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    posted a message on Phoenix mob

    The phoenix is a fireproof mob from the mushroom island biome, which has 6 wings, a pair of leg wings, a raptor tail and a junglecock head. It is white, and has a mushroom coming out of its back. It can run fast, jump high and glide. It can be tamed by giving it cooked chicken. It will jump on a player's head when tamed, and will put out the payer and steal their damage and debuffs. It can also heal itself slowly. It will attack things that attack its owner, and can remember attackers for 7 days. It can be bred with seeds, and does not need a partner. It drops a phoenix egg when killed, which can be crafted into a phoenix spawn egg. The phoenix spawned will be as tame as the phoenix it came from.

    Recipe for Phenix spawn egg (Spawn egg represents phoenix egg):

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    posted a message on spider lair

    The spider lair is a large structure made of spider silk (a solid block with a high strength and a silk-like texture) and filled with cobwebs, filled with spiders and cave spiders, and a few other spider variants. It also contains a large spider with a large abdomen. If you attack that spider, all spiders will be hostile to you for 40 days. The extra variants are:

    The camel spider:

    The camel spider is sand coloured, has 2 eyes, has long legs and has a set of jaws that open vertically. It can swim in sand. When it is hostile it raises its forelegs and opens its jaws.

    The whip spider:

    The whip spider has a raised abdomen, claws, very long forward-pointing forelegs with elbows, and a long whip on the end of the abdomen. It attacks with its whip. It can jump very far.

    The harvest spider:

    The harvest spider has no waist, is white, and has extremely long elbowed legs. It attacks by kicking you.

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    posted a message on Trains! Oh Mojang why have you forsaken thine Minecarts!

    No-one has yet addressed that there is no multi-person transportation system except follow the leader. This would make transporting lots of players/mobs, or transporting stuff to a shop so much easier


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