gonna say no, nobody can help you after that. By which I mean, this guy seems to have posted more than a thousand messages, if that screenshot is any indication whatsoever.
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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Awesome to finally see a release! what have you added this version?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from BSPiotr

    Rei changed to be in tune with notch
    So did dynmap.

    WE hasn't. :smile.gif:

    Hows that CUI looking? :ohmy.gif:

    "In tune with notch"? Are you referring to something specific, such as compass directions?

    If so, then "in tune with notch" is -wrong-. The sun rises in the east. "correcting" it to not work this way is braindead and arbitrary, and will only cause confusion. If you are suggesting that worldedit change the directions it refers to as incorrectly named, then shut up.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    try it without zombe
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Coupon22

    I am updating and taking the wings of WorldEditCUI. For more, look at my thread.

    As I stated in my OP, Yetanotherx has taken it over already. His will be the "official" version. Talk to him if you'd like to contribute.
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    posted a message on Magic
    ****ing magnets, how do they work?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Hukulasche

    Hey, does somebody have the worldedit client-side interface 0.0.7 für minecraft 1.7.X ?
    I searched all over the web but i couldn't find it.
    So, it would be really nice.
    Best regards

    Quote from Stormbow

    Click Here. This is for Minecraft 1.7.3.

    Please de-adfly that link immediately. Adfly is an unsafe site and you are linking to my work.

    Quote from Frost01

    Is anyone else not able to download the void fog remover? It's just giving me a 404. God-damn I hate that stuff...

    the main site I had hosted lahwran.net on appears to have mysteriously disappeared. I hope I have copies of everything I had on it :/
    If someone needs something that was on lahwran.net, poke me. I'll see if I can find it on my computer.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from Shoop_Do_Whoop

    Reis minimap is not better.

    In my opinion, it is. However, nobody's making you use it, nor is anyone stopping you from updating zanminimap.

    Quote from zxc

    Rei's Minimap is better in all respects.

    Thank you lahwran for keeping Zan's Minimap updated for so long; I have fond memories of my times in SMP about a year ago while using it.

    You're very welcome! I love to hear that people had fun with it, nearly the only things I used to hear about it were install problems :/

    Quote from ReiFNSK

    Please teach where is bad

    I don't believe he has any specific issues with it other than "I want to hate it because it's slightly different than what I'm used to".

    Quote from iSeven77

    im with Stormbow Rei i ve always liked your minimap maybe he is being like that cause this is LAHWRANs post, i must say that his WE CUI is something i need like alot so i can prevent all those 'oh ****' moments ! lol im able to see the selection so its GREAT ! lol :tongue.gif: Both or u guys are great with this mods !

    I'm not entirely sure I understood you, but if I did, thanks ..? I guess ...

    Quote from SilverJ-17

    Wow, I did not know you stopped updating your mods. I actually felt like I was betraying you by using Rei's, even if it was a bit better (namely for the fact it didn't glitch when going to full screen (one of my biggest problems with Zan's) and showed where enemies were). Now, I know it was kind of meant to be a replacement. Anyhow, thanks for giving me the best help I could find in my earlier Minecraft days. I remember planning on and actually placing various colored wool and cobblestone blocks in order to find my way back. (before I knew about F3 and how the compass actually points to original spawn)

    I think I actually used your mod almost as long as I've had Minecraft (since 1.5). After Modloader and Optimine/ Optifine (obviously), it was one of my first mods. Actually, I think I discovered it shortly after getting those two mods. Thanks for the awesome mod and thank the Rei's Minimap guy for finding a means to innovate it further. Chances are, if it wasn't for you and the original creator, Rei's might not be as good, so the credits are still due. I don't know if you'll see this, but thanks a lot. As for the Rei's guy (again, if you see this), thank you for taking the reins or whatever. I think I'll bookmark your thread now. Hopefully, Nandolant isn't out of the game either, because I want my seasons mod. I heard he was waiting until 1.9/1.0 and 1.0 MCP, so hopefully it updates soon as well. Mo' Creatures and the Seasons mod make things a lot more fun and exciting and challenging. (the later namely for Winter, Summer, and the respective biomes they affect most.)

    That is awesome. I'm very glad to hear someone else had fun with my mod like I had fun with the mods I started out with.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    Quote from stealthninjax

    i have used it and i just really don't like rei's minimap

    it now includes a copy of zanminimap's frame textures (with permission). Use of those makes it look nearly identical.

    Quote from saul100

    Please find someone to take over world edit CUI!!!!

    several people are working on it.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][Nov 19] Lahwran's mods - WorldeditCUI
    I've moved on from minecraft. It's been a lot of fun. I won't say goodbye, because I will still respond to PMs on this forum and I will still be contactable on esper, but I will not be modding anymore.
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    posted a message on [Idea] Time travel back to the beginning!
    no, you don't understand how hard I'm saying this is. do you have 20 years to research AI? the AI would have to learn what you would do in every situation JUST BY WATCHING YOU. note that this is something that a HUMAN would have incredible difficulty doing.

    in short: forget it. time travel will not happen, period. there is no more to it than that. (traveling to the future is even harder, because the events haven't happened yet to begin with.)

    what I said is possible is basically a recorder that can play back what happened. this isn't like time travel; it's like a video recording.

    practically speaking there is no possible way this will ever happen, no matter how good the modder you get is.
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