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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w06b Ready for Testing!
    So far, I haven't found any significant changes in any mobs...
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    posted a message on Combat Improvements
    Quote from Duckman055

    I think roll dodging, better animations, a better 3rd person camera, more enemy variation (like golems, trolls, bandits, and maybe an overworld dragon), and a stealth system would make combat epic, but seems like it would need to be in an RPG gamemode where it's less survival and more adventure, like skyrim. I don't know if this is a good idea unless you want over the top action. I got this idea from Dragon's dogma, if it had roll dodging. and a closer, more epic camera shot.

    I don't think such things should be for a different gamemode, personally. Combat and stealth ARE both parts
    of wilderness survival, and there shouldn't be an adventure 'mode'. For Minecraft to be as immersive as possible, "adventure mode" should simply be when you step out of your house and go wandering off.
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    posted a message on Some relatively simple lighting effects.
    Quote from flaminghawk83

    This is simple? Boy, things sure have changed.

    It's RELATIVELY simple. As in, simpler than any of the shader mods out there.
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    posted a message on Some relatively simple lighting effects.
    Quote from McTime50

    The same way flames look flammable?

    Flames aren't flammable, if fire could set fire to fire, then a single candle flame
    would expand itself into a colossal fireball that would engulf the entire planet.
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    posted a message on Combat Improvements
    I've had quite a few alternate weapon ideas, actually.


    Longsword: -1 damage of normal swords but with 1/2 extra block of reach.

    Broadsword: Higher knockback than a normal sword but with slower swing speed.

    Heavy sword: Would look like one of those swords with a widened tip. Does quite a bit
    more damage and knockback, but slower swing speed and drains hunger
    faster when fighting with it.


    Battleaxe: Higher knockback and armor penetration, but less reach and less damage.

    Tomahawk: Can be drawn back like a bow and then thrown, otherwise inferior to a normal sword.


    Bluntheaded mace: Lower damage than a sword but higher knockback and a 25% chance to
    stun the target for 1 second.

    Bladed mace: Much slower than sword, but huge knockback, higher armor penetration and actually
    deals 2x durability damage against armor, meaning it breaks down defences faster.

    Spikey barbararian mace: Deals more damage than a sword and 30% chance of stun for 1 second, but
    much slower attack speed and slows down your movement and camera 75% when swinging.
    Small chance of knocking the weapon out of the hand of someone who attempts to block.
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    posted a message on Some relatively simple lighting effects.
    No, I'm not suggesting God rays and dynamic shadows and everything, just
    some relatively simple rendering effects. First of all, sunlight. Any block in direct
    sunlight should have its saturation, brightness and contrast multiplied according to
    how much sunlight it receives. Runoff sunlight underneath overhangs, for instance,
    would become increasingly less effected. A slight yellow hue would also help.

    Blocks in shadow (at a lower light level) should, at a certain point, perhaps light
    level 7 or lower, receive lower contrast and a slightly blueish tint with less saturation
    than by default.

    When it's raining, there should be no yellowing effect in sky-exposed blocks and
    they should have their saturation reduced to 50% of default. During thunderstorms,
    it should be further reduced to 40% saturation and given a somewhat greenish tint.

    Light from torches/fires should give off a much more saturated and less light orangish
    glow. This will only take effect, however, if the torch is not exposed to the sky. Lava
    should have a redish glow, and glowstone an extremely bright white-yellow glow which
    could be accomplished by increasing the brightness and contrast of the blocks around it

    At night time, it will be much darker than it is at night in Minecraft now, and, yes, much
    lower saturation as well.

    So, what would all of this bring to the table for Minecraft?

    1. It would make the game seem much more natural and immersive while retaining the
    simple, blocky graphics. Basically the same effect as the HD remake of Wind Waker. It
    still looks like Wind Waker, just a whole lot better.

    2. Different light sources are different. Lava looks sinister. Glowstone looks radient.
    Fire looks....fiery. Instead of them all shedding the same sort of light.

    3. Mood. Currently, Minecraft looks too dull and gloomy at daytime, but too bright and
    cheery at nighttime, the rainstorms just aren't grey enough, and thunderstorms aren't
    spooky enough.

    If some photoshop wiz could whip up a few concept pictures, it would be much appreciated.
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    posted a message on Dungeon-Only Swords & Rare Loot
    Quote from iRzPWNzr

    Why can't I hold all of these opinion

    I've notice since I've played A lot of Terraria that I enjoyed digging underground and finding rare swords,weapons and relics.I also love play Minecraft,however after playing Terrearia for A while when I played Minecraft although I know it's different in concept and fun in An entirely different way I really missed the excitement finding unique objects that grants Me special abilities that I wouldn't normally have.
    If you want the excitement, play Terraria?
    So in other words, don't add anything that's been in any other game ever, just for the sake
    of Minecraft not looking like any other games? Yeah, that's a terrible point of view.

