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    Welcome to CraftLab.

    CraftLab is a new technical Minecraft SMP server where the members all work together on a common mega project. Typically these are more technical in nature such as massive perimeters or RNG manipulation machines. The community is heavily inspired by similar communities such as SciCraft. You don't have to be a very technical Minecraft player to join CraftLab however. If you just simply enjoy playing the game and are social you will still fit in.

    Why are we looking for new members?

    Previously I played on other SMP servers with a friend aiming to do big scale projects but found a number of issues. One, most servers that say they are vanilla actually are running Spigot or another non-vanilla server version which patches a lot of what I do. Secondly, the ones that we did find were not powerful enough to handle the large-scale projects, and eventually, the owners complained about causing lag.
    After all of this, I have decided to host a powerhouse of a server myself and am out looking for like-minded individuals who want something similar to what I once did.

    I give all of the members access to the carpetmod features for use creating their contraptions. I expect this not to be abused and that we are all adults and use it for legit reasons. An example of a legit use would be to spawn in a "fake" player to AFK for you. This saves you on having to use power and lets you use your computer for other things. Additionally, this saves me bandwidth since there is no remotely connected player AFKing.

    I am reaching out now as the server is JUST starting out making it a great time for others to join as the grind will start at the same time. We are not sure yet what we will be doing when 1.17 releases but if Mojang creates a way to upgrade worlds, we will try our best to do so.

    What mods and datapacks do you use?

      Per-player Dynamic Mobcaps


    • Anti-Enderman Grief
    • Double Shulkershells
    • Dragon Elytra Drops
    • Shulker Respawning
    • Timber
    • Graves
    • Invisible Item Frames
    • Unlock all Recipies
    • Multiplayer Sleep
    • AFK Display

    About Myself?

    I am a 26-year-old who works during the day as a computer-networking engineer at a company called Vultr which is a cloud service provider. In my spare time, I also am a developer on many fronts. Since the pandemic last year, my work has largely moved to remote only with no plans to ever go back. This means I have had a lot of extra time on my hands. About 6 months ago I came back to Minecraft after not playing the game since I was about 13 and have been amazed at the technical side of the game and how advanced it has got since I last played the game. I have played on a few private SMPs but mostly in my own personal single-player worlds. Most things I do are taking advantage of one or more mechanics of the game to achieve higher results. Also, I am known to friends for diving into Minecraft's source code to figure out ways to abuse mechanics.

    What are the requirements?

    You don't have to be a technical player to join. If you just want the casual gameplay and a good group of nerds to play with, you are always welcome. However, the minimum requirements are listed below.

    • Age of 18 or older
    • Wanting to socialize with the other members
    • A valid / non-cracked Minecraft account
    • No bans or other issues on your public record
    • Being willing to voice chat and socialize during standard game-play. (Hanging out)

    How do I apply to join?

    Join our Discord server with the invite link below. Head over to the #apply-here channel and use the command !apply

    Once you do that, you will be put into an application channel and prompted with some basic questions about yourself. Applications take 12 hours or less to review. You may socialize with the members in the public channel while your application is under review.

    Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/r6ZNXYy3b3

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    Yep I will review your application shortly :D

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    Welcome to the Sakura SMP community!

    Sakura was a former SMP I was apart of back in 2015 and spent a great deal of time with. We were a group of friends who all enjoyed playing Minecraft, as well as other games. Fast forward more than 5 years, the group fell apart as we all entered college and started our careers. I am going to start it up again in hopes build another really solid friend group. It's been about 5 years since I have played Minecraft but I have been enjoying it in single-player for the last few months. I've decided that I am tired of joining someone's SMP server just for it to go offline in 2-3 months and the group fades away. Keeping active and stable is very important to me. If that is something that is key to you too then this group is for you!

    Community Goals

    I have set up a pretty massive and beefy server for this for a couple of reasons. One, I personally am a very technical Minecraft player and tend to build massive and ridiculous farms and builds requiring this accommodation. The server is currently online and ready for a group of players to log in and explore the world. Personally, I am very excited to start a brand new Minecraft world that I know will last for years like Sakura's past have. I want to share that with others as it is a great time to jump in and start from scratch with everyone.

    I have deliberately chosen a seed that has a very nice layout of a central "spawn town" or shopping district similar to what other SMP's do. It would be really cool to eventually have everyone specializing in something which can provide value to the other community members. Staying closer to spawn during the start should hopefully keep players interacting with one another. However, if you want to venture off and explore and come back later that is fine too.

    Everyone in Sakura is an adult and has the real-world duties that come along with that. I don't expect any minimum playtime as real life should always come first. However, I would like when you have time to jump in discord voice chat with the group and either hang out and chat or maybe collaborate on some joint effort project or something. Basically, attempt to be social within the Sakura community. Anyway, enough rambling about the back story of this community and the future goals I have for it. You will learn more about it later anyway.


    - Respect each other. Everyone in Sakura is an adult and should know where the line between jokes and disrespect is. Use your best judgment. Do not grief or steal from any of the fellow Sakura members without their consent. Backups currently run every 15 minutes with long-term archival backups running every 6 hours therefore this shouldn't ever be a problem.

    - Do not use any hacks, x-ray, or duplication exploits within the game. If you have a question about anything don't hesitate to ask me or another administrator.

    - PVP is only allowed when both party's consent. No randomly killing people. That's not nice.

    - You must be of age 18+ to be on the server. Unless you are vouched by a longer-term member of the Sakura community.

    - Lastly, use common sense. I like Sakura to be drama-free and stay that way. We are all here to waste some time playing video games and have a fun time.

    How to Apply?

    To apply to Sakura, I have set up a custom Discord bot that automates most of the application process. You can find a link to the Sakura Community discord server at the bottom of this forum thread. Once you have joined the discord, simply react to the message in the #apply-here channel and follow the bot's instructions.

    Applications are usually processed within 4-6 hours of submission depending on how far off from Eastern Standard Time they are submitted in. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to me on my discord server.

    Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/6gTH5n2F8S
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