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    posted a message on It's Not a Shader (Default overhaul project)

    I've seen quite a few "default remix" texture packs. There's the high-res Faithful texture pack, and there's the Default 3D pack, and there's the one pack I can't remember which adds some slight grainy overlays to resized versions of the default textures, which gives a nice illusion of the blocks being made of real materials.

    However, what I haven't yet seen is one that fixes Minecraft's overlying graphical problem; a general dull, grey, drab, "cloudy day" sort of aesthetic where nothing is very bright or colorful. That can, for the most part, be fixed with shaders, but shaders will hit the game's performance pretty darn hard and just plain old won't work on some computers and graphics cards. That's why I've started work on this new texture pack, titled: It's Not a Shader.

    Because while it may LOOK a bit like a shader mod to the untrained eye, it's just an ordinary, honest-to-goodness texture pack, and it won't effect your performance noticeably in any way at all. This is a VERY early WIP version, and I don't plan on putting up a download link until I at least get night lighting to a place where I like it. But until then, here's a comparison screenshot.

    Features so far:

    - Brighter, more colorful foliage.

    - A few textures were revamped and brightened up, most notably dirt and sand.

    - A much more realistic, low-gradient style of lighting with yellowish sunlight and bluish shadows.

    - Single-block tallgrass is animated.

    - Light sources let off a warm, orange glow instead of that weird default light which starts as a cold

    white and fades to a dull brown.

    - Water looks much more natural; it's smooth, faint and transparent instead of looking like boiling toothpaste.

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    posted a message on Daisies with pants
    You should be able to upgrade potted daisies by right-clicking them with

    leggings. The leggings will act like real legs and the daisy will run around and

    eat creepers (poops cookies a few minutes afterwards) this would be very

    useful in faction servers and should therefor be added.
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    posted a message on What Minecraft REALLY lost.
    My point is that I don't dislike most of the new features; I just dislike the fact that
    the general atmosphere was changed so drastically. I like all of the new items and
    mobs added after the adventure update, for the most part; just not the changes
    to the gameworld itself, such as the post-1.8 graphics, terrain and hunger system.

    As for what you said, Akynth, I know that it was up to Notch. However, as we all
    know, Notch quit not too terribly long after the Adventure Update, which I think may
    have also contribute to the "issue". All I'm saying is: Minecraft had an interesting
    theme and an interesting direction. It's a shame they ditched it for the general
    goofiness which so many games these days embrace.
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    posted a message on What Minecraft REALLY lost.
    While going back and playing early beta Minecraft for old
    time's sake, I think I may have finally found that thing that
    most of the old players believe Minecraft "lost" over time.
    Some say it got too easy. Some just don't like the new terrain
    generator. It is all of those things, but it's also something
    more. I will tell you what Minecraft really lost; it sense of itself.

    The first thing I noticed when starting up a beta 1.4 world
    was the terrain. It looked so strange and empty. But that's
    exactly how it should have been, and should have stayed. It
    made me feel like I was stranded in a strange, faraway land.
    And that's part of what made Minecraft great.

    The randomness and chaos of it all just added to the
    deep feeling of mystery which used to permeate the world
    of Minecraft. You didn't need to have villages and
    strongholds and rare biomes to seek out; you just explored
    because the land was so compellingly random, grand and

    While playing beta Minecraft, I also felt sort of
    lonely and afraid. Before crits, and sprinting, and
    horses, and wolves, and potions, and iron golems, and
    most of all quick health regeneration, every monster
    felt like a genuine threat that could actually kill
    you if you didn't keep pace and be careful. Nevermind
    that spiders didn't used to actually look you in the eye
    due to poor animation. Spiders used to be genuinely
    terrifying killing machines! Now they're just pests, and
    half of the time we're seeking out whole swarms of them
    so we can level grind.

    As for all of the environmental decorations like
    tall grass, ferns, and dozens of different flowers, they
    just clutter everything up and generally detract
    from the somber attitude of what used to be a very
    serious game.

    Unfortunately, Mojang has gotten caught up in all of
    the humor and light hearted-ness, and I'm afraid that
    Minecraft will never again feel like the serious, even
    kinda scary, game that it was.
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    posted a message on New enchantments: Shock I-III (Sword/Axes)
    Quote from BredCat

    I find it a bit OP, and not moving would kind of make it worse. Take that off and you have full support.
    But, as of now, partial support!.

    ....I don't get it. If you take not moving off, what exactly is left
    of the idea? An enchant that just makes stuff flash yellow wouldn't
    exactly be worth implementing....
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    posted a message on A New Tree. The Apple Tree.
    Anyway, despite what my original post may seem to imply, I suppose I could
    actually support this. If nothing else, it would be nice to have yet another new tree
    perhaps with its own color of logs and planks.

    Although I think apples should grow like upside-down crops on the bottom of
    apple tree leaves, which you can then pick without destroying the leaves.
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    posted a message on Shelobs, the greatest of spiders
    Shelobs is a mythical beast (and apparently an 'actor' in the Lord of the Rings), a
    cave-dwelling spider of colossal proportions. Sure, Minecraft already has giant spiders, but
    hey, what can't be improved by adding really giant spiders? This isn't just another "hurrrr
    shpeeder kween boss pl0x, Mojang", though. Survival is a "fight or flight" business, and
    most of the time in Minecraft, it's "fight". So, how about something to evoke that "flighty"

    This is more of a cinematic chase scene sort of monster, although she can theoretically
    be killed. Shelobs spiders spawn very rarely, about one in a 100-chunk area. She is a
    multi-segment entity, with the legs, in a way, having their own separate AI. She walks
    with her main body suspended off of the ground, the legs being able to make
    contact independently with walls, floors and ceilings. They can move in pretty much
    any way at all, and as long as at least 3 of them are making contact with a solid
    block, her "main body", essentially, has antigravity. She runs at the same speed
    as a normal spider but picks up pace slightly if her target is sprinting. She will attack
    any mobs as well as the player, and including normal spiders.

