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    posted a message on Ive got some questions about world between MC:W10 and MC:PE

    Hello, so i've made a world with alot of time spend on buildings and so on, which my nephew wants to play on. I play on the Minecraft Windows 10, and Xbox One Edition. My Nephew plays the Pocket Edition.
    Is there any way for us to play together? or any way i can give him my World so he can play on it.
    My world is a Realm, and i downloaded the world and gave them the world.file but it does not seem like giving him that file did anything.

    My version of Minecrat is not Java Edition.
    Is there any software or app that can convert the world.file into a file/folder he can use on his phone/tablet?
    Oh and the phone/tablet he plays on are Android.
    We all have the newest versions.
    As i have the original on a realm, i simply want to give him a copy of the save file not so we can play together but only for him to be able to play on the wold for himself or with some friends.

    I really hope someone can help me out here.

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