About Me

I started playing back in September 2011, three days after Beta 1.8 was released. My first world was in creative mode, mainly for terrain exploration. My main survival world, also Beta 1.8, was almost all cave mining, and it lasted up until 1.3, when cheats were introduced. After that, new features started piling up like gophers, and I just couldn't keep up with the changes. Around 1.4.7, I used MC Nostalgia (remember that?) to downgrade to Beta 1.7.3 and start a new survival world. When the new launcher allowed access to all versions, I set up a profile with that one Beta 1.7 world. In that world, I found diamonds, built a few portals, made a chunk-sized quarry to bedrock (learned caving is MUCH more efficient) and a cobblestone tower on top of it up to the height limit, all with glass floors and lit up with torches. I used a stack of gold and several stacks of iron to build a straight kilometer-long minecart railway in the sky, with pillars and powered rails every 64 blocks. I had my fair share of fall deaths off of mountains, and once had to walk half a kilo to where my supplies were lying below the railway. I had finished laying the last of the rails, and went back to my original spawn and found a pink sheep, which I maneuvered into a pen. Around this point, versions before 1.6 stopped working properly with the launcher.

I have never been much of a creative mode person, nor a survival player, nor a redstoner, nor a pvp-er. The few custom maps I did make never gained much popularity (do they ever) and game mechanics soon outpaced my limited knowledge of logic. The only real success I can say to have made is my texture-turned-resource pack, Argon 32x. It was through this that I learned that the aspect of the game I liked most was not survival, nor creative, nor building, nor destroying, but was rather the (almost) limitless possibilities the game assets themselves offer. As resource packs approach even closer to mods, I am considering doing just that -- learning Java and making a mod, probably released under the official API wen it comes out.

As I look back on all this, I realize that this all started with one event (which will remain unnamed), and all that has resulted has been my attempt at making it known. Well, as a person once said, "fat lot of good that did me." What's passed is past, and what we can do now is to live for the future.


An exercise in logic:

In a plane p, there exist lines l and m, line l containing the distinct points A and B, and line m containing the equally distinct points C and D. The line segments AD and BC share a point E. If point E the midpoint of both AD and BC, prove lines l and m parallel.

Your proof may look something like this:

Point E is the midpoint of segment BC, therefore segments BE and EC are congruent. Point E is also the midpoint of AD, therefore segments AE and ED are congruent. Angles AEB and CED are formed by the intersecting segments AD and BC, therefore angles AEB and CED are vertical, and so are congruent. Because AE is congruent to ED, AEB is congruent to CED, and BE is congruent to CE, the triangles AEB and DEC are congruent. Because of this, the angles ABE and DCE must be congruent and lines l and m are parallel.

While this reasoning is quite valid, it is nonetheless incorrect. It is in fact impossible to prove that lines l and m are parallel for one simple reason. The above argument assumes that lines l and m are either parallel or intersecting, when in reality a third state is possible. Lines l and m may be coincident, in which case they are the same line and cannot be parallel.

Des Arabiqernumren

0 - zul
1 - on
2 - du
3 - tat
4 - qat
5 - ziet
6 - set
7 - vet
8 - ok
9 - nof
10 - dek
11 - onz
12 - doz
13 - taz
14 - qaz
15 - qiz
16 - sez
17 - vez
18 - okez
19 - novez
20 - van
30 - van-dek
40 - durvan
50 - durvan-dek
60 - tatervan
70 - tatervan-dek
80 - qatervan
90 - qatervan-dek
100 - zet

Zitâden un Peissen der Vendarrepubliq

  • Sayal (Sajal), Viederseyn
  • Fârjad, Todan
  • Des Vodel, Inverna
  • Jenver, Fendren
  • Dozet, Gândova
  • Arkenzel, Ekeine

I make up names by modifying existing ones: Kourdyn, Rhodyn, Thresyn, Stefyn, Jenver, Sovyn, Vikoryn, Karlyn, Deqlyn, Zynthiyn, Shreÿn.

Did you know that in Vethres, there is no grammatical gender? There is only one third-person pronoun: elî. Also, all names are unisex.

The Veteran Sky-Tran System is known as the Veterzêlestertransistêns (Veter-zêlester-tran-sistêns). A person (perde) who uses the system is known as a Veterzêlestertransistênsperde. Say they use an escalator (eskala) to get to the platform (baka). Their commute takes them up a Veterzêlestertransistênsbakeskala, thus making them Veterzêlestertransistênsbakeskalaperden.


  1. Tvalthesper: orker / over
  2. Thesperdireksina: ferênothesper / ekeinothesper / duvothesper
  3. Thesperdireksina (2): Di vyt des thespren identost kon fûdo? A vie di zon lo orker or over thenkost, un elî del dour tvalthesper es ferêns?
  4. Perdalytie: Di zon dour tvalthesper steirotîebyl azost? Kon fûdo?
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