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    posted a message on Kingdom of Toralia (preview)
    Hello everyone reading this! I have been working on a 99% legit kingdom on survival (99% legit, as in I only spawn in sheep to use for wool for beds, everything else is completely gathered/created legit).

    I've taken numerous screenshots and saved them in organized separate forms I've dubbed "Generations" (i.e. generations throughout the ages).

    I've decided to post a few of them to show the community; if all goes well I'll upload the different generations.

    Please note that all the names (if displayed) in the pictures are copy written by me - as they are being used in other official publications.

    So, without further delay here is the preview picture, it is a lighthouse on a colony island of the kingdom.

    Here is the lighthouse itself from the outside

    A view to the bottom! Hope you're not afraid of heights

    Viewing the City

    A view as you approach the island at night (thus the structure's purpose)

    Here is the interior of the lighthouse

    This is the "Seating", which is the main deliberation council chamber, where the island's politics discuss.

    Climbing the Tower

    The tower thins as you approach the top

    For all those who would like to see; here is the construction

    Don't mind the stairs now, I changed them later to fit the fountain (plus I am trying not to be OCD with symmetry)

    Now here's a frustrated me trying to get rid of the bland cobblestone walls

    There - looks better now

    Capping the roof (I fell and died a couple times... Damn faulty shift key)


    Has another sneak peak, here is the front of the castle I built in front of the main city:

    And finally, here is the overview map of my kingdom:
    You can see the castle overlooking the major city, as well as the lighthouse over the southern island, and other settlements all over the place.

    - Yes, I'm still on Beta 1.8.1 because upgrading messed up the map generation, so I am waiting until a way to prevent it can be found.
    - If it's not "WOW EPIC" or something magnificent and amazing; remember I'm doing this legit (except sheep wool :tongue.gif:), but I think it's pretty good under those parameters.
    - Any comments on ideas are helpful
    - The names and titles in my maps are copy written by me - being used in official documents in real life, so do not reproduce any of them, thank you.
    - The reason I edit in sheep to make wool is to produce beds, which I use to declare what the population of the kingdom is by using Cartographer to count the beds on the map (currently there are 222 exactly, so 222 people live in my kingdom)
    - ALSO!! A big help from anyone who contributes to this request: I am currently using Flickr to upload my photos, but it's very difficult to extract the HTML code, as I have to do it manually and it's just not very ergonomic, I've tried Mediafire but I don't really like their upload limit, if anyone can recommend a way (free of course) to upload and sort mass amounts of pictures I would really appreciate it (maybe I'll name a town after them :smile.gif: )

    Thanks for viewing my pictures - and tell me what you think!!
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    posted a message on NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE (308L X 128W X 155H) -Survival -No Mods
    Wow, I love legit builds like this! Shows your perseverence and determination not to use cheats or creation mode! My most approving thumbs up!
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    posted a message on 1:1 World Trade Center, 1WTC and WTC memorial (Complete 9/11/11)
    Quote from DonTazeMeBro

    It is funny. And dude It's almost 10 years ago stop living in the past and get over it.

    Seriously? This goes to you personally because people with no-shirt-on pictures who think they're so cool are the first on my list of unintelligence. For all those who believe to "move on" or "this is a joke", it would only have been funny if only you were in the planes/towers everyone else called in sick), because we'd be looking back on a day the stupid population dropped. You are all an example of the lack of respect and altruism in this world.

    Grow up. It's tragic and forever will be.

    R.I.P to those who died, and by the way, the towers are a very nice build
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Snow (Everywhere!) Mod
    I love you
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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    buddy i'd pay for this ^^ please tell me i can get one?
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    posted a message on [adv] CAN YOU DEFEAT THE WALLS OF CASTLECRAFT?

    After all... what harm can an old castle do?

    - Heavily tested by me and a friend before release onto this site
    - Long gameplay, so you get what you play (avg 1 to 2 hours)!
    - Ability to choose your adventure and paths!
    - Intertwining challenges and puzzles
    - Different levels of challenges
    - Challenging aspect, it will make you think
    - Very good checkpoint system to avoid repetition
    - Elegant scenery
    - Originality in design
    - No extra mods/texturepacks needed!
    - There are some parts where you are "supposed" to die. So don't worry if you know you did something right and it happens

    Download Here: CLICK HERE
    Would love to see some Let's Plays! Any LP's or comments/questions, PM me
    You may also PM if you are stuck or have inquiries
    And feel free to post how many diamonds you found by the end of the game!

