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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR NEW APPS] 🍂 The Sanctuary SMP 🍂 1.14.4 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Group Events

    In Game Name: KingAztec010
    Age: 19
    Country: USA
    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord ID?: KingAztec010#1807
    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community?: From ninja we played on a different smp together unfortunately that server has been shut down and he recomended anybody over 18 to apply on this server said it was worth it and for those who are dedicated.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft? I love making it an easier game to play like farming. grinders, the redstone im still learning new redstone machanics. I will admit i did take a break from the game for a couple years but am now very interested in it again due to recent updates.
    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style? I've always not been the most creative player in minecraft something i\m working on. But i love mid evil theme and futuristic theme.
    What is your favorite memory you have made in Minecraft? Making new friends tbh meeting people who drag me into their projects so i can learn more and more. i'm looking forward to making new memories on your server.
    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP? I've always loved vanilla just get dragged out and I love smp's due to the fact that I get to talk to other active players and everything
    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy? I do Youtube a little bit and love to do campaigns on different games. I also love American Football. But mostly playing games tbh I don't work too much so I plan on adding to your server with your players there and making new bonds.

    Again Thanks for considering me I would love to join your server I'll always be on discord. I would love to make more memories with current players on there I get a long with most people and could consider myself and anti toxic person.

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    posted a message on ♦️ Rove Survival ♦️ Whitelisted 1.14.4 Server ♦️ 16+ ♦️ Semi-Vanilla ♦️ Discord ♦️

    In-Game Name: KingAztec010
    Age:(preferably 16+) 19
    Discord Tag: (EX: unknown#1234) KingAztec010#1807
    What is your favorite thing about playing Minecraft?: Why are you interested in joining?: I've been looking for a server with mature players and and my favorite thing about minecraft is that there is endless things you can do in the game you just have to have the patience and creativity with it
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: Yes i do

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    posted a message on Looking for an smp server to join (Vanilla)

    Hi i'm looking for a server to join I just ask that everyone is mature and of age. if you have any questions just add me on discord KingAztec010#1807 thank you.

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    posted a message on epic smp server [SMP]{vanilla}{whitelisted}

    IGN is KIngAztec010 i am interested in your sever

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    posted a message on Looking for Players] Vanilla Hermitcraft SMP {1.14.3}

    Hi I'm interested in your server

    Ign: KingAztec010

    Discord: KingAztec010#1807

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