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    if we want to use sync to provide the lives for a player, how do we disable the HQM lives system so that it doesn't step in and ban the player before sync can revive them in a clone?
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    Theres no pics for this, it doesnt add blocks it only changes the way smart moving checks for isLadder and isVine. The mod adds two registries for vines and ladders.During its post-init step it auto-registers any blocks that return true from a call to isLadder(null,0,0,0,null) as ladders, autocapturing any Nullpointer Exceptions. If you want smart moving to treat your block as a vine, you must register it.I suspect smart moving only checks isClimbable for vines and ladders, so if you have a block that is conditionally climbable, register it, as it will probably not auto-return true for automatic ladder registry.


    ---Repository for code and issues---

    If Divisor wants to have smart moving absorb this functionality i'm not against that, I just wanted smart moving to work with the ladders and ropes mods were adding to my worlds. Until he fully fixes the smart moving isLadder problem I'll try to keep this updated.to install this:You need minecraft forge. I haven't tested extensively on different versions but I built it with the 1.6.2- source.You also need smart moving 14.4 and its dependency Player Api.Install forge and place the mods in the mods directory of your chosen launcher profile's game directory.

    WARNING: if you have a mod that allows placement of a ladder that is not against a wall, it will crash smart moving. I'm investigating why this occurs and have notified divisor.
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    strangely, i dont seem to be getting timely updates after building things, its taking so long that i just dont bother and force it manually.
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