    Words of Advice:
    - Make sure to read every sign to avoid confusion
    - Check rooms thuroughly
    - Some challenges may require use of memorizing, use a blank notepad document or pen and paper to help you.

    Leave a comment, tell me what you think!

    EDIT FOR 1.8.1 AND UP:
    I am going to change some of the blocks to make it more appealing. I doubt I can change all of it.
    Also, due to 1.8's new SPRINT feature, most jump-challenges are cheatable, instead of changing them, I advise that SPRINTING IS CHEATING, while playing the jump challenges

    Preview Pictures

    Current: 1.4
    Updated: 08/25/2011

    1.0 Initial release
    1.2 Fixed starting bug
    1.3 Fixed cosmetics a bit
    1.4 Added secret collectables hidden throughout

    Accepting input on further updates!
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    posted a message on Pigs are... pointless.
    when a :SSSS: is chasing after your last heart left and you have an inventory that contains :Diamond: :GoldBar: and all you see in the distance is a :Pig: , you will :iapprove: of his :Ham:
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    posted a message on A different TYPE of NPC
    Hi MineCrafters, here me out on this one.
    There is severe controversy towards these new TESTIFICANTS that have invaded our worlds. However I have a solveable idea.

    Personally I like NPCs (just not this one, but luckily a few skins can be made to make them look less... Squidward-like).
    I think the NPCs should have come out of a spawner-like object (maybe a replica of a bed?). This way if you don't like NPCs, just kill them and destroy spawners.

    Secondly; some of us build incredible, and saddly, empty cities. It would be nice to place these spawners about so that our player-made dwellings may be more lively.

    Tell me what you think!


    If someone can make a mod of this, that would be greatly AMAZING and APPRECIATED
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    posted a message on Minecraft outside of Minecraft
    Quote from stratosupra

    Hi, this is a place where you post photos of things that are in real life, but have something that is Minecraft-related(even if its incidental).

    I'll start with this(I found it while searching for BTCC cars). :

    2 years ago if you search "redstone" you will find that company... now on google you will just see 30 pages of minecraft reference... ha.. minecraft has trolled that company

    funny.. there is Redstone public school in a nearby city
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    posted a message on Do you remember....
    Are you part of the now-ancient generations of MineCraft players?

    Do you remember digging your deepest hole, then going onto YouTube to actually figure out what is at the bottom?
    Do you remember the day indev became infdev? You wondered just how far the world would go?
    Do you remember before the days the Far Lands were known, wondering what the edge would look like?
    Were you pioneers who were part of the first few to struggle with the use of redstone?

    Maybe you're an even older generation:

    Who was part of the transition from single-breaking blocks to the use of tools and ores? To many of you, that is normal gameplay; but to some, it was a major transition that stirred up controversy like the transitions into 1.8/1.9

    The point is:
    Some of us are like the old fathers, who sit at the table talking about days of old, when there was no Nether to explore and squid had not existed, days when it was unknown how far the world goes. Long before Redstone Repeaters allowed for better electronics, one had to manually make it stretch farther.

    Than some are the grandfathers who sit back on their rocking chairs, and tell of days before redstone conveniences the "young people".

    This idea occurred to me recently as I was exploring. Off in the distance I saw a torchlight that I had not recalled placing. When I curiously investigated I saw an old settlement I had built with archaic (stone/wood) tools and resources intact in the chests. I remember losing them a long time ago, and was upset but had moved on, and now forgotten all about it, as well as surpassed the need for those tools.
    What I did however was build a small museum-like-exhibit to preserve the stone-age tools. It was then that I realized this chunk was even before Birch trees!!!!
    Than it came to me... Much like evolution of humans throughout many generations, it seemed this old settlement had an ancestral meaning to it... It was like studying archaeology in MineCraft!
    MineCraft is looking like the advancement of the human race. Things that were researched on YouTube and the Wiki are now common knowledge for new players, and many of the "unknowns" have been answered.

    So answer me, post what you remember, how far back you started
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