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    Requires LiteLoader - Compatible with Forge



    Gammabright is an advanced brightness/fullbright mod for Minecraft. This mod allows the game's brightness slider to be overhauled, allowing for clear as day nights, fully lit caves, and crystal clear underwater views. Plus, Gammabright is simple to install and easy to use! Check it out now -- you'll wonder how you lived without it!

    Download Links

    Version 3.3
    - Fixed update checker to allow for multiple revisions on multiple Minecraft versions
    - Indicator no longer covers debug info when toggled
    - Mirrored 1.8 version with 1.7.10 version

    Version 3.2.2 (The Forgotten Update)
    This update sucked

    Version 3.2.1
    Minor bug fixes (detailed below). If you were one of the few who nabbed v3.2 in the short time it was up you won't get a notification for this update so I'm telling you to grab it now! ;)

    Version 3.2 (The Usability Update)

    Completely redesigned reset key
    • Much smarter now (predicts intentions)
    • Press to reset to 0 and back to default gamma
    • If sneaking brightness will reset to max instead of default gamma
    • Now works for all possible defaultGamma values
    • No longer fails to reset at certain values (small bug with negative defaultGamma, will be fixed in future update)
    Hide indicator key now "retracts" indicator
    • New retracting animation when hiding indicator
    • Temporarily pushes indicator out of view
    • Sneak and press to toggle auto-hide (auto retracts indicator)
    Brightness minimum has been decreased from -500% to -750%
    • Brightness limits have also now been permanently restored
    Smart brightness increments (replaces sneak to increase)
    • Hold down the Brighten/Darken keys long enough and increment value will jump
    • ↑ Note: I broke this in a last minute change in v3.2. Version 3.2.1 fixes this and an update check screw up. Sorry!
    Config now auto updates with new additions
    • No more having to delete the file every update
    Simplified config file
    • Removed increment, increment_sneak, textPosX, textPosY, setLimits & hideIndicator
    • Added autoHide (automatically retracts indicator)
    • ↑ Replaces old hideIndicator option in config
    • Configuration will be moved from file to in-game in a future update! This is preparation.
    Switched green and yellow color ranges to better follow ROYGBIV ordering
    • Besides the orange of course, that defines Gammabright!
    Brightness indicator now appears over debug screen
    • If intruding just retract/restore it with the hide indicator key
    Fixed broken brightness slider on main menu

    Lots of other bug fixes and changes


    Installation Guide

    1. Download LiteLoader and Gammabright for your respective Minecraft version
    2. Run the LiteLoader installer (if wanting to run w/ Forge, make sure to extend from existing Forge profile)
    3. Close the installer and run the Minecraft launcher
    4. Select the new LiteLoader profile (if it's not already selected) from the bottom left corner
    5. Run the game. If you see the small LiteLoader tab on the right side of the main menu you're half way there!
    6. Close Minecraft and navigate to your .minecraft folder (if you don't know where this is find it)
    7. Drag and drop your Gammabright LiteMod (should have the extension ".litemod"!) into the "mods" folder
    8. Run the game again and Gammabright should be activated! (see Gammabright in the LiteLoader tab?)
    9. Congratulations! You've installed Gammabright. Now see below to know how to use it!

    How to Control Gammabright

    Gammabright is controlled using the G key and the arrow keys. Below is a description of what each key does.

    • Press the G key to enable/disable Gammabright
    • - This key can be changed like any other keybinding through the "Controls" screen
    • Press the down arrow key to reset the brightness between 0% and the default
    • - If holding the sneak key at same time brightness will always jump to 1500% (Maximum Brightness)
    • Press the right arrow key to increase the brightness by 10% per tick
    • - TIP! If held long enough, brightness increment will double for quicker navigation
    • Press the left arrow key to decrease the brightness by 10% per tick
    • - TIP! If held long enough, brightness increment will double for quicker navigation
    • Press the up arrow key to hide the indicator. Press again to show
    • - If holding sneak key Gammabright will enter auto-hide mode (see Configuration below for details)


    Config File Location: .minecraft\liteconfig\common\gammabright.json
    Changing Gammabright's configuration options is simple and quick! Here's a list of the currently available options:

    • defaultGamma (default - 15.0): The brightness value Gammabright sets to when first enabled. You can change this to any value from 15.0 (1500%) all the way down to -7.5 (-750%) and your brightness will adapt accordingly.
    • ---
    • hangTimeOn (default - 1500): This value represents the amount of time the indicator stays visible before retracting off the screen when autoHide mode is enabled (see below).
    • ---
    • hangTimeOff (default - 750): Similar to hangTimeOn, this value represents the amount of time the "Gammabright: OFF" text stays visible after disabling Gammabright. Set this to 0 to remove this feature.
    • ---
    • autoHide (default - false): Normally when Gammabright is enabled the indicator stays on-screen until the mod is disabled again. Enable autoHide to automatically hide the indicator after a predefined time (hangTimeOn).
    • ---
    • autoEnable (default - false): When autoEnable is set to true Gammabright will enable itself on every world load without the need for you to toggle it. This can also be paired with autoHide if you'd like Gammabright to just do its thing and get out!
    • ---
    • checkUpdate (default - true): If the update notifier is bothering you or if something has gotten screwed up on my end you can set this to false to stop the Gammabright update message from appearing.
    If you still have any questions related to Gammabright's config options let me know with a reply below!