    This is why I believe there should be certain items in the Game you cannot create whatsoever.These objects could only be obtained by finding them in chests in either Dungeons or Strongholds.
    *cough cough* MUSIC DISKS AND SADDLES *cough*
    Music disks. Totally worth the journey to find a small disk which plays songs that you
    could just go listen to on Youtube right now. Although the saddles are nice, because they
    allow you to ride horses. So you can go riding off exploring and finding nothing of any
    interest at all. "Hey look! Another hill! AND IT HAS TREES!"

    These items would look and sound unique such as actual flaming swords with special abilities.Maybe others like like A Creeper sword that could explode and destroy enemies without griefing.You could do this with Bows,Arrows,Armor Ever heard of Thaumcraft3? Adds VERY similar stuff.
    Once again, just because it's been in a mod isn't a good reason to not add the
    concept, but expanded a bit, into the game.

    may perhaps make A Relic system for the addition of magical rings.
    ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL (still no support for this)

    Yeah, I guess we could do without that.

    These would encourage exploration (especially on single player maps). That's why Mojang added things like Strongholds, Dungeons, etc
    Perhaps you don't get the point yet, but there's very little in dungeons that actually encourages the
    player to search for them instead of just mining for the resources himself, which is almost always faster.
    Even strongholds. You go in, find the portal, fight an easy and unimaginative boss, and get an ornamental
    egg which you can technically only pick up due to a glitch. Yay.

    Now,obviously in multiplayer the Owners and Admins would have to balance the availability somewhat especially in the PVP sense.However,I don't see how this could break the game in that sense.Also,Dungeons are boring after A while,finding something really cool or ultra rare would just be A nice award after working and slaving so hard on your world or project.
    Um, it's called Desert/Jungle Temples?
    They don't really contain anything ultra-rare or cool, just the same loot as normal dungeons but in different

    I could go on and since this could have nearly limitlessness potential in many different applications,so I will finishing by suggesting that also these weapons should be Biome specific-meaning maybe in A Jungle Temple have A bow that has A special poison that paralyzes Mobs or players.Maybe in A Mesa have A Spanish-type sword that spits fire from it or something along those lines as well. Nononononnonono.
    A very valid argument. NONONONONONONONONONONO.

    -Thanks for Reading

    No support.
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    posted a message on Upgraded zombies breaking down doors
    Personally, I think there should be an alternate game mode altogether which features zombies breaking
    through doors (and some other blocks), seeing players through windows, and some difficulty-adding
    changes to other mobs. We could call it Actual Real Survival Mode since the mode could perhaps offer
    an actual challenge to survival other than "Don't go outside at night!"
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    posted a message on Chiselled Nether Brick.
    Normally I'd support this, but you know, we JUST got done with a whole series of updates
    focusing mainly on new blocks and somewhat on biomes. I think it's time for some new mobs, structures,
    items or weapons.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w04a Ready for Testing!
    Quote from spartan839

    Finally villagers will actually do something than just trample your crops and get in your way :lol:

    Yup, instead of just walking around aimlessly and trampling your crops, they will
    now intelligently target, home in on and uproot your crops. Yay!
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    posted a message on New Crafting Station: Refinery
    Instead of ores (or at least instead of diamonds, iron might be ok) it should refine cobblestone into random
    stone brick types, or perhaps bones and stone tools for a sort of paleontology feel.
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    posted a message on Forge Development Environment/Eclipse error
    ...but, like, I still can't actually do anything with them...
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    posted a message on Forge Development Environment/Eclipse error
    Yes, there is a Minecraft folder in there, along with a .metadata and minecraft_server folder.
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    posted a message on Forge Development Environment/Eclipse error
    Quote from bilde2910

    The src folder should be in forge/mcp, not forge/mcp/eclipse. Looking in the wrong place?

    Well, I opened up forge/mcp/src...but there aren't any packages/package folders in it, and no place to
    put any. At least the default 'Minecraft' project thing WAS there when I put it in forge/mcp/eclipse, although
    I couldn't do anything with it.
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    posted a message on Forge Development Environment/Eclipse error
    Quote from bilde2910
    Not really sure why this happens, but there are a few things to check:If you're on windows, ensure the read-only box isn't checked in the properties of the src folder. If you're on Mac/Linux, ensure you have write permission for the src directory (+w). I'm a bit worried by the error message though, it seems as Eclipse wants to add folders to the system root. Are you sure you set the Eclipse workspace to forge/mcp/eclipse, and that you're making the package under the src folder in the package explorer? Starting to wonder a bit since the source files are supposed to go in forge/mcp/src/minecraft
    It is quite odd actually. First of all, I DID un-check the read-only box several times, but it still doesn't work and each time I re-open properties, read-only is still checked on. Secondly, when I open the folder up normally, as in just rummaging through it and not using eclipse, I don't see any "src" folder or file within the Minecraft folder, just a 'bin' folder and two files titled '.classpath' and '.project'. I really have no idea what's going on, I just downloaded the src build and ran the installer. I have absolutely no idea how it's possible to screw up at clicking on an installer, but I obviously did something wrong at some point.
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