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    please upgrade to 1.6.4
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    You and your friend have been kidnapped by a strange man...you find a secret exit, but he is running after you! finish parkour as fast a possible!

    game Info: a parcour map I made all by myself took my HOURS, but it's really fun. I made it BY MYSELF (with some bug checking help from friends (supirock7)), no world edit was used (I did it ALL by hand). This map also includes a Fail count, everytime someone dies their fail count goes up, (comment your score!)

    make sure you have:

    1. command blocks true.

    2. Spahx texture pack (http://bdcraft.net/d...ft-texturepacks) (I made the map using this texture pack and it looks amazing with it)

    3. have Minecraft 1.5 or higher.

    spawn is at: x:161, y:72, Z:228

    Download here: http://adf.ly/RCpEk


    V1: fixed bug where u can go back onto the jump boost pad
    V2: fixed bug where spawnpoint get saved
    V3: fixed bug where you spawn back on to block (no mid-air flying)

    disclaimer: there are not any diamonds swords in this parkour map [sorry :( ]

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