    Q: Gammabright isn't working with my resource pack or shaders!
    Some resource packs break Gammabright and others do not. The reason some do is because they modify the default lightmap that Minecraft uses (via OptiFine or MCPatcher). This lightmap is what Gammabright is based on. To get Gammabright working again with your resource pack, open up your resource pack and navigate to the following path "assets\minecraft\mcpatcher\lightmap". Once in the lightmap folder you should find a file named world0.png. Delete this and you will be good to go! As for shaders, the shader mod core completely breaks Gammabright, so sorry about that!

    Q: Gammabright isn't loading for me.
    A: First make sure you downloaded the correct version of Gammabright for your version of Minecraft, as well as the correct LiteLoader version. Make sure you have the Gammabright .litemod file in your "mods" folder as well. If the problem persists, leave a comment, let me know what's up.

    Q: Can I overhaul my brightness without Gammabright?
    Why yes you can! However, it's not as simple as using Gammabright (which is why I made it). To do so, open up the "options.txt" or just "options" file inside your .minecraft folder and change the number on the "gamma:" line to your desired value (15.0 is Gammabright's default - 1500%). This is exactly where Gammabright does its magic! Just remember though that if you change your brightness in-game you'll have to do this all over again! You may also randomly lose your brightness every once in a while, Gammabright creates a backup to prevent this.

    Q: Can I get banned for using this mod?
    Depends on the server. However, Gammabright is one of few mods many server admins allow due to its effects being achievable through a regular "vanilla" client (see question above). The choice however, like with any other mod, is up to you! To stay on the safe side, check with your server admin before using on your server.

    Q: Is it safe?
    Safer than your mom.


    - Move configuration file to an in-game GUI
    - What else?


    Gammabright is a mod for Minecraft created and handled by me, kymaster. Feel free to use this mod in any types of media you desire as long as you supply a link to this forum topic and/or credit me for my work. Do not use adf.ly or any other URL shorteners to make money off of this mod. If you would like to use Gammabright in a public modpack, feel free, just leave a comment or send me a PM letting me know of the addition. Thank you!
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    Hello guys, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and well. The reason for my absence is that I've switched over to iOS development with Swift for my latest projects and haven't really had time for Minecraft anymore. Hell, I don't think I've even opened the game in over 6 months.

    Thank you Killjoy1221 and digitalshadowhawk for their work in keeping the mod alive. Either of you two have my permission to create your own continuation thread for this mod and keep it alive there (or just post the occasional version updates here, I don't care).

    Apologies for not having the mod open source to begin with, but it seems like that didn't stop you from updating it. Unfortunately I've misplaced my flash drive I took from my old laptop with all the Gammabright source files on it so I still can't give it to you. Nonetheless, doesn't seem you even need it!

    Thanks again for keeping Gammabright alive, this was one of my first coding ventures ever and I'm astonished with the reception of it.

    Happy Crafting!


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    Can I get a 1.7.2 version? Thanks

    Sure thing. 1.7.2-LL. I'll update the original post to include some older versions as well.
    Quote from Jimieo»
    I've been noticing a strange thing.. When I toggle F1 to hide all GUI, I see the gammabright text upside down on screen..

    Whaaaaaat did you do... jk. Thanks for the bug report, I'll have that fixed in the next update!
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    Quote from EndBrine»
    Please do not necro bump threads, especially on a hack mod thread. We don't want more players cheating.

    "Necro bump"? Good God. Let's not even go there...

    It's one version out-of-date. I wouldn't call that ancient. And now your comment just bumped it up to the top again. Smart!
    If I'm genuinely interested in a mod's development I'm going to see what's up. You can just stay quiet.
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    I have thrown together a quick beta update for Minecraft 1.8! Please note that this version uses a developmental build of LiteLoader so stability can not be fully ensured. No changes from last version, I just wanted to get an update out as soon as possible. New features will be coming in v3.3.

    Gammabright v3.2.2 for Minecraft 1.8 (LiteLoader) - Download Here
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    Quote from Lonsdale1086»

    Are you planing to update to 1.8 now there is a 1.8 version of LiteLoader.

    Do you have a beta you would like me to test.

    Thank you for reading.

    I have been fairly busy lately so I have not yet considered the update process. Hopefully I can get an update out sometime next week, it really doesn't take long to do, I just need to get myself to do it! Thanks for reminding me.
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    Quote from Misunderstood»
    This 'mod' has been a feature in minecraft hacked clients for years now.

    If you're going to use this mod, you might as well use a cracked launcher. It's basically the same.

    Big deal. I think this mod offers a great alternative. Not everyone wants to use some tacky hacked client.
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    The 3.2 update is now live! I believe I've gotten the majority of the thread updated with all the new information but if I missed something I'll add it tomorrow. My goal was to get the update out today and I did. Now time for some Top Gear UK! ;)
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    Quote from samknash22»

    It worked! Deleting colormap. And thanks for the new TP too. I'm running both and it looks niiiiiiiice. =D

    Glad to help.
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    Quote from samknash22»

    I'm using ornate 5 revived. I've looked through all the folders and can't find an MCPatcher folder. I may have given you a bad link. Here is what I hope is a better one.

    Thanks for all your help kymaster.

    That's the strangest resource pack layout I've ever seen. You could try deleting the colormap folder which I saw in there, but nothing else I could find looked to be a culprit. This is the version I downloaded, it looks to be the same thing and the official resurrection that is. For that pack you can just follow my second instructions and it will work just fine and should cause no issues whatsoever.

    And no problem! I'm here to help, thanks for asking. :)
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