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    After you log in say the codeword kangaroo. you will be teleported on top of a wall. and told to read a series if signs. those will explain the codes and rules within the server. if you have any additional questions after u read the signs please ask an OP or the Admin. Hope to see you there!

    Build and Own a house, Run your Own Store, Work as a Police officer, leave town in serch of adventure, make money and become the richest man on the server! you choose what you want to do!
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    I think its a great idea, but i think it needs more structure then what you have. who will be enforcing all the rules?

    you really cant expect the king and council to be the guards as well? idk it seems like every time i try and make a

    server with an organized faction city. i always get a bunch of people making dimond and obsidian houses. its hard to

    manage every person. and every person has potential to do somthing stupid. but i hope this works. like i said great idea!
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    I am kinda new to minecraft servers but i set one up and i am just looking for a few people that might want to play

    some basic survival with me. The address is

    if you want to play anyone is welcome. thanks!
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