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    posted a message on The Ultimate Armor Overhaul! (Lots of poll Q's)

    While I do like this idea, there is ONE big flaw; what if a player choses to wear armor pieces from multiple sets?

    As a workaround, maybe each piece of armor could contain a certain amount of an ability which all adds up to

    equal the specified ability powers you've mentioned.

    Also, I think weight ought to apply to more or less everything, and not just the few things you mentioned. Some

    examples of other applications of weight:

    - Higher total armor weight could increase your sinking speed and decrease your rising speed in water. At a certain

    weight, sinking could become unavoidable.

    - Higher weight creates more downward pull when gliding using Elytra.

    - The heavier your armor is, the less knockback you take. Could be seen as either good or bad depending on your situation.

    - Heavier chestplates slow down attack speed.

    - Heavier armor causes faster fall damage growth; taking fall damage while wearing too much armor might inflict Slowness 1.

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    posted a message on FTB Infinity crashes on loading screen.

    I just recently decided to try giving the Feed the Beast modpack a try, and I'm having a bit of...well, a LOT OF trouble

    getting it to start up. It will usually get a good way into the loading process (by this I'm talking about the white screen

    with the red progress bars and the Minecraft Forge logo in the bottom-right corner), sometimes seemingly near to

    completion, but then the window suddenly shrinks to a single pixel high, and everything just halts. No matter how

    long I leave it up, the issue never resolves.

    A few notes:

    - I'm running the latest version of the modpack.

    - I already disabled Fastcraft, since that's often stated to be the source of trouble.

    - The FTB launcher profile I set up is the same name as my main Minecraft profile, not sure

    if that's a no-no.

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    posted a message on It's Not a Shader (Default overhaul project)

    I've seen quite a few "default remix" texture packs. There's the high-res Faithful texture pack, and there's the Default 3D pack, and there's the one pack I can't remember which adds some slight grainy overlays to resized versions of the default textures, which gives a nice illusion of the blocks being made of real materials.

    However, what I haven't yet seen is one that fixes Minecraft's overlying graphical problem; a general dull, grey, drab, "cloudy day" sort of aesthetic where nothing is very bright or colorful. That can, for the most part, be fixed with shaders, but shaders will hit the game's performance pretty darn hard and just plain old won't work on some computers and graphics cards. That's why I've started work on this new texture pack, titled: It's Not a Shader.

    Because while it may LOOK a bit like a shader mod to the untrained eye, it's just an ordinary, honest-to-goodness texture pack, and it won't effect your performance noticeably in any way at all. This is a VERY early WIP version, and I don't plan on putting up a download link until I at least get night lighting to a place where I like it. But until then, here's a comparison screenshot.

    Features so far:

    - Brighter, more colorful foliage.

    - A few textures were revamped and brightened up, most notably dirt and sand.

    - A much more realistic, low-gradient style of lighting with yellowish sunlight and bluish shadows.

    - Single-block tallgrass is animated.

    - Light sources let off a warm, orange glow instead of that weird default light which starts as a cold

    white and fades to a dull brown.

    - Water looks much more natural; it's smooth, faint and transparent instead of looking like boiling toothpaste.

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    posted a message on [Hmm ! Give us a use !]Give a use to other villager professions ! - Not the redundant villager builders suggestion !
    Quote from AMPPL50 jump
    When doing something manually is tedious, it is often better for it to be able to be automated. Think of it being similar to why pistons can break pumpkins and melons.
    Plus, Mojang is only against ways to cheaply and easily farm items. A mob grinder, an automated farm, or an iron farm aren´t issues because, in order for them to be woth building (In terms of resource input-output ratio), they need a lot of work.

    Automation is one of those things they're afraid will ruin the game, just like apparently adding any depth to the combat

    system or any other aspect of the game aside from just adding more and more cosmetic blocks and decorations.
    Apparently, their idea of "fun" is repeating the same task over and over so that you can make a base that, as big
    or small as you make it, you'll start scratching your head trying to come up with uses for any rooms beyond the first two.

    No, I don't hate Minecraft, but I just wish they'd either add a bit more depth to, well, everything, or start
    working on a sequel that does.
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    posted a message on [Hmm ! Give us a use !]Give a use to other villager professions ! - Not the redundant villager builders suggestion !
    Blacksmiths should automatically search chests for ores and smelt them if there's a furnace nearby. Perhaps you could also hire them to craft certain items, for example if you give them an iron pickaxe and an emerald, they'll have a "contract" to build 10 more pickaxes. They'll make one whenever there's a chest with the necessary resources and a crafting table nearby, and leave it in the chest. Every successful deposit will subtract one from their contract, and they'll stop after it hits zero.

    Butchers could slaughter any mobs that drop meat on death and put the meat in a nearby chest or furnace. This will save some time and some durability on your sword, but he'll keep 20% of the meat for himself.

    Priests, when near a brewing station and a chest with the proper supplies, will automatically brew splash potions
    which they can use to cure zombie villagers.
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    posted a message on An Odd Kind of Lag
    I've been able to run Minecraft on max settings for years now, but ever since a few snapshots
    before 1.8, I've been experiencing a strange sort of lag. Instead of the game running slowly, what it does
    is momentarily freeze completely every few seconds. The length and frequency of these mini-freezes is
    unpredictable, but they never last for less than 1 and a half seconds and there's never more n 10 seconds
    between them. I know it's not my computer since I can still run Release 1.7.2 and earlier on max settings
    without any problems at all. Anybody know what's causing this and how I can fix it?

