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    Heya hey everyone, I have some pretty huge news for all who follow me.

    This year I honestly learned quite a ton about map making, myself, and life. I've been through some good and some pretty crappy times this year, but hey, I've gained experience over time. I've even honestly made quite a number of mistakes. I even pushed myself a lot, especially in terms of map making. And honestly, I probably pushed myself a bit too much. I pushed myself a bit too overboard that I got burnt out time and time again with working on Terra Restore 2 and maps in general.

    Some reasons I pushed myself so hard was because I was never in that great of a financial situation, I really wanted my whole map making dream to work, I didn't want to let down those closest to me, and my girlfriend started university and I wanted to be able to support her even more and take things even more seriously and make her proud and happy, among other reasons. I ended up pushing myself so hard that I went past my limits time and time again. That caused me a great deal of stress, burn out, and pressure along with other things. I've always pushed myself a lot, that's just the way I've been, but never to the degree that I did this year.

    I'm not going to get into all the details (this post would become waayyyy too big to explain everything) but I basically started working so hard that I never gave myself proper breaks. As such that caused a number of problems to arise and made things become increasingly harder on me over the year. It wasn't until some time this month that I finally figured out that I was just going way too far this whole time. Some crappy things happened and I had to force myself to take a break here for over a week by not focusing at map making at all and instead focus on getting things better again and back on track.

    So basically this next year I'm making a number of changes to avoid the bad things that happened to me this year. For one I'm obviously going to actually give myself breaks and I'm going to give them to myself guilt free. I'm not going to pull days where I do nothing but work. I'm probably going to even give myself a day every week where I don't focus on map making at all and just focus on relaxing and other things. I'm also going to take special care as to not push myself past my limits.

    As to not push myself past my limits anymore I needed to really focus in on what I think is most important to me, and cut the things that don't seem to be of high enough priority. I decided to stop working on medium sized maps all together, and instead focus on smaller ones that I can do up in a matter of a couple of days or so. I've also now decided that I only have time, energy, and focus for one big major map at a time too, and as such unfortunately this means that Terra Restore 2 will be discontinued most likely permanently.

    I'd gladly finish up TR2 if it only took a week or two, but that's just not the case. Honestly I'd say best case scenario I'd have to put in a whole month of working on nothing but TR2 to finish it. And it's just not up there in priorities anymore. It's been way too long since I've managed to put in a great deal of time with that map, there are a fair number of things that I don't like about it, (I still love the map though and it's still pretty great regardless) I've gotten quite burnt out with the map in the past from a developing standpoint, (it's definitely not all that friendly to develop) there are more important things to work on, it's slowly getting a bit outdated, there just isn't enough time, and I'm just all around more excited and motivated to work on other things.

    So from here on out there will be only 3 things that I work on for the foreseeable future. They include working on:

    *The new RPG map which has a high chance of turning out pretty dang amazingly and I'm all around excited to work on
    *Doing up small mini maps each week or so for people to enjoy
    *Focusing on YouTube

    The way I want to shape my week right now is to spend 2 days on working on the RPG map, 2 days on a mini map, 2 days on YouTube, and of course having a whole day off. Honestly I've been wanting to focus on YouTube for a long, lonnngggg time now but there has just been way too much going on. So I'd say that's a pretty clear indication that I can't take on anything else other than those 3 big things alone.

    So yeah, I'm sorry to disappoint quite a few of you all, but from here on out I need to focus on myself a bit more. As a result in the end I'll of course be much happier and I'd probably actually end up getting more and better things done as a result.

    More awesome, new, and exciting content will continue to come soon after I'm done taking a short break here! Anyway, that's all for now, I hope you all have been enjoying the Winter break! ^^

    I completely understand! Focus on yourself/Girlfriend. Take all the time you need! Happy Holidays!
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