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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?

    If you haven't run the Win 10 version lately, maybe you should take a look. This is the unified "Better Together" version and there's a LOT going on here that Java Edition players may not be aware of.

    The only thing keeping them from being able to connect is the will power to make it happen. So what do you think?

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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from Lord_Garak»

    I see plenty of people use endstone. I like it.

    Personally I think vanilla is ugly, but because of the 16x16 nature, not the textures themselves. Faithful looks fine.

    You like endstone, but you think it ugly? Faithful looks fine? I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. If you're saying people use endstone because it looks good in Faithful, then you completely missed the point. I've never seen an epic build anywhere that used endstone as the primary material. I'm sure you can find one if you look, but there's a reason you would have to look hard to find it and not just stumble upon it.

    Also and I'm trying hard not to make this personal, but if you're not planning on using vanilla Minecraft textures, why do you feel the need to personally disparage they guy working on them, JAPPA. Everybody agrees some of the textures are bad, but no one agrees on which ones.

    It's not going to be possible to make everyone happy. It takes a pretty brave soul to even try this. Can we try to offer constructive criticism, and specific helpful suggestions instead?

    For example: you stay, "This is hideous. I mean, really, really hideous." is completely unhelpful. Instead, say what you object to, and how it could be corrected.

    A comment like this might be more useful to the guy.
    I think the Cobble looks like... well Cobble, the rounded pavement stones used for streets long ago. It would look good as a road material. Unfortunately, it does not work well as a building material. I would suggest making the "stones" larger with less dark material in between.

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    posted a message on Is AFK fishing (a fishing exploit) game breaking?
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Yes, it is exploiting game mechanics. The fishing system was designed and balanced with in mind that the player would do normal fishing, not make an automatic fisher.

    Respectfully, your assumptions about the fishing system balance is just not true. It would have been considered a bug and "fixed". Mojang does NOT consider it a bug. It just another farm, like all the other farms in Minecraft, that can be automated.

    By your logic, my wheat farm that uses a daylight sensor to auto harvest every 5 days is an exploit. Using villagers to re-plant the wheat is an exploit. Setting a redstone alarm clock to remind me to give the villagers seeds every 15 days or trapping villagers to make an iron farm, and redstone to sort iron from poppies is an exploit, Bud switches to harvest cane and pumpkins, and redstone devices that collect blaze into a kill chamber is an exploit. I hope you see the point.

    Redstone is there for the explicitly to allow creative users to build devices that improve game mechanics and their Minecraft lives as they see fit. Minecraft is, by design, dedicated to allowing users play their own way. If that means auto farming of any and all game resources, that is a choice users can legitimately make.

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    posted a message on KiqsRocks Semi Vanilla PVP, PVE,Land Claim, Survival with Greif Protection & Voting Rewards.
    Kiqs Rocks
    The World that NEVER Resets. It just gets bigger.

    About the Kiqsrocks server:

    The Kiqsrocks Minecraft server is open to the public. It is mostly vanilla server built by Kiqkinas, a long time fan of vanilla play. Most plugins used prevent the theft and grief of your creations, and hacking. As a result we have very few of the problems other public servers encounter.

    As you play you can earn ranks, claim blocks, special kits and one time rewards for voting, McMMO was added just because it's fun to keep score and compare your progress to your friends. Be sure to checkout the Hall of Fame.

    We plan to NEVER reset the map. Instead we will expand the map with each new Minecraft version, so you never have to worry about losing all your hard work. If you ever decide to start over you can sell your base and move to a new section of the map. Come join a great community that's very friendly with many skilled builders.

    The map is custom generated, to enhance the beauty of world generation, Mountains are taller, rounder and much more natural looking.

    Come Play: In Minecraft multiplayer, add server KiqsRocks

    New Members: Players start with Apprentice rank and limited abilities. You must become Craftsman, by voting 3 times to get regular player abilities.

    Talk and Chat: Playing with friends is much better when you can talk to each other. We have a public Discord server. (like Teamspeak or Skype) It's very active and linked to Minecraft chat. Download the app and you can keep in touch with your minecraft friends while away from the game.

