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    Quote from Earthrider »
    Instead of making it so the blocks are destructible (which no one wants)

    Pfft, yeah right. I don't care about the specifics of how it's handled, but I'd love it if mobs could eventually get through my walls
    Quote from sabata2 »

    This suggestion is as follows:
    1) Make days shorter
    2) Make monsters harder
    3) Start the player off with some items
    4) Limit the player's movable area
    5) Limit the player's 'digable' area
    6) Have maps generated be flat

    So, what exactly are you asking to add to the game outside of "make it harder"?
    You didn't limit the character from mining during the day (which, again, would just be "make it harder") so this isn't that different from current Survival.

    There's nothing new with this suggestion.
    Sorry dude, all you've said is "make a game mode where it's hard as hell."

    And you conveniently skipped over what (in my mind at least) is the primary "new toy" of this suggestion, the ability of mobs to break blocks/dig. Most of your later posts seem to have completely ignored this also, such as with the whole "I can make this game mode completely pointless by digging a moat with a platforming puzzle only a human player can solve" and while it would stop most things, if any creature lands on the first block they can tunnel under your second platform and into your basement. And besides, at least this way it takes signifigantly more effort to make a safe fort. So because I can build a little dirt shack in standard Survival and just stay there the whole time mean I've won Survival mode?

    And this whole idea of your words having more weight because you work in the games industry? That's complete bull. Now if we were talking about things having to do specifically with how the game industry works? Sure. Game balance? Kind of. What's fun? No. Pretty much everyone here has as much authority as you do on that. Guess why? We ALL play games (or at least minecraft... otherwise why are you here). If people in the game industry knew what was considered fun by gamers then there would be a lot fewer bombs. And guess what else... people have different tastes, what may be fun for you could be boring as heck for me. For example, based on their popularity, all of the Call of Duty games are extremely fun, but I find the horribly boring. Is that because I think they're horrible games and everyone who likes them are retards who will enjoy anything? Nope, I just don't enjoy realistic military shooter games.

    On the other hand, "but you can turn it off" is in fact a horrible defense for any argument. But there is an alternative. For example, in this case, let's assume this game mode is added in some form or another. No need to have on off switches for it's specific features, if someone doesn't want to deal with mobs breaking down blocks and all the other features of this mode, then they just stick to normal survival mode. Now the fun part is once Notch adds an integrated Modding system. Now that the code allowing mobs to destroy blocks is in, it can be modded onto anything I want. Like to play survival mode as a creative with more blocks and all that stuff, but want to have to contend with destructive pigs that will just barrel through your house. pigs.canDig = 1. now you have digging pigs.
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