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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo ✦ || 1.17.1 || Semi-Vanilla Survival || 18+ Only|| Plugins || Datapacks ||

    Name: kyli0x
    In-Game Name: kyli0x
    Discord Name: kyli0x#4281
    Age: 21
    Country: Ukraine
    Favorite Aspects of Online Play: interaction
    Least Favorite Aspects of Online Play: server downtime

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    posted a message on DynastyCraft SMP is hiring - Helpers & Moderators

    IGN: kyli0x
    Discord name (include #): kyli0x#4281
    Position applying for: Mod
    Days and times you are available: everyday, ~5 hours a day (times depend on my work schedule)
    List any previous experience you have with Minecraft servers: I ran my own spigot server for over a year, and was a mod on 4 other spigot/paper servers.
    Any special skills: I work in Linux and network security, so i am aware of the backend of Linux servers. Great at troubleshooting issues.

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    posted a message on New SMP Server: Looking for new members, primarily smaller youtubers/streamers.

    Discord kyli0x#4281

    Minecraft IGN kyli0x

    Age and gender 21, male

    Youtube Channel/Twitch channel/Other (streamed a few times but waiting to get a better mic)

    What's your experience in minecraft? Do you mostly play survival servers, creative servers, singleplayer, modded, etc.

    I mainly build redstone on survival, but im also getting into speedrunning and pvp.

    How long have you been playing the game? 2 years

    What's your timezone and what country are you in? EST / USA

    What would you say you're best at in minecraft? Building? PVP? Something else? redstone.

    How often do you think you could play? few hours a day

    Anything else you'd like to let us know? im mature, chill, and just trying to find a active friendly community of small content creators that we all can help each other build a community.

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    posted a message on (18+) MATURE laid back server

    - IGN: kyli0x

    - Age: 21

    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from? I am in to programming and cyber security. I am laid back and just like to have a good time on a friendly mature server. I am from Northeast USA.

    - Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?: I enjoy the sandbox style of play, I love redstone builds, having PVP battles (where both parties agree), and just having fun doing collaborations.

    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them? Yes i agree to all the rules, and they sound very solid.

    Why do you want to join specifically this server? To find a good mature server that is chill and everyone can just hang out and get along with no drama.

    Anything further you'd like to say: not much really.

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    posted a message on Stonecraft [Vanilla smp] {21+} {whitelist} {1.16}



    Minecraft name:


    Discord name:


    Why you want to join:

    i would like a mature server thats similar to what hermitcraft has

    Pictures of your best builds (not required):

    Join discord then post the link to this thread to be accepted.

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    posted a message on | Narnia Craft | SMP | Whitelisted | 1.16.4 | 18+ | Server Started 14 November 2020 |
    Q: IGN[/b]
    A: kyli0x
    Q: AGE[/b]
    Q: Nickname[/b]
    A: kyli0x
    Q: Discord ID[/b]
    A: kyli0x#4281
    Q: You joined in our Discord Grup?[/b]
    A: yes
    Q: What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?[/b]
    A: redstone
    Q: Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?[/b]
    A: yes, i ran my own server for 1+ years and mod in 4 other servers.
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