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    This server is gonna be awesome, can't wait for the release!
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    Application Format
    Out of Character(OOC):
    IGN(In Game Name): Kevinalapedorina
    Roleplaying experience: I mostly like to play on Minecraft role playing servers and just love to play most role playing games of any type. I have no played Skyrim yet because I am too poor to afford it, but I have had some experience with stuff like D&D and other various roleplaying games. And yes, I have seen all the LOTR movies. :)
    Age: 16
    Country/ Time zone: U.S GMT
    Why do you want to join us?: Because I love to play on Mineccraft and what makes minecraft even more fun is playing it in a role playing manner. Plus a minecraft server based on LOTR sounds awesome!
    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?: I would most likely want to be a Rohan peasant and work my way up to other jobs so that way my character would be able to evolve with the server.
    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week):Per week, I can at least give a total of 7-10 hours.

    In Character(IC) INFO:
    Name: Mavrick Brynn
    Race: Human Male
    Age: 19
    Character Backstory: Ever since the start Mavrick had been a trouble child. He did everything in his power for attention. He couldn't live without it. At first there weren't any problems with him, but then his baby brother was born. Mavrick felt robbed and stolen of from his attention. And all of the stealing came from the little being that was just born. So Mavrick contemplated on what to do until he figured it out. But at that moment he had no idea how badly his plan would turn out. So he executed his plan when everyone was asleep. When the moon was in the middle of the sky marking midnight Mavrick opened his eyes and crept out of bed. He tiptoed to his baby brother's room and he cradled him in his arms gently. Mavrick took him out to the backyard where they had a pond. He went to the pond and carefully but slowly lay his little brother in the cold water. That's when things went wrong. The baby started crying and crying until it was drowned away by the water. But before Mavrick thought he was safe his parents came running out of the backyard and caught him red-handed. Mavrick panicked not knowing what to do he ran away into the woods beyond. He knew his parents would skin him alive and that they would never forgive him. So he just ran for half a day until he encountered a small abandoned cottage. There is where he lived for twenty years. Poor little used to be 5 years old Mavrick stayed there just thinking of the horror he had caused. He decided to leave the thoughts behind and leave the cottage behind so he ventured on finally encountering a place he could finally call home where he knew the true adventure awaited him as he started off with a clean slate.
    Personality traits: Mavrick is a very hardworking man and is mostly loyal to his kingdom but deep deep inside of him and he is letting his anger build up and not letting any of it show up on the outside. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll just burst…
    Physical description or image of skin Was it given to him by his father or did he craft it himself? Please not too long, just short and sweet) :
    What is he/she good at?: As a kid, Mavrick’s father taught him how to do multiple things and be decent and some things. But for some reason he was never good at using a sword he had always preferred to use bows. And when Mavrick ran away he had to make a living somehow so he made a living as a smithy, he was not bad at it either.

    Have you read the rules? Yes, Frodo and I have read them together.
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    Quote from sirloff

    Kevinalapedorina : Accepted

    Awesome! Thanks for the acceptance, I can't wait to play! :lol:
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    Quote from I am a Jayhawk

    It won't kick you from the server but you can't log back in. There are a few lucky people who can still log in though. Possibly an update?

    Thats what I was thinking because this usually only happens on updates.
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    Sounds fun. :) Would join if I had XBL, but I don't.. :(. Hopefully I do get it soon though.
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    IGN: Kevinalapedorina
    Position I am applying for: Farmer/Leadership
    Age: 16
    TimeZone: EST
    Gender: Male
    Why I believe I am good for the job: I believe I am a good person to choose for the job because farming is the main thing I love to do in minecraft. I love to do it and I enjoy it when I do it. I understand how mcmmo can help me with farming and how beneficial it is to it. Another reason is because I am open to sharing with others on the server and not to just take peoples things without asking or just building stupid stuff all around. Also I am a very fair and good leader and I can keep everything intact. I tend to be a rather organized person so you won't have to worry about organization and neatness because I have that covered. I am also a very responsible and mature person who doesn't like PvP (unless both parties agree to it) and stealing as well as griefing. I think all that stuff is just plain stupid. Well thank you for taking the time to read this and PM me if I did or did not make the cut. I thank you for your consideration.

    P.S I would provide screenshots but I don't know of what.Woops I forgot my reference. Here he is... http://www.minecraftforum.net/user/147676-travito/
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    Quote from kmartinez3554


    Minecraft Username: Kevinalapedorina
    Age: 15
    Previous Roleplay Exp: All I practically play on Minecraft is RP servers.
    Have you ever been banned before? If so why?: No.
    Why do you want to join us?: I love the walking dead and a server based around it would be awesome.

    Name: Kenneth Fawcett
    Age: 19
    Personality: Cool guy, loves to mess around with people and have some fun
    Occupation: Worked at McDonalds
    RP Example: K=Kenneth B=Bob

    K: Hey bro we gotta go the walkers are coming.

    B: Just let me grab some more food for the camp.

    K: No we gotta go now or else they'll get us.

    B: Just a little more.

    K: -Pulls on Bob's arm- NOW!

    -Walkers break through the door-

    B: Crap Crap Crap They got me!

    -Bob is carrying to much so the Walkers get him-

    K: BOB!!

    Backstory (Make sure it’s long enough at least 1 decent paragraph): Kenneth was just like every other teen except the fact that he was a super senior but otherwise he was like everyone else. He wanted to be the 'cool' kid and he was somewhere up in the ranks. Kenneth was also a troubled kid always struggling with his grades. As well as his family issues. He came home one day to find his mom dead being eaten by his dad. Kenneth or Ken did the only logical thing he stared. His senses came back to him once his dad started rushing at him. Ken had heard about the outbreak but he thought it would have stopped by now. Now Ken lives solo roaming by himself.

    D: What about mine?
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