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    posted a message on Error when creating a rotational block

    You need to override #getStateFromMeta(int) and #getMetaFromState(IBlockState) in your block class.

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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    To me it seems like this will vastly improve aesthetics and introduce interesting mechanics into the game. I have lingering questions though.

    • Will water flow through iron bars (holes in the texture)?
    • Glass panes? Will underwater glass pane windows be safe?
    • Open doors?
    • Closed doors? All closed doors or just the ones with windows?
    • Ditto trapdoors.
    • Will water flow over slabs? Under slabs? Vertically through slabs despite slabs blocking the vertical direction?
    • Will water flow through chests? Hoppers? Pistons?

    I certainly hope that this water mechanic will be per-face on a block state. This would allow for the most intuitive mechanics (water flowing through open doors and not closed) and allow one-way water doors and blocks that "arbitrarily" block water like the current mechanics.

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    posted a message on Water Texture Editing, help needed

    optifine allows you to customize underwater color by biome. The colormap is ~/colormap/underwater.png

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    posted a message on Help with Pixelmon

    Use a lower resolution resource pack. If it still crashes with the default resource pack, then you're unfortunately out of luck.

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    posted a message on My Server crashed due to a GUI error? Help plz

    You're accessing a client-only class from the server. It looks like BiblioCraft is causing the exception.

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    posted a message on 3D Model | Help?

    Display rotations for item models? Do those exist in Win10 Edition?

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    posted a message on How to Use the /execute Replacement Commands for 1.13+

    How would I detect if a block is not for example air?

    /execute unless block x y z minecraft:air ...
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    posted a message on Missing textures
    Quote from daltman1967»

    Amazing how something so simple can trip up a person. I thought for CERTAIN that I'd named the files. They've been sitting there that way all this time...

    Now it works. Yay!

    The only thing now is to change:

        "type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless",
        "ingredients": [{
            "item": "minecraft:bread"
            "item": "newmod:itemcheese",
            "data": 0
        "result": {
            "item": "newmod:itemsandwich",
            "data": 1

    So that instead of ONLY accepting data # 0, it will accept #0, #1 or #2, with the same result. If I have to do three separate files, fine; but since they're all "sandwichp", how would I name them?

    Thanks again.

    Now, on to the HARD part!! :)

    It looks like you can use JsonArrays of items instead of single items.
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    posted a message on Trying to update a mod from MC 1.11 to 1.12

    I think possibly your mod may be configured to only run in 1.11 (you can do this in the @Mod annotation generated for Forge). You could change this to 1.12. Be warned there may be other errors though.

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    posted a message on Entity Model ResourcePacks

    Something like this perhaps? (yes self plug)

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    posted a message on Making Lightmaps - An MCPatcher Tutorial

    I got the light_normal file from versions > 1.2.5.jar > environment > light_normal.

    Then if it's unused why is there a texture there and if your sure then could you either show me or create a lightmap from that specific version of minecraft? They changed the light map a version or two later and a couple versions earlier. This is the minecraft I remember playing.

    Also please explain to me why this kind of worked when I grey scaled it made the last two left columns black because I don't understand? It also made the sunset look like it did in 1.2.5 it was just the night/day darkening that was messed up.

    The lightmap has been the same ever since Beta 1.8. The reason why the sunset isn't working is because you have solid white pixels where you want a gradient.
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    posted a message on Making Lightmaps - An MCPatcher Tutorial

    It's not the world0 isn't it's two squares

    I did I don't know what is going on. This was a vanilla light map. Apparently this is in a different format then vanilla's. I wouldn't know how to convert it then

    Mcp patcher wiki is pretty clear this is an entirely new format where do I read up on vanilla lightmaps? Specifically 1.2.5 since that was different lightmap then beta / alpha. According to the wiki they changed it alot.

    Well is there a way on how to change a sky color with the method of replacing the rgb only during the day so stars come out at night. I tried sky0.png but, it took the color out of my resource pack and it didn't look like the color I put in it same with my indev resource packs that I needed preciseness that color.

    There is no vanilla lightmap. They have never existed. The lightmap file in old minecraft jars has always been unused.
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    posted a message on Models for mobs with mcpatcher for resource packs?

    Optifine has a developing custom entity models feature. The syntax takes some getting used to though.

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