    The Website: Contains links the the rules, forum, ranks, voting links, online store and a contact form where you can apply for staff positions,
    The rules are simple and easy to understand. The staff is relaxed and here to help you. We're not here to police your every move, but the rules are enforced to keep our members happy. We make announcements like the monthly Build Contest on the Forum and an Discord.

    Staff Positions: We have positions open for builders and moderators. If you have any questions let us know.

    Spawn: See the attached pic.

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    posted a message on Redstone or piston changes in 1.12 snapshots?

    If your elevator uses torches, torches now take 2 ticks to activate which alters the timings on many devices. Start there.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.11 Update Opinion Thread

    After playing for a few months I though it was time to summarize.

    Llamma: Cute

    Shulker Boxes: Fabulous!

    Observer Block: Fabulous x 2!

    Nitwit: Hate them. One more villager to have to kill till you get to the good ones.

    Cartographers: Loved the concept at first but now I Hate them as implemented. Once you've made the expedition to find an unlooted Woodland Mansion, Will you ever go back? The real downside is that Librarian books are incredibly useful and now Librarians spawn less that 50% as often making it twice as hard to get good ones.

    Woodland Mansions: Yawn... Cool at first but the shine quickly fades. If they were made with a new block and/or the new mobs were "farmable" with good drops, then I'd have a good reason to go there and the Cartographers would have more value. but the mobs don't respawn sooooo....

    Ocean Monuments are not that had to find so I'd likely never buy a map to one. I found several on the way to the one on the map. Just get in a boat and go.

    Totem of Undying: Really useful early in the game when they are nearly impossible to get. Less useful later after you OP your armor and weapons and are ready for a long expedition.

    End Return Portals: Good addition long overdue.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Shop Vending Machine for Vanilla Minecraft.

    This still works in 1.11 but I've taken down the images so I can post an update.

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    posted a message on Green villagers
    Quote from IronMagus»

    Or is that not how math works, where you come from?

    I did not know how the distribution worked, but in my hours of testing, a random selection of two items yields a statistically insignificant deviation from 50% / 50%. But I'll keep testing just to be sure. <grin>
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    posted a message on Problems with Old Spawner XP Farm in 1.11

    I found several bits of strangeness in my mob trap, and differences between mobs. I was luck enough to find a zombie and skeleton dungeon spawners right next to each other overlapping on one corner.

    So and made a double drop trap skellies up one water elevator, zombies up another.

    First try: At the top I made the water stop right at the edge of the drop, zombies did not die, but skeleton always died from the fall less wearing armor.

    Second try: To both traps, I made the water stop 1 block back from the edge and let the mobs push each other off. This worked for skeletons; two would stand on the edge and a third would push the first one off. However, zombies would all try to walk back against the water flow and accumulate at the top; sometimes I would find a dozen at the top walking against the flow.

    Finally: I was curious and tried multiple ideas and ended up simply making the water at top flow right to the edge of the drop for zombies, and 1 block back from the edge for skeletons.

    Note 1: the top zombie water flow is north to south, the top skeleton water flow is east to west. I don't know if that makes a difference.

    Note 2: At the bottom my holding cell is three wide and has a slab over hoppers and the drop I think is 23.5

    Note 3: If skeletons can see you, they will start shooting and cause a fight, killing each other, so make your kill zone where you stand so you can only see their feet. See image 1.

    Note 4: I used packed ice in the water flow. It made no difference. See image 2

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    posted a message on Green villagers
    Quote from keevelish»

    On the contrary; running an infinite breeder and IMO they are produced far too often- they reduce the potential for useful librarians.

    I agree Nitwit (green) villagers and cartographers spawn in WAY too often. It seems nearly 1/3 to 1/2 of the librarians types are cartographers so I kill them immediately. I mean seriously, how many woodland mansions or guardian temples are you going to raid?

    Each can only be raided once so most server maps will end up with a lot of these as ruins in short only anyway, making the maps worthless.

    If the Illagers, Evolkers and Vexes ALL had some new useful drop and respawned, then there would be some point, making the woodland mansions farmable. If 10 Illagers were required to make an Evolkers spawn (like Iron Golems) then going back to one would be desirable and cartographer maps would gain more importance.
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