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I am a gamer from the late 70's. Older than many of you, I have learned to program initially on Commodore 64 and almost the entire Amiga computer series. I have programming skills in many batch languages, hi level languages, web based languages and the newer script based languages.

My contribution to the Minecraft community can be found primarily at but also at where have over 20 Lua based programs written for ComputerCraft turtles.

Being a server admin that strives to make sure his mod pack and server and updated to the latest Forge and latest version of all mods out that are in the Extreme Pack, I am constant in the community as is evidenced by my numerous bug reports. That means when I find an issue, I don't sit on my laurels and hope that the author will find the problem on their own. I find out for them and let them know about it. This helps the modding community advance further and helps Minecraft remain popular for years to come.

My Colonial Expansion pack is now available for installation on servers at use promo code kreezxil to get 20% off of your 1st month.



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