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    Minecraft Ign: kitty1366

    What I'm applying for? Co-Owner

    Have you been staff on any server? Yes.

    What is your Skype? lauramason (No caps or spaces)

    What is the best way to contact you? Gmail Or Hot mail.

    Hotmail & Gmail: Hotmail Is [email protected] And my Gmail is [email protected] Or Wixol youtube.

    Why do you think you should be good at this rank? I've built many things, And i'm very responsible! And active.

    Why do you want to be staff on THIS server? I always loved Minigames, And being in them, and I want to do that.

    How many hours can you be on everyday? To 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

    What is my age? 13.

    How long have you been playing mine craft? 5 years.

    How good to you know mine craft on a scale to 1-10? 10.

    Why are you applying for STAFF here? Like Hove much I am responseible and nice, And funny!

    Thanks for all your time and Have a great server! (And I would throw A drop party if you have a prision :P)
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    Ok, Please Answer quick! :D

    What I'm looking for: Head Admin, Or Co-Owner, If both don't work mod is good :).

    IGN: kitty1366

    Skype: lauramason (No caps or spaces.) And the picture is two cute dragons.

    How long have you been playing Mine Craft? I've been playing mine craft since 2011. (Trust me I wish I new about Mine craft earlier.

    Why would I pick someone else over you? I have not been any staff on any server, But I am very nice and not short tempered like my brother, My brother is Admin on a other server though. I'm a Positive very humorous person, I think i'll make you laugh!! And I'm very active on servers.

    What would you to do Greifers? I would ban/or Ban them not for long, like maybe with your permission on how long, or forever. I would also Warn them but if they don't stop it will lead to ban.

    What would you do to hackers?Unlike Greifers, I would ban Hackers Immediately With A warning them a ban after.

    What would you do to rule breakers? But like the Greifers, I would worn But if they break the rules to much, It can lead to Temp-Ban Or A ban.

    What role do you think I deserve? I think I should earn it with all the things I told you on this Paper, or screen. As I said; Head Admin Co-Owner, Or mod.

    Have you been staff on any other server? No, Sorry, I hope that I've never been staff Doesn't change everything.

    Anything Else? Yes, I can be on everyday 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM or 10.00 PM. Because I have school

    End: Thanks So Much! :D Have A nice server If i'm not accepted! And, My school is over in two days so I'll be on almost everyday, unless I have vacation. I'll be there :steve_lol: !!!
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