    PS: I've already tried OptiFine. It didn't work.
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    posted a message on Would the world be better without human greed?
    Quote from stuntdude»
    Be realistic. Research needs resources, not money, to advance. It happens that in a capitalist economy, researchers are given money in order to buy resources. In another economic system (one not based on greed), this need not be the case. Again, you're looking at this with far too narrow a worldview, and as a result are taking some rather arbitrary things for granted as though they're universal/absolute truths. They're not.

    And no, money is not the motive for the vast, vast majority of researchers and inventors out there. They're smart people; if they were after money, they'd pick a different career path where they're likely to earn a lot more. If anything, the flow of money (and, by proxy, resources) in most, if not all, modern economies prevents many people who want to research and invent from being able to do so.

    And if resources didn't cost money, people would just horde resources. Greed isn't something which eeeevil
    megacorporations foisted on us and brainwashed us to accept; a certain level of greed is just part of human nature.
    In fact, it's part of nature in general. Greedy animals hog resources, and animals with more resources are more
    likely to survive, and animals who survive with leftover resources have more resources to pass to their offspring.

    Does that mean that I think at this point of time in human development, greed is a good thing? No. Am I saying
    that people can't be generous? No. Am I saying that people shouldn't be generous? No. I'm saying that no matter
    what, in every nation, under every government, greed will exist on a large scale, and greedy people will usually rise
    to power since they tend to accumulate more money and resources.
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    posted a message on Evil, or nah?
    I would walk up to random people who I disagree with, paralyze their legs with a stun gun, blurt out

    embarrassing facts about their past and then run.
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    posted a message on Daisies with pants
    You should be able to upgrade potted daisies by right-clicking them with

    leggings. The leggings will act like real legs and the daisy will run around and

    eat creepers (poops cookies a few minutes afterwards) this would be very

    useful in faction servers and should therefor be added.
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    posted a message on Things to Add to your Minecraft House
    19. A big empty stone room with a bed and a single light in the middle.
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    posted a message on What To Do With Diamonds
    1: Gather up everyone on your server and say you have diamonds you don't want.

    2: After they're all seated and watching, begin slowly throwing the unwanted diamonds into a lava pit

    3: Scoop up the audience's bitter tears.

    4: Mix with a bottle of 20 year old whiskey and enjoy!
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    posted a message on What Minecraft REALLY lost.
    My point is that I don't dislike most of the new features; I just dislike the fact that
    the general atmosphere was changed so drastically. I like all of the new items and
    mobs added after the adventure update, for the most part; just not the changes
    to the gameworld itself, such as the post-1.8 graphics, terrain and hunger system.

    As for what you said, Akynth, I know that it was up to Notch. However, as we all
    know, Notch quit not too terribly long after the Adventure Update, which I think may
    have also contribute to the "issue". All I'm saying is: Minecraft had an interesting
    theme and an interesting direction. It's a shame they ditched it for the general
    goofiness which so many games these days embrace.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is No Longer a Challenge
    One thing a lot of people seem to forget about is old mob AI; while their

    pathfinding is generally better now, they used to have MUCH better combat

    AI. Skeletons would circle around the player, for example, and creepers would

    sidestep and try to avoid getting hit when close.
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    posted a message on What Minecraft REALLY lost.
    Quote from xtylorx
    I still get the feelings you speak of in the updated versions. The way I see it, if minecraft had stayed the same yeah people would play. But how long would it keep their interest? Just my thoughts. I play minecraft because of so many thing's in it that you can DO/BUILD/FIND/HAVE/SEE and on top of that I think the multiplayer rocks. I hope they keep adding content and new things for me to do! =)

    But I do understand how you feel about it. Even though I bought the game right when villagers were added.

    If you bought the game just then and haven't played the old versions yet, I strongly suggest
    you try them out (beta 1.4 is a good starting point). I swear, Minecraft beta practically feels like
    a different game.
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    posted a message on What Minecraft REALLY lost.
    While going back and playing early beta Minecraft for old
    time's sake, I think I may have finally found that thing that
    most of the old players believe Minecraft "lost" over time.
    Some say it got too easy. Some just don't like the new terrain
    generator. It is all of those things, but it's also something
    more. I will tell you what Minecraft really lost; it sense of itself.

    The first thing I noticed when starting up a beta 1.4 world
    was the terrain. It looked so strange and empty. But that's
    exactly how it should have been, and should have stayed. It
    made me feel like I was stranded in a strange, faraway land.
    And that's part of what made Minecraft great.

    The randomness and chaos of it all just added to the
    deep feeling of mystery which used to permeate the world
    of Minecraft. You didn't need to have villages and
    strongholds and rare biomes to seek out; you just explored
    because the land was so compellingly random, grand and

    While playing beta Minecraft, I also felt sort of
    lonely and afraid. Before crits, and sprinting, and
    horses, and wolves, and potions, and iron golems, and
    most of all quick health regeneration, every monster
    felt like a genuine threat that could actually kill
    you if you didn't keep pace and be careful. Nevermind
    that spiders didn't used to actually look you in the eye
    due to poor animation. Spiders used to be genuinely
    terrifying killing machines! Now they're just pests, and
    half of the time we're seeking out whole swarms of them
    so we can level grind.

    As for all of the environmental decorations like
    tall grass, ferns, and dozens of different flowers, they
    just clutter everything up and generally detract
    from the somber attitude of what used to be a very
    serious game.

    Unfortunately, Mojang has gotten caught up in all of
    the humor and light hearted-ness, and I'm afraid that
    Minecraft will never again feel like the serious, even
    kinda scary, game that it was.
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