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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    I thought of a new alloy:
    Type: Alloy
    recipie: 1 carmot dust and 1 astral silver dust = 1 Halous dust
    Experience rewarded: 10
    Durability: 2750
    Mining level : 8
    Enchantability: 25
    Appearance: The ingots and blocks look the same but are mint green.
    Also, Tconstruct is compadible with this mod, as there are crafting recipies for each metal for the Tconstrust weapons
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    posted a message on More wool, carpet and Stained Glass
    How about being able to dye wool and Glass like you can mix colours with dying leather.
    For example:
    Wool+Cyan and Lime dyes= Cyan-Lime Wool
    Glass+ Magenta and red dyes= Magenta-Red stained glass
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    posted a message on ElementGalaxy mod
    Element galaxy is an add on for the upcoming Galacticraft and already made thrum craft 3. It contains Humanoid beings named clerics which are wizards. They have staffs which can shoot out 1 out of 12 elements in the game. There are things called Alchemy dens, which you can find lots of magical riches in the game. There are new planets which you can travel to, like(in alphabetical order)
    And more!
    And these are the new elements: Balanced, Dark, Ice, Life, Light, Myth, Psychic and Water. The elements Fire, Lightning, Earth and Air are already in tc3.
    And planets have different elemental clerics on them. Example
    And there are new mobs
    Zombie cleric(drops damaged staff and rotten flesh)
    Mummy(drops paper and/or lapis)
    Sprite(drops glowstone)
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    posted a message on Can you please help me
    Quote from Music_Wulf

    for the music...just look it up? I hope you're getting permission to use it though.

    I have, but nothing good came up
    Quote from danthonywalker

    Description in videos mostly always tell.

    Yes, but it just said the music artist, not the song name
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    posted a message on Can you please help me
    2 things
    When is 1.6 coming out for Australia
    And also
    I also need to find out two song names so I can use them in future vids
    The song in yogscast top 5 beginning
    And the music in Duncan's 1000000 subscibers
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    posted a message on All horse color combinations.
    Tell me, from top to bottom, what colors and left to right for markings
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    posted a message on New Crown Conquest Server
    The Username is nuthut1
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    posted a message on New Crown Conquest Server
    Server IP please! I would luv helping but I can't give my email address to others

    I can make some sculptures for it
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