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    posted a message on Host's custom skin not showing in LAN game.

    same problem here.... pls do something.

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    posted a message on R2 - Movement Enhancement Suits and Armor (MESA) - 300+ Downloads

    I have some ideas, armor with slot that let you add some incredibly difficult cards that let you walk through walls (3-4 blocks) or that let you walk over the water until you stop (when you stop walking, you get into water) , or maybe armor that let you glide through the air (some kind of paragliding stuff appear in your back), or some armor that let you include a weapon to it, like a very expensive bow that fits in the arm and let you fire some incredibly powerful arrows... just some ideas =3

    New idea, a card that let you teleport to a location (you have to use a fishing rod to teleport where the line fall, or an special bow ... you can mix this ideas^^)

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