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    I've been following this post a while now, and only bought minecraft PC to join this clan, I did read all the Histories of your clan, all the things you guys spent time writing, and your'e right, the other day after I installed minecraft, I jumped on here and was in such a rush, I just copied another accepted application and changed it to my own answers, maybe they missed something? Anyways long-story short, I'm a very experienced Classical-style builder looking for a world to call home, if you guys are already over-flowing with willing players that have that same inspiration, by all means I accept you don't need me, or other Roman History Students. I wonder how many other potential Romans you've turned away in that dis-heartening, robotic-manner? and all for the sake of a few missed words on an application that I'm sure becomes obsolete upon entering your world. Anyways, if your'e actual people, and need another True Roman, please just ask me what I didn't include, If its about clans, like I said, I JUST bought the PC version so this would have been my first one. I only started playing minecraft to build Roman structures, and if that's not good enough for you, then its both our losses cause then I`m forced to build on another server not dedicated to Ancient times, and your city looses that much more influence. Im sure you guys are sick of adding people who don`t know the difference between a Doric, Ionic, Corinthian or Composite column, or the timelines they belong to. Or the difference between Basilicas and Forums, other random things.

    You're clearly not paying attention to what we're saying. Simply read the main post and re apply.
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    I think I know you c:
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    Quote from DrDee195
    Sorry, but I am leaving as well. Everyone is leaving and the clan isn't as active or fun anymore. Sorry, but goodbye.

    Dee, I too never saw you online. Plus we have lots of events(which you also never come to). It's sad to see you go, even though I never actually talked to you.
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    And when this person dies? A vacuum will be left in his place and of course a new leader will rise and destroy all his progress.
    Quote from mlbstar115

    I was trying to say that if 1 intelligent, selfless person was in power, he/she could teach all the people that violence and malicious intent is simply irrational.
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    Flappy bird is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo January. omg liek get wid ur times alrady
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    I see no difference
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    Inference: We are a bunch of middle aged ass holes sitting in our Moms basement as she is the only one who would even look at us. Tell her that she did a great job by failing her abortion
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    الماب عن ائة?
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    No one cares.
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    Great guide.
    Really useful for current and future shop owners
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