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    Sup, I’m MindedGrypon6 on both Minecraft and discord. I’ve been playing Minecraft on PE since it came out and I absolutely love it. I’m on several realms and servers already, and I tend to make large builds filled with redstone, a lot like Mumbo Jumbo actually, although I’m no where near as good as he is. Anyway I’m a 17 year old female and I feel like this could be fun. I’m kinda getting bored with all the normal stuff I’ve been doing b/c despite being on servers and realms I don’t really feel like a part of a community. So I’m hopping that joining in this could change that.

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    MindedGryphon6 is my gamer tag. I’m pretty good at both redstone and building, not like Mumbo Jumbo and Grian good, but I’m working on it

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