    Shelobs will probably outpace the player frequently, but fortunately her attacks
    are not 100% accurate. When a target gets in range, she'll let out a terrible scream
    and lunge forward, which can be dodged with moderate skill, and she'll bang her
    head comically if she hits a wall. Not so comical is her attack. She will grab the
    player (or other target) in her fangs and drain their health at 3 hearts per second,
    restoring her own equally. Essentially, you're as good as dead and she also eats
    all of your items. To lessen the frustration of this, the items will later be regurgitated,
    each stack trapped in a "spider puke" block which prevents them from despawning, so
    you can come back to retrieve them later...just make sure she's not still around!
    While she pursues a specific target, she will still snap at other potential meals that
    get within range. If overwhelmed by numbers, she can also kick, which deals low
    damage but huge knockback and can stun the recipient.

    If the player runs through an opening too narrow for her to crawl through, she
    will reach in and use a leg sweep. It has a length of 10 blocks and, though it does
    only 1 point (one half-heart) of damage, it pulls the player closer to her

    She doesn't take any knockback from standard damage, although hitting the legs will
    slow her down momentarily and a direct hit to the face will cause her to recoil a bit.
    Likewise, explosive damage will knock her flat and stun her for a few seconds.

    Shelobs spawns naturally below an elevation of 32 blocks and doesn't tend to
    wander much higher than that on her own. She will chase players beyond that
    point, but will never under any circumstance at all walk out into the sunlight. Even at
    night time, she will never go more than 40 blocks from the spot where she emerged.
    She'll return to the cave as soon as the sun begins rising, and will burrow out a tunnel
    if the way has been blocked by a wall. While wandering, she emits a deep, raspy breathing
    noise and her heavy tread can be faintly heard through walls from 40 blocks away. She has
    a vision distance of 50 blocks, but can not sense the player through walls, and will not always
    immediately agro the moment you come into visual range (Poor ol' Shelly's eyesight is getting
    a wee bit blurry with age).

    Ok, so let's say that you're actually crazy enough to try and kill this thing. Shelobs
    has a whopping 350 health, and with a total width of 23 meters including her legs stretched
    to full length, is the largest mob in the game. It would make for quite an epic fight, weaving
    and dodging around her deadly bites and heavy kicks, but keep in mind there's a good chance
    you'll end up as tarantula food, so just g ahead and listen to your better judgment. Run.

    ....although if you do win, you just miiiiight receive some spider hairs which can be crafted
    with boots of any material to give your self the power to climb 20 blocks up walls while wearing
    them. Just maybe...

    Edit: What's been going on lately? Everything I've been posting recently hasn't been
    getting any response at all, negative or positive. Is there some sort of anti-me conspiracy
    going on here due to something unintentionally embarrassing I may have said to one of
    the gods or goddesses of the Minecraft forums?
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    posted a message on A New Tree. The Apple Tree.
    Just how do apples drop from oak trees? I don't know, probably the same way
    that the dead rise, pick up bows and shoot you.
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    posted a message on Sudden Death:So hardcore is too easy for you...(Banner Now Fixed!)
    Well...I suppose this would work as a way of ramping up the difficulty, although
    it's pretty much just adding a new damage multiplier, which I always thought seemed
    like a rather shallow approach. I always thought that an "even harder mode" ought
    to fix some of the issues with what makes Minecraft too easy and dull in the first
    place. I can think of the following just off the top of my head.

    Caves are way too bright - In many games of this sort, such as Terraria and Don't Starve
    the minimum light level is absolute blackness. In Minecraft, it just barely even feels dark.
    I don't even really need torches to explore a cave. It shouldn't be ABSOLUTE black in
    caves because, unlike the afformentioned games, Minecraft does not feature a functional
    moving handheld light source, but it should be pretty darn dark. Also, depth fog should be
    black, and ought to be much thicker.

    Night is also way too bright - It hardly even feels like night at all; it's about as dark as
    a thunderstorm during broad daylight hours IRL, which isn't nearly dark enough for night time
    in the wilderness, far away from the bright city lights of civilization. It should be just barely
    brighter than in caves, and by that I mean AFTER they make the caves a lot darker.
    This isn't just to make the game HYPER-REALISTICCRAFT. It would actually give you a reason
    not to go outside at night, and imagine huddling up in your little log cabin during a thunderstorm
    at night, so dark you can just barely see out the window. Mmmm, atmosphere.

    Mobs have terrible eyesight - Seriously, if you're outside at night, these monsters should be
    practically clambering over eachother from all around to get at you. You shouldn't just be able to stand
    there out in the open for a whole night without anything even noticing you. Also, all mobs should
    exhibit the zombie's swarm behavior to an extent, although they should not call eachother in from
    as far and wide, and creepers should not at all. That leads me to...

    Creepers should...creep - They're ambush mobs, so they ought to at least make the effort.
    They should try to find ways to sneak up behind the player, hiding when in the player's field of
    view and picking the routes with the lowest light level. This would be a challenge to code, but
    it would really add some tension.
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    posted a message on Potato People
    Quote from Cavies

    No Support. Village Are Way Better & By The Way Dumb Idea & the potato people look ugly.

    Because you would expect people made out of potatoes to be pretty darn sexy.
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