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    Maybe Mojang could sell a server licensing agreement that will allow these big servers to stay in business..Kind of like a Franchise with there terms and agreements.. Everyone is so worried about these Big servers going out of business. If you want a business that extends off another business then maybe you should probably pay for it and let these servers keep what they worked so hard for and weed out the ones that simply don't make any sense.
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    Quote from Kickablock

    I've been browsing many servers, just can't find that specific one I can stick with.
    I'm looking for a server with friendly staff and a nice mixture of plugins. I LOVE prison servers, but survival are awesome aswell, if you know/play one, please let me know! I'm sick of browsing, I just want to settle down on an awesome server and do my thang. Kthx :biggrin.gif:

    Hey Bro,
    Come on mine server i'm just getting it setup. kr8torscraft . I need some good players/builders.
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